Some Attractive 3 colors-Galaxy Buds Review

Some Attractive 3 colors-Galaxy Buds Review
Some Attractive 3 colors-Galaxy Buds Review

Hey, what’s going on guys, hopefully and healthy. today we’re going to be talking about this galaxy clones and a lot of accessories for them. Now, I picked up the other colors, but I unboxed it separately gave all of those away we have three, we have three more clones, I think this is a different model, but it’s all the colors at. So it’s gonna be pretty cool. And then we have like all these accessories here for the Samsung Galaxy buds live clone, I just want to show you guys how the clones look side by side and all the colors side by side. Alright, you got all 3 right here.


Now, like I said before, if this video reaches more than 2k views in two weeks, I’ll give away all three. Actually, let’s make that 5k because 2k is easy to hit. Okay, so you get the instructions on the top. You can see it that’s what it looks like in the Case. Clear you’d have to peel this up. And you get your information here you peel this open. I really liked how they did it is time it’s really like sleep really. Both live it says right here SMR one II wireless earbuds outside is going to be another language but this side is going to tell you everything you need to know charging time.


One hour, one hour, you get four times more charges, one here six hours, it says for listening time. So everything you need to know is the one here because here we go. That’s the packaging for this one. The gold ones do come with your charging cable right here Here you’re getting the nice tape here to enclose it. So this is the gold color when you get the gold but it’s like the bronze color with this this part is matte. This part is glossy on the bottom. I don’t think they have juice. But let’s see I’m going to get my wireless charger real quick. Okay, You can see that right there.

So that’s the gold pair. Go ahead take a look at these black these black ones. This time, I’m going to leave the box intact. So I don’t get them mixed up. Now we’re going to take a look at a few cases right now I’m going to prepare these some of these look really cool. nd you could see that grip there. So that looks really nice app support. They just don’t have the logo up top, which I don’t even mind. But I think that was cool that the other ones did have that. Let me see.


So this is the white pair. Let’s go ahead and yeah, this is a completely different model from the ones I had before. Because the magnets are stronger, and the logos not here. So you can see right here, this is the white ones it has like a gray undertone and these ones that nature, I’m gonna let the gold ones keep charging and take a look at some of these cases right now. So right here we have a clear Case it says right here in there’s like a key chain on there. But this down here

so this is like a two sided where’s that key chain? You could wiggle this thing on here. Let me see I don’t have good fingernails wear this but this is a blue lives Case. So comes in the blue collar. Silicone cases peel off this piece here first. And then this is the is this kind of stick around. So it’s just like see right here.




copies and then you can see that’s that’s a nice bit and it has a little key chain thing on it. That’s pretty cool. So let me just speed it up a little bit. You have a few more accessories here.

Okay, so what is this one? Oh wow, this looks fine for that. This is the Nintendo Switch one seat. Let me show you what I’m what I’m looking at right now. So we have the Nintendo Switch when it comes with, let me put it on this white box by clone. We’re gonna test out the quality of these at the end. So if you want to, if you’re curious about that these ones should have better quality than the other three models that I tested. Wow, this is my favorite so far.


Look at this one. So it’s got the Nintendo Switch logos on here. This looks really cool, guys. Let me know what you think about that. That looks fire. This is probably my favorite one. You’re kind of competes with this one from the air pods. That’s sick. I really liked that one, the good one. This one is an ninja turtle one that I started peeling. So I use Gorilla Glue to peel it back down. Let me show you what I mean. And then we got this blue one. I like this blue one because this piece is held on and it has this nice matte texture to it. This one has the matte texture to it. Let me show you. It just sits in there really nicely.


And you got that key chain thing on there for the this is Raphael. So let me know what your favorite ninja turtle is down below. I think I like I think I like Michelangelo just because he had like pizza. I like pizza a lot. But thank you guys for chilling with me. We’re just gonna go through some more cases here. Try to make this fun try to make this you know really cool stuff that was unexpected and older, the sitcom, they didn’t all come at the same time.


But you know, they came at separate times. So when I finally got all of them, I was like okay, let me just do a full video. So you got this one. And you could do a black on black. This week’s problem like a more of a it’s a one piece. match it up charging Port right there and it just pops on right here. And then when you slide it in, this is more for business use right here. Boom. That is solid in the back has the charging thing on there. Okay, so we got right here. Michelangelo.




And this is Raphael. As you can see, I like the Ninja Turtles, there’s not one of my favorites growing up. This is in red. Let’s go ahead and take this out. It gives you access to the back pull has put a pause on that. But yeah, this looks cool. Let me know when I get the same turtle twice. I said hold on. Here we go. We got a rough video. This is the blue one. That’s like an astronaut on the moon. And then you get the moon lanyard you get Oh, okay. Okay, okay, we got Superman and we got Batman on here.


So these are all the cases so far. Leave a comment. Let me know which one down below is your favorite butterflies. Let’s put these back in my ear. Alright, let’s try something different than NAS album is pretty cool. Let’s go to 21 Song 27 summers. Listen to this for a few seconds. Let me know that you know how it sounds. Okay, so the pause button works pretty good to skip a track. I just paused it one more time. Let’s try double tapping it. Alright, we get to the next song when we double tap it. Now these are really good for sleeping. Really good for working out.


They’re not going to fall out of your ear whatsoever. And that’s why I like them. You could have conversations with people while you’re listening to these. Let me walk over to my living room and see if there’s dropping connection. I’m gonna leave my phone right here. Let me see. Alright, there’s the phone right there on the desk. I’m gonna walk over to the living room.

Next, you know if the connection drops Wow, it is connected. It is connected all the way over in the other room.




Usually it would drop at the point it didn’t. Wow, not one drop. All right. That’s crazy. Alright guys, so I just walked across my entire room 90% of earbuds drop off. Let me pause it. Alright, I turned it down a little bit 90% of the year was that our own when I walk across my living room would drop off, and that you would get a disconnection there’s not been one disconnection with these. Hey, what’s going on guys.


So right now you’re hearing the microphones from the galaxy clones buds lives. This is how the microphones would sound. If we were just having a conversation I was speaking to you directly do them. Now I’m going to increase the volume right here. Now what you’re hearing is background noise from my phone. And that’s it that says city noise. So let me know if that sounds, different from when I was talking before, we’re going to turn that up a little bit just to increase the dramatic effect right now.


Alright, now I’m still talking over the noise. Let me know if it interferes with the mic quality in way possible. That’s pretty loud right now. So I’m going to go back down. So this is probably the loudest it gets in New York right here. It gets really loud like this. It’s a busy city. So there’s a lot of things going on. But I’m going to turn the noise down. I live in the Bronx, so it’s as loud that all the time. But let me know what the mics did. Alright, guys, so these, my final conclusion about them is all these cases are really good for the price. The This one is going to peel off the easy, then then the Ninja Turtle ones.


Like these little logos here, this one looks a little bit solid. That looks like it’s going to peel off. I really like all these cases, guys. Then it comes to these bugs, lives, clones, all three of them are going to give you some really good quality. In addition to that, you’re going to be able to use all these accessories. And it’s going to be really cool because not only are they going to be nice for going to the gym, things of that nature, you’re going to get wireless charging for four hours of battery life six times on the charger on each and it’s going on with Case.


So I can definitely recommend these for the price I really like using these for sleep, going to the gym because they just fit really good in the year. They don’t pause or interrupt your ear when you’re when you’re wearing them. So honestly, these are really cool. They’ll definitely give these out all of them. And even the cases to if we hit you know, like, you know, 5k views in two weeks. You know, each person will get three cases or something like that. will figure it out. But that’s about it. I’ll get right back with you later groupies.


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