An Impressive Device The Freetel Samurai Kiwami

An Impressive Device The Freetel Samurai Kiwami
An Impressive Device The Freetel Samurai Kiwami

Pease, what’s going on guys? Now when you look at the spec list of this thing, you’d think it’s a phone, which is coming out recently of today’s day, but this phone was released in 2015 with a 2k 6 inch display. It runs mediatheque 10x 10, which does have Mt. 6795, which is really powerful even today, running at two Dotto megahertz, you get a power VR processor, you get gives you 32 gigabytes of built in memory with three gigabytes of RAM, and an more 128 gigabytes of internal storage to go along with it.


Now the crazy thing is this device was released in 2015. With the the spec list that has really crazy features on it, you’re getting a 21 megapixel camera, which is going to give you the ability to record in 4k. So when you go over down to the settings and this device, and you check out some of the features that is coming in, come along with it, you’re gonna see that we’re getting video settings right here, you can see you could change the picture size to 21 megapixel camera, which is crazy. And then when you go to the video settings, you could go to the quality, which it says 4k, right here down below.


And we’re going to switch it to the 4k mode right here. Before that it was on on 1080. We’re gonna take some photos on this thing and some video in 4k. But um, this thing does have the Android 5.1 software. And it’s not too different from Android 10. Now that I look at them compared to each other, you’re getting that app tray. With all your apps in it, you’re getting your notification bar at the top. One thing you are getting is better battery savings modes better optimization for the battery. But you’re able to see this thing in broad daylight with no issues whatsoever a really nice panel. So there’s no complaints whatsoever.



You’re getting 4g LTE connectivity to Metro by t mobile and Cricket Wireless. Getting this really nice vegan leather back on it, which you can see looks really nice. It does have which you can see the frame of this thing is solid. Now you are getting micro USB, which is. But you can see that metal frame all across the country, that rectangular boxy shape, which is really reminiscent of like a note four, or like the earlier places.



Just like headphone jack right at the top 21 megapixel camera on the back, and eight megapixel on the rear, let me in the front. So I’m gonna take some shots on this thing. And in 4k and some photographs with the foot, the 21 megapixel camera, but make sure you guys stay locked in. And I’m going to take some footage on this thing. So we could go ahead and check out the performance of the camera and the gaming. But make sure you stay locked in with me because I really like this device. Every in a while I got to bring it back, because it competes against some of the newer budget and mid-range devices.


This thing was released four or five years ago. And it still stands tall has NFC gyroscope.

And just let me check out some of that performance of the cameras. It was going on guys, this is the 4k footage on the freetail Samurai kiwami. Now I’m holding it on a tripod. But you can see right here this is the quality that we’re getting when we’re looking at it. And this is the 4k footage right here. So you can see it looks really good. Let me just make a turn real quick. But let me just show you.



Some really good detail right there on those rocks. You can see all the minerals in of it and the detail looks really nice. What’s going on guys this is the front facing camera of the Samurai kiwami and you know it’s a really beautiful day again we’re having back to back, good weather all across the board. So I’m sure all over the East Coast you’re at, let me know where you’re at right now let me know what what the temperature was where you was at today. But it’s really gorgeous right now but this is the front facing camera. And this looks really good. So leave a comment down below I’m gonna try to take some footage, some photographs real quick and then two minutes.


And you know how those come out. but hope you have a good day. This morning. This one is really cool. But overall The best thing about this device is probably the feeling the hand and the overall like way it feels with the materials that they combined. Because you’re getting in my opinion two of the most premium materials for like to make smartphones out of which is basically like that grippy like leather material. I hate when like phones have that glass back because it’s just like really slippery but you’re not getting that with this you’re just getting a lot of grip. And it’s like really comfortable in the hand.


Also the width of the phone is really nice and at the time when it came out it was pretty bezel this and the bezel at the top was really, really slim compared to the bottom one but the side bezels were shrunken, so it was really kind of like future like a future phone for the for the time that it came out in. But the funny thing is that this thing is still available and you can still get it from Walmart at $89 I remember when this thing first release you can get it for like $400 so you know the price is definitely went down substantially it still runs pretty good.


The only thing that I can say is that when it comes to the freetail Samurai kiwami you know like it’s it could use better optimization battery goes but it does switch between 3g, 4g and even LTE depending on if you’re on a phone call or you know like doing something but you do get like the LTE network Metro by t mobile and Cricket Wireless which was pretty cool. This thing was six inches. Just had a really nice solid feel in my hand. You can add on 128 gigabyte card with no issues, apps run pretty quickly there’s no delay, you’re getting that 2k resolution. It’s a little bit heavier and larger than most phones that you see today. But it can definitely replace like you know like maybe you know like a budget phone that you’re using this can definitely run a lot of other budget phones that are out right now because of you know, like the specs that they put on here that 32 gigabytes of internal storage is really good.


Because it’s it’s it’s just enough for what you need. You know, the phone can get a little bit you know, like you’re not like little bit sluggish from time to time. But um you know, it does have a really good value for the money and overall has are really good performance in my opinion. But when it comes to the cameras, you are getting some really good modes to choose from. You get this mode where you can pan around an object and what happens is when you get the full range of the you know the panner arm moving around it, you can get like a full scale 3d like angle of what you were taking the thing with so it’s kind of cool. This phone does have panorama mode. It has like this burst shot mode which you can use for like creating GIF so this thing had gifts before they were even like a thing but I remember was released for three $300 or more and now it’s like 80 bucks.


And when a 21 megapixel camera 32 gigabytes of RAM, three gigabytes of internal storage are really slim design made in Japan with really premium quality materials. Like I said, it kind of has a feel that like a g4 in the back with that material that they use. But it’s like three times last the price which is crazy. So you know my opinion a lot of people don’t know about this device, but it has some really good features with it.



You’re getting that mode where you can kind of just Pan across the scale a subject this thing does have like live photos mode, which was something that iPhones wrong were known for. But it’s pretty cool that this thing has so many cool features for a phone that was released in 2015. You did get the NFC feature, which was pretty cool. And you can see this is the way that that live photo mode works. But you know, the only thing I could say is software wise, this thing didn’t get support. And I don’t think there’s way you could really like route it. Because there’s not too many custom rent ROMs for this thing, which kind of sucks.


So if you’re planning on rooting it, I don’t think I wouldn’t recommend buying just to do that. Because it’s better to route phones that have Snapdragon processors, it’s a lot easier to find custom ROMs for it. But you can see compared to like Android 10 Versus Android 5.1. There’s a lot of big differences. As the notifications panel goes, there’s way more detail and you’re able to look through the panels, and more of an extensive detail oriented way. And kind of preview certain things, you just get the normal tiles on the Android still say the same system, but just way more layered and way more, you know, like structured, like organization goes, it’s kind of came a long way like, the way they they how far they went with Android five to 10.


But, um, you know, the game of performance of this thing still, you know, holds up pretty, as far as you know, like gaming goes and everything. So, you know, when it came to that I didn’t have issues with it whatsoever. You know, you get some really bright colors on the 2k panel, which looked really bright. To be honest, you were getting a ton of colors that like came out of the screen, which looks really good. So you know, I couldn’t complain about portion. But when it came to gaming and everything like that, the phone was really responsive. And you can see that it was able to pick up touch multi-touch when it came to 3d Gaming.


So that was pretty cool. I was playing a ton of different games like Call of Duty and you know, I did was able to play pub g on this thing. But, you know, that was to, you know, you know, most of the games I was playing were just like mainly shooters and action oriented games, but honestly, if you wanted to do some gaming with this device released in 2015 is still possible which is pretty cool. But this thing was a Japanese made made and thought out phone which came from you know, like Japan which was cool. And probably the only phone I ever got from Japan so I definitely think it’s sick. But if you found this helpful in way possible, let me know down below, but make sure you hit that bell icon stay like that for more videos just like this and I’ll check you guys later crew but in the meantime, have a great morning, afternoon or evening depending on where you are. Every night peace



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