My Best Device VIVIBRIGHT Mini Projector L1 Hdmi Support

My Best Device VIVIBRIGHT Mini Projector L1 Hdmi Support
My Best Device VIVIBRIGHT Mini Projector L1 Hdmi Support

Hey peace what’s going on guys? What’s up it’s your boy Serrano. Today we’re gonna be talking about the Viva bright l one projector really small. Now this thing is going to give you 1080 p resolution, what it supports up to. So that means that it’s going to give you a really nice detail when you’re looking at you’re on one year your phone and you’re watching movies through it through the mirror cast option. You can be gaming, or you know, just watching YouTube or project you are showing on your phone or tablet, or even Roku Apple TV device it’s just the wide variety of things that this thing is compatible with.


So I do like that it comes with 8000 to one contrast ratio. And it has a really nice detail to it I mean the colors are really bright it supports up to 50,000 hours LED lamp life so you’re going to be able to enjoy that living room entertainment with your family, your kids and everything like that and you can put this up in there the the the toy room I think the play room for your kids and just put that in there so when they’re just chillin, you know, like having a good time throw some movies on, you know, you want, especially movies, they come out really clear.


Now there’s a few notes to mention that I want to touch on. Meaning that the price range, you are paying compared to other projectors when you’re doing some research online. And if you look up look up you know projector you’re going to come across projectors up to $500 at the Point. Now this thing is an entry level projector at 6999. So this is your budget entry level projector which is crazy because I do budget tech and our cover budget smartphones, budget headphones and you know anything budget tax. So when people hit me up and wanted me to review this thing, it was a perfect fit.


Because you know, I definitely love products that can do the same thing that you want them to do performing compared to some of the choices are out there that are maybe two times even three times or more the money made sometimes even 10 times the money. So now when it comes to this thing, it’s going to be a 2020 upgraded piece of tech so they upgraded this thing to put the injector delivers 65 plus percentage brightness which is better than before. So that being said, the color and the brightness are both upgraded and it’ll allow you to enjoy the experience a whole lot better.


Now, you will be able to see this thing in daytime , but it’s the second note here is that you want to watch this thing with the lights completely off in the room. You know that’s the best scenario to watch this thing if you have the lights on it’s not going to be like you know the right you are going to experience some actual fading on the screen and everything like that. But overall it’s definitely going to be suitable in dark scenarios and stuff like that. So honestly I think that’s pretty cool.



Now another Point I want to make is that you need triple A batteries for this thing to work with the remote, you could use your smartphone with the IR blaster on it such my Xiaomi Redmi Note eight pro or my Alcatel three v 2018 both have IR blaster so if I lose the remote. I am good but I could definitely it’s compatible with the with the projector. Another thing is that you need an HDMI cable if you want to use it with the phone. So you’ve got to have the HDMI, which is the I believe the male version Which is the double slant, not the one with the one slant and a straight 90-degree angle.


And then the other side can be either lightning USB or you know, micro USB or type C, I have the one where it’s compatible with all three so I could use either iPhone, Android, or older Android device with it. Now it’s plugged in place. So basically the LED bulb which is more energy saving than other projectors is really good because it’s going to be a lot less power that it’s using. You know what I mean?


So like, whenever you come across something but a lot of what’s given a lot less power, it’s going to create a lot less energy well as a result of that, that you do get HDMI where you can hook it up with the phone or Xbox or you know like anything like that ps4 you can use an micro SD card plugged in not the cable because it’s not going to work with with the cables.


So you have to have like a microSD plug like that you would kind of like a stick, a USB stick and then you can use your and the SD card one is the third one so you know that’s pretty cool. They do have an audio output option the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack plug in and if you’re getting some really good quality when it comes to movies, watching it with the family, you know I was having a good time I was looking at it and I was really impressed with the quality I always get in can hook it up to my bluetooth speakers with the 3.5 millimeter from my phone to speakers I’m using.


So or I could do it Bluetooth which is going to be a definite really good option. But really this thing is one of the most affordable options on the market. When it comes to presenting media. For a really low price. This thing gets up to about it looked like 45 inches, which is bigger than my TV was. So it was cool to see that I was able to get that much of a screen resolution on the on the wall. So it took up like a portion of my wall which was provided some really good entertainment for a really long time and that it’s plugged in, you don’t have to worry about the battery’s dying or anything like that.


Now, you do get some support customer support, you can contact vehicle break, support at Viva bright calm and they do offer support. Mine you know my first one that I had I had some issues with it because it fell on the ground and they responded right away and I had another unit right away. Now this thing gives you you know like it gives you some key reminders you’d be in a dark environment and it doesn’t support Dolby sound. So if you have that on your devices turn it off. And the last thing is that you don’t want to use the USB cord you want to use the USB flash drive. But honestly for the amount of money that you’re spending you can’t go wrong so shout out to Viva bright for sending this out.



Best thing is definitely worth the money. And if you’re looking for a projector that’s a Portable affordable, then I would definitely check it out but Shahbaz Serrano, make sure you guys have a great morning, on where you are. Have a great night. And if you found this video in way, helpful in way possible, hit the like button and subscribe for more videos just like this, but I’ll check you guys later. Peace



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