An Attractive Device Gaming Soundbar in (2021) Review

An Attractive Device Gaming Soundbar in (2021) Review
An Attractive Device Gaming Soundbar in (2021) Review

Hey, what’s going on? But if you already appointed the crew

now, I’ve been using the same Bluetooth speaker for my my computer, slash desktop. And I’m saying for seven years, this thing has been an absolute beast, it’s like a Bluetooth speaker has, you know, I’m saying some really good sound quality. But when bluehdi set told me that they had a sound bar that is supposed to be for gaming supposed to be for computers, and it’s supposed to deliver really good sound.


And it has LED lights, you can use it with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack or the Bluetooth connection. And I saw that it was like, you know, $40 or something like that $10 off with a discount code that they give you. I was pretty impressed with everything that it had to offer. So this is it right here. This is the you know, I’m saying the blue D soundbar. On the back to here it says that it’s the PC gaming sound bar, the model numbers that BD sk 010. So it’s another company from shenzen, which is cool, they, they they are like some tech giants out there and Shen’s and all they do is innovate and create technology that is pretty sick and affordable. So this is the PC gaming soundbar I want to go ahead and take a look at it has four different LED lights on here. You use it for laptop computer, things of that nature.


It’s supposed to deliver, you know, I’m saying high quality sound levels and deep bass with Bluetooth 5.0. And um you know, I’m saying it says that it makes the sound more vivid bringing fantastic audio experience. So I’m really excited to check this out. But before we do, let’s go ahead and unbox it. Alright guys, so I have the Bluetooth speaker right here, I kind of just want to see what comes in of the bundle. But no knife is needed. It’s got these flip panels, which you could just just literally open up with a tab. So the first thing I’m greeted with is a product to diaphragm. Let me see what they’re talking about right here.


says thank you. First of all, thank you, it says thank you for clicking this video. I appreciate you guys. So I’m going to show some love your way, I’m going to send some love out to bluehdi. But make sure you show send some love out to bluehdi right now by hitting the like button. But you do get your product manual. I’m going to put this down right here, we do get a thank you card. So I’m going to put that down right there. And let’s go ahead and see what else comes in of the bundle. And wow, the charging cord that they gave this thing is a spider. If you don’t know what that means, that means it’s sick.


Really good look at this thing. So this is a I don’t know if this is a charging cord or not. I assumed it was let me take this out of the wrapping here and kind of take a look at it in some more detail. But this is plug and play. What you do is plug it in, and it says you can really just get some really good sound quality on here. So this is you can get customer service support 24 hours with email on this sticker that they put on here they have like they put a sticker on here that says that it’s um, you can get customer service. The volume knob is on this thing right here. That’s pretty cool. I never seen it there. That’s pretty cool. It’s like the dial. I was you do get a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack right here on the front of it.


So that’s sick it has like these grip grip for feet. So you got to take off the sticker on the feet so that it has more grip once you take that off. Yeah, it’s definitely grippy so it’ll be able to be on slippery surfaces like tables countertops, but mainly you know what I’m talking about. This is going to deliver amazing sound for a really low asking price. So I want to I want to test it out. We can do might play some music right now but this is the chord that it comes where you can see it’s embedded in there so you get this really cool blue t strap that comes around the cable right here. I don’t know if stays on. Yeah, it stays on so that’s sick because you could always looks like it’s a tangle free cord.


And this is super long. So let me just see what the end of this has on here. So the end of this has two different ways you can connect it you can connect it USB 3.5 millimeter or you can connect it the Type A So they did that. Definitely think that’s pretty cool. So let’s get this thing all set up. I’m going to check it out right now. But we do get that 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which is plug in play and volume knob on this side.


And on this side, you can see that that thing right here looks cool that I hope that lights up because that looks cool. And it’s gonna light up on the bottom right here. So hopefully it lights up on both sides. I think that’s going to be cool. But let’s go ahead and plug play and check this out bigger. So this is the soundbar right here. But before I plug it in, it’s it’s got this button right here, which is like a click to think it’s like that’s the on and off button. But I really do like this cord, I’m going to go ahead and plug it in right now to my computer using the Type A in action, you could use the 3.5 millimeter connection.


So it automatically connects you can see right here. And then it says you could already see the lights on here look really good. Those look really sweet. Let’s see if Wow, it’s on the side, like I thought it would be. And that’s the green on this this side. On this side, we have the green. And then that just looks really really good. So it’s it’s a small form factor, it looks smaller than in my in real life than it what it does is on a picture. So it’s really small. But I want to go ahead and test out the sound with this. And just see how it thumped. It says you could connect Bluetooth, this thing with Bluetooth.


I kind of want to see what happens if I open up Bluetooth and look for the Bluetooth right now. Right now what I’m going to do is connect my phone to it. Let’s see if we could find it on my phone. And you will enter said that in order to get into the Bluetooth pairing mode, you got to press this for two seconds. So let’s do the one, two, ad. And you can hear a beep. And now the LEDs will start to flash like I said it would. So now I’m going to look for my option here on my phone. And it should pop up right here that s k there it is.


So I’m going to go ahead hit that. And now it says we’re entered in the pairing mode. So now I am connected to it through my phone and it does say it does have that SBS quality on here. So that should be really good. But let’s go ahead and play like a song. So I could kind of test out the volume on here. So first I’ll listen to you know, I’m saying like I’ll watch a movie on here. And if Let me see. Let’s just type Nick’s highlights. And then we’ll play some music activist. Let me see. That was five days ago. I think they play on Sunday. So I’m waiting for that game. But let me turn this up. The knob has the volume.

What the knob works for the volume. It’s all the way up right now. And then you can control the volume from your phone to garner this kind of attention and morale and have the city holy cow that sounds really good. It has really good lows and highs. Traditionally our darling Yeah, they just keep backing up. And Julius Randle still didn’t come through the map. Let’s see if the lips match the words on here. Hold on.



Like we are here with greetings. I in a financial position and take care of nobody by my family. I’ve got two daughters that I’m raising one nine and one one if I got to raise this one night he won’t call 911 that sounded really good. I want to play a game on here and see how it plays because this is a gaming you know I’m saying gaming bar soundbar but this sounds very good. Let’s play some pub. G that sounds really crazy. Let’s Let’s play the game. So right now, we will be on ultra graphics and should I put it on HD?



Yeah, I’m gonna leave it on balanced ultra. So I could get that more frame rate. Instead of gun sound crazy. They said every every time I hear a gun clap or anything like that. Just it’s at full. Just keep in mind is that full? Oh snap. That’s crazy. It’s at full volume right now. So this thing sounds Really good. Wow, there’s a lot of sound separation. For me I was crazy.



I was pretty nuts. Alright guys, so far this has a nice punch to it. Let’s jump into some music, non copyright music so we don’t get um, you know I’m saying so I could like at least let you guys hear this that I click this box and it okay now it’s back on, you can see that LED light those lights looks super clean, I really like to have those lights look just a really sweet visual presentation audio presentation. So I’m going to go back into some music right here. And let’s play a quick song. full volume right now. I mean turn it off. You can see my phone is vibrating right here.



That sounds great. Let’s try another song. Sounds great. It’s not gonna be like for listening to music too much. Oh, wait base when it drops out too crazy. But this is more for gaming and watching videos and things like that when you’re at home, on your laptop or your while the place sounds great on here. Try a couple more songs. Wow, that has a nice knack to it. Can you hear that? Right? Yeah, so I’m definitely going to recommend this for the gamers out there. But let me give you my final thoughts on this. So I’m gonna give you my final thoughts on this gaming sound bar. It sounds really clean.


The audio on here is amazing. I can’t like move it from where it is right here because it’s still plugged in. Let me show you. I’m gonna unplug it. Okay, here we go. But um, you hold this for two seconds, you could enter Bluetooth pairing mode, it has a knob for volume controls, you can get the option for plugging in a headphone jack, really deep bass and punchy sound when I’m listening to it, especially a full volume. for gaming, this is going to be really good because it’s Bluetooth 5.0 latency. When you’re listening to the music, looking at the lips and matching it with the words it’s going to be 100% synchronized.


Also, I love how that has the changing LED lights. It’s just it gives you a really good vibe you’re gaming. But let me know what you guys think about this. I’m gonna leave a link down below and I’m gonna leave show some love to blue tea right now and let them know I appreciate them for sending this out for review. But I could definitely recommend this for you if you’re a gamer. So show some love to bluehdi and show your support and appreciation to the channel if you found this video helpful in way possible. But like I said, I’m going to get right back with you. I’m going to see when the comments section so let me know what you thought about this blue at BDS k 010 mod is the model number but that’s about it for the video. So make sure you guys have a great day and I’m gonna see you in the comment section but I’m going to get right back with you peace.



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