An Incredible Device Cubot X50

An Incredible Device Cubot X50
An Incredible Device Cubot X50

Hey what’s going on guys How y’all doing? Hopefully you guys are chilling. Hopefully you guys are having a good day right now and join your summon when you jump into a game to test right we’re going to talk about the Q bot x 15. We’re going to be talking about some of my favorite titles right like Call of Duty mobile 5g kenshin impact, Roblox things of that nature, you know, everything like that, but this device is pretty cool does have 395 pixels per inch. Both of those have a really big display 6.7 inches 4500 milliamp hour battery, right.


So it’s going to be a really nice matte material on the back, single firing speaker, you know, it’s not gonna be dual speakers or anything like that, but there’s no cooling on this device. So it will get a little bit more but we’re gonna jump right into it right now if you’re new to the CUDA we a quick favorite HUGE favor to the channel. you for hitting the like button and showing support. But let’s jump into it and if you’re already part of the crew, so Okay, guys, so we’re gonna do the Roblox game right here. So let’s just jump into this one. That should be a fun game. And it should be pretty interesting.



So let’s just turn up the volume all the way. And here we go. Let me put the brightness up all the way. There we go. So the speaker is at the top, right here so you can cover that pretty easy. So I just want to let you guys know, I’m gonna be the I’ll be the cook right now. So let’s see what’s going on right now. Alright guys, so here we go. Let’s see. To close to the war right now Hold on. Let me back away from there. Okay, so with this selected tomato sauce, how do I zoom out on too close to the do There we go.



drag it onto the pizza dough. drag it onto the pizza though. Drag onto the pizza dough.

Guys, so this game is a little confusing, but that’s pretty much it looks playable. Everything looks pretty cool right here. You can see that I’m not really getting the right angles. Like I can’t move around the way I want to. But this thing is in the way too cool, but the game is definitely playable for that. Okay guys, so we’re gonna play asphalt and I’m right now we’re gonna just test out the graphics and the gameplay on this one. Roblox played pretty good. I just really wasn’t really good at playing that game whatsoever.



Let’s jump into this one real quick. So far, it looks really good. This phone does have that gyroscope. So you do have that gyroscope on here. accelerometer, proximity sensor, game and everything like that. So I look that was a pretty decent game right there. Right now we’re gonna jump into some ganeshan impact right now. Okay guys, here we go. So we do have a mission here. Let’s go ahead and mess with it arrived closer Can you smell that?


Something must have happened in the temple I imagine there will be slimes Haley Charles and is giving storm terror more power. Oh yes, it is going to be lively in there indeed. As bustling it may be. It’s a pity that the Temple of the wolf has been disturbed by less than no one makes, we need to clear out the XR. Let’s go and play some guys. So we’re going into the temple right now. So let’s just jump into an example real quick, see what’s going on. And we’ll start the mission. Cool. So let’s just check it out right now.



Let me show you how the Knights of Vilnius conquer our adversaries, the volume is all the way up. So it doesn’t get that loud, honestly, but it does get loud enough. If I’m not mistaken, the end of the table should be up there. Experience the kind of experience you get after years of dealing with things like this from others. Alright, this is pretty dope. mistake. You don’t seem to have a vision. So how is it that you’re able to channel elemental energy.



It was a very strange occurrence. So I got a freeze that thing right there. But nothing happened. So this game is very cool. I really like playing this game right now.

It’s very playable on here too. So I’m going to jump into some some Call of Duty mobile real quick, but this game is definitely pretty sick. Right now the phone is starting to heat up in my hand. It’s not like incredibly warm, but I could definitely feel like right here where my, my my palm is I could feel it getting warm right there especially near the back right here.


It’s like really warm right here along area. But anywhere else on the phone, it’s not really warm, it just gets hot, like right up on the top corner right there. So you may want to switch it around switch positions and kind of dissipate the heat a little bit, guys, so we’re gonna play some Call of Duty mobile, let’s just check out the graphics real quick. And see the settings and let’s go graphics and it’s already on medium. You could put it on high which is pretty cool.


And you could put depth of field on right to answer your licensing on and let’s go into back now. Check that out. I just hit the power button by accident. Let’s test out the fingerprint sensor.

Alright, there was a disconnection there. So the internet must have dropped out. Let’s see if it still keeps the connection. Alright, I’m going to go into another room to get a better connection. Okay, guys, so I should have a better connection now. So let me just see how this game performed.



Guys so far is playing pretty smooth. There’s no issues whatsoever. The runs pretty smooth or high graphics, like I said there was a disconnection there. Let’s connect to the Wi Fi since we’re having a bad signal on the 4g connection right here. Just jump into some Wi Fi.

It was a little bit hard to lock in on right there. It’s like a little bit. I’m a little rusty in this game, I think. And there was a drop out right there. Let’s see. I am covering up the speaker, I just let go. And now I can hear the speakers a lot better. So it’s kind of easy to cover that speaker up, but you could just throw some bluetooth headphones on or something like that.



Let me see.Oh, wow. Yeah, so this game is pretty serious. Let’s jump into some pubsey Mobile right now, I guess. So let’s go ahead and test out the graphics on this guy. And see we do have high graphics HD. I like balanced though because it kind of moves a little bit smoother when you’re when you’re gaming. So let’s just go ahead test that out. For the red tea. I got one kill. Alright, I’ve got two kills right dead. I was pretty smooth. so far. It’s running really nicely.



Got him? Well, I almost got him right there. You got me. What am I talking about? Got? No, you got me. Alright, let’s see. He got me again. That’s crazy. So it’s like a slight. All they have to do is hit you like slightly. I got that too late. So I got three kills right now. So that’s not bad. Let’s see if there’s coming through here. Yeah, this game is really smooth so far. So there’s no issues. I don’t have issues with it whatsoever. It’s just really smooth. It’s really clean. everything like that. So I definitely can say that the game runs really nicely. So Damn, I went I got myself right into that. Alright guys, so overall, I was pretty impressed with the gameplay that I was getting when I was using a Cuba x 54 games like ganeshan impact.


And asphalt nine, even pub g brand really smooth on this device. So I can say that this device is pretty good for gaming in this price Point. It’s not a gaming phone, but you can, you know, play some higher end titles. If you didn’t want to own high graphics. You can play some higher titles on here, pub g mobile Call of Duty, you know, Roblox and everything like that. But I definitely think this, this phone did run really smoothly. Let me know what you guys think. I don’t think it was like 60 frames per second or something like that. I really couldn’t tell but it definitely had a high performance rate with the frames and stuff like that.


So let me get right back with you. And I’ll show up in the comment section right now show us some love but do me a quick favor. Before you even get out of here. Hit the like button and show your support hit the bell icon and get notified for more videos just like this but I’m going to get right back which you went on. Want to show up in the comments section chop it up with you, show you some love down there and answer questions that you may have. But if you’re new speaker do me a favor hit the like button on your way out of here and later cool peace.



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