A Very Unique And Impressive Device BLU Phones Review

A Very Unique And Impressive Device BLU Phones Review
A Very Unique And Impressive Device BLU Phones Review

Hey, what’s going on guys. But if you’re already a part of the crew so today we’re gonna be talking about five budget falling from blue. And we’re going to be talking about all of the features and if they’re still worth buying in 2021. So the first device we’re going to be talking about is the BLU vivo x 6. And this is one of my favorite devices, right because it was the first device to bring on 64 of internal storage for under $150. You get three gigabytes of RAM, a 13 megapixel selfie cam, selfie camera, you do get a 6.1 inch display, you’ll get the dual cameras on here, a 13 megapixel main and a two megapixel for your portraits.

So they have front and back front selfie cameras. And this device is pretty cool because you can remove the back of this device and it has a removable battery. I really like that feature. I do like that it has a fingerprint sensor do like that. It has a pretty nice design aesthetic in 2021. And it’s still a budget price, right. So I have a tempered glass protector on this device. And you can see we have that ambient display on this device. It feels really good in the hand at 6.1 inches, it’s a 720 times 1500 HD plus panel and it’s pretty good for the price you can get this device really affordable. I really liked the Case, right this Case will last forever. It was released in February 2020 which is pretty good.

But you know it does have the latest security March 5 update. We do have this batch the spreadsheet from you know SOC sc 9863 a and an article VR g 8322. It’s coupled with the you know, it’s the big four gigabytes of RAM and then three gigabytes of RAM on this guy. I definitely think that’s pretty cool that it will definitely have a nice speed on here. I really like this device for getting pretty much anything done.

It’s going to be a really good budget device for the price and it’s so big it’s worth the money. Now the next device that I’m we’re getting ready to talk about is the vivo, XL L and compy. vivo. x six did have a 4000 milliamp hour battery this one does have a 4000 milliamp hour battery we are getting a 6.2 inch 99 OLED screen display with 720 by 1500 222 pixels 229 71 pixels per inch but the MediaTek Helio p 22.

But you can see here, this one has that all metal design on it, and it’s going to be pretty cool with the you know, the this device was popular device it came out in 2018. And it does have a pretty good design language ready, it’s got that metal design not front looks like the iPhone 11 we are running Oreo on this device so we do get facial recognition. We do get a fingerprint sensor on the back. We do get dual cameras on this device. So I really like this device when it comes to the overall look of it and actual design language of this device.

The cameras on here are pretty good. They’re they’re really good right for the budget price you’re getting that 13 megapixel, a you know an 8 megapixel on the front you get a two megapixel for. 4000 milliamp hour battery, like I said before, but this device feels really good. Power button right beneath the buttons on here. It does have this mode where you can swipe down to remove the knotch or swipe back to remove to put it back again. But honestly, I just really liked this device still I feel like it’s still very usable.

Now the cameras are here. We get panorama backlight face beauty, photo, night video, night mode and video mode. So we do get that night mode on here, which I really think is cool. And then we get you know some really cool features on here, like professional group selfie and face emoji. And like I said, this device does have that hit media tech Helio p 22. Coupled with the three gigabytes of RAM, so it’s still holding up pretty in 2021.

And a lot of phones, the tablets, I noticed they’re still releasing budget tablets with the Helio p 22. So this device was fully capable back Then install is now it runs really smooth on normal games and things of that nature. So I definitely can say that this device will hold up even in 2022. Now the next device that I want to talk about is the blue peer review, this was one of my favorite devices from blue. Now all of these phones do come with headphones, charging cables, your charging brick and removable pay. They come with stickers and a load of accessories that you can use right out of the box.

It does come with a Case you can see this Case does match the branding. Besides the yellow, but I like how the back still looks really good. This is all metal design, really good design language here, it’s that it’s got that old blue material on the back of there and it is a finger it is has a lot of fingerprints on there. So it will get a lot of fingerprints. There are a little bit of micro scratches on here, but it has held up. And you know it has that metal. I think this is like a polycarbonate design. Actually, this isn’t metal. But one of the things I like about it is it has two dual eight megapixel cameras on the front, on the front of this device.

So on the front of this device, it has to do eight megapixels, which is really cool. You do get night mode on here, I get your settings right here, you get electronic image stabilization, you could flip the camera by hitting this button right here. And this is where you get your dual cameras on the front facing selfie. So you get that for video. And you get that for portraits. And I really think that that that technology was ahead of its time, right? It lets you you know, take a take a take a video of your face, right and it was you could do it in the in the group one or you could do it in the model, which does have a 3000 milliamp hour battery battery.

And you can see the graphics on here are very smooth, even to this day for a two year old device. So you can see that this device just feels really really smooth when it comes to the game play on the wolf right here.
You know, I can’t complain whatsoever. As playing this game. It’s been a lot of different devices that I’ve tested, you could definitely tell that there was lag, but this one there’s very minimal lag you can barely tell that there is lag on here. So I really like that. I definitely like that Ray. Really good graphics really good gameplay on here.
It’s just going to run smooth, it’s not going to run too crazy. Which I really do like so that’s something that I really do like about this
device. Okay, so the next device we’re talking about is the G 90 from blue and there you can see it does have that really good Case that I was talking about earlier. 6.5 inch display 16 megapixel camera in 1084 gigabytes of RAM when this guy we do get a non removable battery so you can’t remove it like the other guy on there. But you do get
a 4000 milliamp hour battery with this glossy texture with holographic style of the way they did the lighting on it, it looks really good. But it will scratch if you do put something rough against it, it will scratch but it has like that mirror like end.

On the back of it. It has that AI camera print and the blue print. On the back of it you do get that little v notch at the top facial recognition is on here. And we did get a security software update recently on this device. So I just kind of want to throw that out there that we did get that update and this device is pretty, it is pretty stable when it comes to using it. I didn’t have real issues when I was using it. So let me just connect to that thread so you can see we get that wide angle.

So I just like this device is still really good. I can’t stress that enough for the price. So these devices are pretty cheap. This one goes for about $150 as well as most of the other devices that I talked about under that price. And you can play games on here right it has a moto speaker so it does sound nice. You do get a glass screen protector in of the box that really great Case that I was talking about this device does game.

So I definitely really liked using this device the design language. But they will be really nice. They will all be really nice. There’s a spot and sign special about blue devices. They always add something, a special touch to them I really like their devices, they’re really budget friendly.

This device does have software updates Like I said before, so I just really think it’s pretty cool. This device. And this is my favorite blue device of all time and went on to their bold campaign and you can see right here they do have a really good packaging presentation is always good. They’re giving you many screen protectors, you know, charging things to choose from you do get headphones and every single package that you open, you do get a Case.

I really like that you can decide to go ahead and wireless the charge you could just put this on wireless charging brick or or pod or anything of that nature. And what I really like is that you could just use it you so desire with that wireless charging. So I really like I really do like this part about it. I think that in display fingerprint is pretty cool the pop up selfie camera on this device. So you can see right here it is working. There were some times when it didn’t work after certain updates that I received on this device. But you can see that the device is working perfectly fine right now and it did get several updates to this device, the generic Android 10 security which I want to show you right now.

So if you go into system, you’re going to notice that when we go in there we can see I’m sorry with security not system. So let’s go into security to see the system and we do have the February 5 2021 security patch the January 1 on here but this device is running Android 10 and we did get get that Android patch just I just updated it so I really think this device is pretty cool for the price. I definitely think that it does hold up. For the money. It has a beautiful super amulet display, I believe it’s a they call it the an OLED display not super eminent but it’s 1080 by 2340 you get that 16 megapixel with the two mega pixel for dat a Helio g seven D is on here the 3500 milliamp hour battery and it has like a really good speed when you’re using it overall, you get that four HD plus display which is really good with 403 pixels.

There’s Gorilla Glass five upgradeable to Android 10 from nine pi, and you get bad Mali g 72. For the graphics . Now this device is only two years old, but I think if it was ahead of its time in many ways, the first way is that the amulet display the wireless charging you get the peace 70 a lot of phones now have the P 60. This device does have a motorized selfie camera the in display fingerprint sensor, which is rare to see on a device of this nature.

We do get Gorilla Glass five, which is rare to see on a phone of this nature and 18 watts, fast charging, which is pretty rare for a phone that’s under $200. But the charging for the you know, the the the the wireless charging is it only charges it at 10 watts. And then you will notice that the background wallpapers are new after waking it up. So you will experience new wallpapers.

So you won’t have more issues with the pop up selfie camera anymore. But like I said, Guys, this is probably my favorite blue device of all time right here. Out of all of the ones that I did talk about, but I really like all of these blue devices, right? They’re not just it’s not just this one, they’re all really good. But this one was they fixed all the issues with the latest security software update on here. So I just want to want to throw that out there. And so was the software on top of the UI. So let’s test out the fingerprint sensor.

Then let’s just go into the settings. Can see right here, when we go into here, let’s just go into display. You can see the the overall layout is really cool wallpapers, you can go on wallpapers you can check out they have some nice Sent wallpapers on here. This device is very customizable, it’s very, very nice to look at and things of that nature. I really like using this device I really like the overall features and build quality with the Gorilla Glass.

Five on here just a really nice you know, feel it feels really good in the hand. You get those that textured power button right here. You get that motor right but I really like this device. Let me know what you guys think down below. I’ll see you guys in the comment section. Later. Crew peace.



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