My Personal Experiance About Samsung Galaxy A02s

My Personal Experiance About Samsung Galaxy A02s
My Personal Experiance About Samsung Galaxy A02s

Hey, So today we did the Android 11 update on the Samsung Galaxy S zero to s. But if you already uploaded a cruise. The S m, zero to five model flash DS. This is going to give you that four gigabytes of internal storage 64 gigabytes of RAM on this guy, this one was released in November 2025 months ago, it does have facial recognition on the front, and no fingerprint sensor on this guy. Just keep that in mind. Let me have to enter the fingerprint for the first time.


But what I wanted to show you guys is that we do get the Android 11 update on this guy. Me just show you what I’m referring to me just peek the brightness so it goes all the way up. The viewing angles on this device are nice, we do have a Snapdragon 450 plastic build on this guy with the pls display 20 by nine aspect ratio 720 by 16 107 270 for the PPI, adrenal 506 for graphics, like I said four gigabytes of RAM, we’re going to go in of settings on this guy go into software updates, and we’re here you can see that it does give you a Vast amount of information about what’s going to happen here.


So the first thing that it does say is we’re going to get the one UI 3upgrade on Android 11. We do have a visual fresh, which it says right here, one you three, in a lot of ways big and small from new, more consistent icons, design of the quick assembly motion is smoother. So it does say that the action is going to be smoother, improve animations, haptic feedback is going to be improved.


So that’s something that’s pretty crazy. It does say that we have they have optimized. So apps will run faster and be improved. It does say that it’s easier the always-on display, screen mark is easier. and things of that nature, Bixby routines and controlswill help automate your life. I don’t really use Bixby to be 100% with you. But we do have improved pieces such a home screen and lottery. add widgets by touching and holding an app on the homescreen turn off the screen by double tapping and one an empty space in the lock screen.



which is pretty crazy. We do get calls in chat, see conversations separately from the information panel works with messages and works with your favorite chat apps. So you get that chat feature, you do get pictures and videos. So it does say that we’re going to be able to take improve autofocus aperture pictures, and view and edit them from the gallery easier. And you can revert edited pictures to original versions at a time, which is a new feature. And they have another thing in here where they have settings it has a look. And right here it says maintain healthy balance and work life.


New routines will be added internet, you can hide the status of navigation bars for immersive and quick, quickly change web pages. Also, media controls will be improved, stronger privacy. And it does say that in clock, you can hear the time and present name of the alarm. read out loud when alarm rings. So they’re gonna read that out loud when your alarm rings, it’s going to tell you the the you know I’m saying that’s kind of crazy.


You can hear the time now and get some apps will be will need to be updated separately after the one UI update. But this device does tell you that it’s going to be 1.2 gigabytes of internal storage. And we do have the April 1 security update. So it does say that that’s downloading right now. So it’s about 18 minutes. You can see right here give or take depending on your Wi Fi speed. You can see that’s going up. Because I’m not this this device does not have the five gigahertz Wi Fi. So I just want to throw that out there that it doesn’t have the five gigahertz Wi Fi Let’s take a tour of the phone real quick.


While this is downloading right now, so I could show you, we do get a nice variety of features, we get that swipe down for information panel, you can see that the Settings icon since it’s downloading, it’s spinning, which is kind of cool. I definitely like the way that looks. This is a 14 nanometre processing chip clocked at 1.8 gigahertz. No gyroscope, and think, no fingerprint on this guy. So just keep that in mind 13 megapixel, two megapixel, and another two-megapixel pixel macro lens, and a five megapixel front facing camera. And that five megapixel front facing camera is impressive. We got 15 watts fast charging.


So with us, except fast charging and 5000 milliamp hour battery. So this device is pretty cool. I definitely like a lot of the features. Because of the four gigabytes with the 64 coupled, it’s going to perform. But what I want to do right now is pause the video, so you guys don’t have to wait and see this update. But I just wanted to show you like the flow of this the screen right now. So you could kind of see what it looks like before and after. and things of that nature. So you can’t you do get many options on here. This is how the end of this is going to change, this whole thing is going to change you see it’s 368 by two right now. So that’s that’s definitely going to change.


And then this is you can see, let me show you the volume controls on here. So you can see that this is gonna change, you see the volume is at the top. And you have to click here to get to your other option. So just to let you guys know, I did get an update on this device recently. So if I go to security on this device, and I just show you where I’m at right now, I just want to show you guys where I’m at right now because, um let me see where security Yeah. Let me see.


I gotta find it in just a second. But I find security, I can show you Oh, here it is in device care. And then right here you can see, let me see security. Not that security. That’s not the one I wanted to see. I guess we got to go to what bout phone Hold on one second. And status. That’s not a software information. Here we go. So this is the 2.5 right now, and Android 10. And we’re on the march 1 update. So that should update to April. And then we should definitely get that 3.1 or the 3.0. update. So the update the one UI three is going to be on here. So I’m going to pause the video right now. And then we’re gonna definitely update this device because I really liked the the performance on here even before the update.


So that means it’s going to perform even better than before, we do get this fingerprint retarded end. It’s like a matte material, matte red. And you can see that the it’s textured, it’s definitely got some texture to it, a two tone red. So one of the Reds will be darker than the other one. you put it in. Just the really is a trippy material. But let’s pause the video right now. And then I’m going to get right back with you. Alright, guys, so we’re back and it looks like this device is going to get ready to end the update right now you can see, it’s fine. It’s the last many let down the last extent. But this device will be a new and improved the 11. If you don’t have the update right now, just don’t worry about it, you will be getting it like a few days or something like that.


Just keep that in mind that it not come in right now. But you’ll definitely be getting that. Just keep that in mind that you will be getting that coming in. If you’re if you’re worried, it’s definitely coming to the device so you don’t have to worry about that. Tell me I can install this update. So I’m gonna let you guys read this information one last time. You can see everything that I was talking about. You could pause the video at moment. But I just wanted to show you what it has to offer. I hit the Install Now button.


So make sure you you pause the video at the point that you want to read the screen, I’m going to put it on the screen right now. Everything that the update is entailed with I’m just going to go through it really quickly. So you could see that Okay, we’re almost down to the end. I mean, you can pause it right there. Alright, cool. So that’s pretty much everything that we’re going to be getting. So I’m going to hit the button right now. And the phone says that it’s going to please wait, Android system update will happen. But like I said before, not everyone gets it at the same time. So just make a note of that, that you will, at the time of this video, where you’re located, it’s probably because of where you’re located.


Every single country gets it at a different time from each other. So just keep that in mind. But it’s definitely going to be coming to your device. But like I said, it takes about 18 minutes or something like that. For the for the whole thing. It takes about maybe a half hour. Give yourself about a half hour of time, but I think it’s just about to reboot right now. I’m going to go ahead and put the phone down, but we it just vibrated. Like I said, they did put new vibrations and haptics, in this update, I think that was something that this phone didn’t really have with haptics, they just felt it vibrate when it turned on. That’s pretty crazy that they could do that to the update.


So we’re just gonna wait for this to load up. And I’m gonna, I’m gonna pause it right now. Okay, guys, so this thing just reset. And, you know, I mean, the Samsung Galaxy, a 02 S is going to reset right now powered by Android. But you can see, the Samsung Galaxy a to s does come with an abundance of things in of here, we do get the headphone set, we do get the charging brick, and we do get the Type C 15 watts. So I really do like that they do support 15 watts, you know, fast charging on this guy.


But you can see, it’s still powering up, it’s gonna take a little bit of time for it to reboot, but I just wanted to kind of show you guys, you know what I mean? how that looks when it’s resetting and all that. But um, I could pause it, pause the video right now, just one second. Okay, so this is the next screen, it goes to the Samsung screen right now, after it said that it was the Samsung Galaxy S zero to s. Now it’s saying Samsung. So this is the next screen that you’ll see right after the update on from Android 10 to Android 11. March 1 to April 1. And we’re going to get a whole variety of things the the the the touch the vibrations on the touch feedback, you’re going to get five updates on the messaging bubbles. when you have to just go in the app.

So you could just use the bubble.


Now you do get enhanced performance animations they even said that the performance of the fresh on the screen performance is going to be better, the volume controls. So I’m definitely looking forward to Android 11 on the a 02 you can get this thing for under 150 bucks right now. So I’m definitely going to leave the cheapest link that I could find down below. But it does say that it’s halfway done right now, which is kind of crazy. So let me just pause the video and wait for it to complete.


so those numbers are ended. Now it says optimizing storage right after the update the apps were being tailored to and then now the screen is coming on. So that’s pretty crazy. but when I’m looking at it with the naked eye, it’s gonna be a lot look it looks better. And then it says that we do get like a touch that tap two week feature which I thought we already had like a tap to hold on. It’s getting it’s a little laggy with Okay, there we go. It’s gonna be a little bit laggy right now because everything is loading back up. So it’s gonna look a little laggy and let me just increase the brightness all the way up again. Everything’s gonna be loading back up.


Just keep that in mind. But um, you can see right here everything is loading back up the system update. Let me see how it looks right now. That already looks a lot cleaner. You can see right there that looks a lot cleaner than it did before. Um, brightness thing all the way down at the bottom. You get your up Here, device and media is now here, which is kind of cool. Dolby Atmos is there when you plug headphones or Bluetooth. Let me see if I could switch this to the horizontal option. So that’s not going to be set by default. So just keep that in mind. But we do have, it does say your device has been updated right now.


If we go into the settings, it should be a lot cleaner, you can see that the settings looks kind of cleaner, and their performance looks like really clean. I definitely think that’s pretty cool. Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the settings that we do get on here. But um, you can see, everything just looks clean. They were right, the scrolling. Animations look even cleaner than they were before, which is kind of cool. And then when you go into about phone, I’m going to go into software information. And it does say we are on the 3.1 ui Android 11 March 1, we’re not on the April we’re on the march 1 await. But right here down below it says that the patch level is April 1.


So yeah, it is going to be updated. But yeah, this device is smooth butter. Now it’s there was smooth before but it’s even it’s even cleaner than it was before I just had that. Let me go back. We get that pulled down for the information. But yeah, this is the Android 11 one the Samsung Galaxy S zero to s but let me know if you got your update for this. This device. I definitely think it’s pretty cool that they push that out and we’re supposed to be getting more updates but I’m gonna get right back with you guys. I’ll check you out down below in the comment section. But later peace.


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