The Important Feature Review Of Umidigi A11 Global Version 4G LTE

The Important Feature Review Of Umidigi A11 Global Version 4G LTE
The Important Feature Review Of Umidigi A11 Global Version 4G LTE

Hey, what’s going on guys, it’s your boy back the channel. So today we’re gonna be taking a look at a smartphone, brand new smartphone. you for for taking care of that for doing that for me. So let’s just jump into the article, let’s just jump right into it.

Right here we do have the umidigi a 11 This is the one that I bought off for the world premiere, they did a world premiere this one, it was originally $199. With the world premiere, you can get it for like 140, I’m gonna leave a cheap link down below where you can get it for 143 minus $20 with a discount code that they add on there. What really drew me to it was the hard gold quality like the squared or I’m going to show you right now Mr shelf, just open it up right now. Do me a favor, make sure you hit the like button, it definitely helps the channel out.

So you for taking care of that. It has like a yellow box that I noticed the first boxes that they ever made, were white, then they turned them black. I mean they were black, then they turned them white. Now they have this, this new type of box, which looks really crazy. It’s yellow. It has this umidigi I like this branding right here. This is crazy right here. And then this is beyond dream smartphone. It does give you some specs on the factory here, there’s some weight to this. I like the weight on here already.

It feels like it’s going to be pretty heavy. So let’s just let’s take a look at it. And let’s see what’s in of here. So there’s two tabs that we have to cut. First this cut this one and then let’s just go ahead and cut this one. I should have bought for my it’s a little bit shorter. g Helio g 25 eight ARM Cortex A 53 up to two gigahertz class speed Android 11 is on here. But Android 11 is on here we do get the five gigabyte so that a five gigabyte four gigabyte model with 128 gigabytes of RAM ROM on here.

So four gigabytes of RAM, 128 Ram, ROM, and then you get two Nano SIM card slots one TF card for your storage of 5150 milliamp hour battery for 6.53 inch display Full HD plus, we hold on HD plus six 720 by 1600. So it’s not for HD. Just keep that in mind. But we do get band 1-234-578-1213 718 and 19. It doesn’t have the global bands on here. But we do get 2026 2828 and b and the 66. So let’s let’s go ahead, I’m going to take this box open.

This does have the global fancy pretty much usually, in country, you know what I mean? anywhere around the world. What we’re greeted with is a Case on the phone it says Android. Well it does it says umidigi a 11. And then you can see right here we we do have the four gigabyte model 128 gigabytes, or you can get the three gigabyte model 6400 bucks. But either one you choose, you’re going to get that ag matte frame. That’s what I was talking about in the beginning. That’s what I was always trying to say I was really excited about the materials that they used on it, it’s got frame matte glass.

You look at the shortcut thing that they use the signature shortcut pin 20 by nine and cinema grade display, so it’s got 409 for the PPI so very high dense when it comes to the screen
display. I’m going to go pop this baby out, we’re going to go and take a look. Wow, that was pretty cool. So everything’s there, everything’s greeted right there in the bundle. This is everything that comes in the bundle everything that comes in the package. What we’re greeted with right here you can see we do have our, you know, charging brick right here. This looks like it’s gonna be like 10 watts or something like that, not 15 but that’s so pretty cool.

We do have that you know, the highlighted black with the red cord. And we have our user guide right here. So let’s go and take a look that we do have the similar moving parts Card Tray right there’s let’s go take a look and see what comes in of this has never really opened these. I’m not sure why I’m opening that. Let’s put this back in of here. And we’re gonna go take a look at the phone. I’m gonna grab the phone now and take a look at the Wow, it really does have squared off corner like the Wow, so you can kind of see it right here but this angle right here.

I’m going to see if it can stand on its own but I’m really in Really Wow, this is crazy. Okay, so we, I just wanted to show you we do get that silicone X Case with the bundle. But the way that this feels in your hand, hard metal right there and then you get that matte glass on the back. So that’s going to be a crazy build quality to hold on to a kind of like the a nine pro except I like this one better because it’s got more pronounced corner, very squared off corner. These are very crazy. Let me see if we can expand on its own. Let me see it this way.

I feel like it could stand on its own. Like if you have a table that’s flat, this one feels like it’s at an angle. So I’m going to go ahead and take off the tape on the front of here. Let’s go ahead and do that. Wow. Hold on. I think there’s like a screen protector. Oh, here we go. And then it comes off on the back. You could see that matte matte glass on the back. Let me put this right here. So you can see that matte glass on the back it does say beyond dreams. And that really does feel safe. That really feels crazy. That’s nuts. They said that they did it again, they really did it again. Here’s the power button right here and I’m going to hit that that feels hard.

We’ve got a nice vibration. As soon I did that, that metal feels good. These don’t rock the volume buttons or the power button don’t rock. We got that that designated button right there your sim remover. slot umidigi came up on the screen. There’s no native awareness light, I don’t think on this device. But we do have a headphone jack at the top right here. You can see at the top, we do have a headphone jack, we do do have typesetting on the bottom to charge it. Single firing speaker on here. Android 11 on here, let’s hit the start button. 92% right out of the box. So I think that’s pretty cool.

So go ahead, hit skip. We’re going to take a look at the settings process in just a second. Let me see if there is haptics on the Okay, we got five gigahertz Wi Fi. That’s pretty, pretty sick. Let me see if there’s haptics on the keyboard right now. I’m going to start typing here, there’s some haptics on the keyboard. You can see that camera it’s a 16 megapixel, we do get a five megapixel on there and an eight megapixel on the front. So let me type in my,
my password and see. Okay, cool. I think I got it. Wow, this feels like really crazy. In my hand, it definitely feels like it is hard build quality to it. It’s got this really sick bill to it, it says that I am attached my phone is ready to go.

So it’s got that that do drop that signature do drop to it. I don’t have problem with that do drop, I have no issues with that do drop on the top of their they’ll say it’s getting the device ready. But you can see the chin is slightly bigger than the forehead no issues with that whatsoever. Like I said, again, I don’t have issues with that whatsoever. So you know, I’m just taking a look at the device right now, It’s 222 grams of weight. So it’s really heavy in the hand.

And the hand is taking longer than I expected look. It’s still loading is still on the loading screen right here says getting your phone ready. So I do apologize, I just skip the video forward. And it says before you try anything again. So let’s just go ahead and skip that part right there. And then it says you have your Google services on here. So you definitely get all the Google services. Let’s see how how it says enter put a screen lock for your pattern. Okay, I entered my pen twice. And it says Do you want to enter your fingerprint?

I’m going to skip that because the fingerprint Wait Where is the fingerprint bugging out now because there’s it doesn’t even show like a fingerprint on here. So hold on, let me see where would the fingerprint be off of the off the just opening it up. There’s no app tray you have to move it around by swiping like that. And let me go back into security. There is a screen protector on this device that they put on here. It’s not going to stop it from cracking but it will stop it from
scratching. So it says with finger with unlock with fingerprint movies. See, okay, so it’s on the side. Are you serious.

So though the button doubles a power button, that’s crazy, I didn’t even see that. So most buttons that are power that are fingerprints on the power button are indented and the phone, this one clicks, like a regular power button. And fingerprint is crazy. So let me open that up again, with my pen. And so basically, what you have to do is put your fingerprint overtop of that button, so it’s not indented, like normal fingerprint buttons would be. So I just want to show you that real quick. And it’s a little, it’s a little weird, it’s a little weird getting used to it says that I have to really like press it or something like that, or move too slow or something.

This is a sophisticated fingerprint, it’s taken really long, most of the time, I set these up in like 10 seconds or something like that. One’s really sophisticated, it’s taking its time on each press. You can see right there I’m almost done. Very cool. We’re gonna hit Done. This does have a night camera on here. I want to jump into that does have a night camera on here. If you go to extras, you do see a night mode that we can jump into. It’s the set up. This the screen kind of froze up a little bit right now so I’m just going to go back. I’m going to hit back. Let’s clear that out. Open that back up.

Okay, there we go. Let’s hit let’s hit beauty. And we were getting the beauty mode on here. We do get video mode on here. Let’s jump into the camera for HD. Okay, cool. Microphone location. Let’s go into the photo you have got AI settings right here. We have HDR. That’s cool. Anti-shake, is really sick. Let’s go into portrait. Okay, we do have portrait mode. That’s pretty cool. Let’s test out let’s take a quick self portrait mode on here with the portrait camera. You can the portrait, bokeh. This looks good with a 16 megapixel looks pretty good. Really good really good detail on there.

Not Not too bad whatsoever. So I definitely like the quality of that. As you can see the brightness is kind of adjusting here. Let me turn that up a little bit more. This feels good in the hand though. I was surprised how good it felt in the hand. And let’s go to more let’s see if we can get into our night mode right now. Okay, so this is night mode. Let’s take a photo see how long it takes to register. About two seconds three seconds, four seconds. Okay, now we have the photo it brightens it up it brightens up the photo makes it look a lot better.

What about what about this selfie camera right let’s go ahead and take a look at the selfie camera but this is just my first impressions my impressions my unboxing we do get a wide angle camera on here macro camera it looks like we get on here with on Yeah, we get a macro lens on here a wide angle camera on here. So what about on video we don’t get the wider wing wide angle camera on video we just get it on the pictures so I’m going to take a quick selfie on here and see how that does this I really what I like about this device is the overall feel that that metal circular design on the corner it is rounded to so it doesn’t cut your fingers on the side.

So I took a shot take a shot right now it’s pretty dark in my room right now just to be completely honest with you. I do a Bogo one just like I see what that looks like. Yeah, that would look better because it’ll blur out the background but I’m gonna get I’m gonna get right back which I’m going to show up in the comment section. I’m going to be doing a follow up video. Oh snap. I was talking right there. Yeah, I’m gonna delete that one. That’s crazy. Yeah, definitely going to show up in the conversation and so are your questions that have you have about this device but this device does have that you know I’m saying the 5.35 the 6.53 Full HD plus display the G the Helio g 25 the, you know, the 8-megapixel camera on there on the front, so It does have that that 12 millimeter processing chip.

Really nice matte texture on the back of this device. They call it the matte end thermometers on here. gyros scope is on here, compass. So accelerometer fingerprint is on the side button. You get screen recording, you get your flashlight, you get many other options on here, share and night mode, things like that those device does feel pretty Zippy. Overall, I still have to get into a little bit more detail with it. But in your settings menu. We are getting Android 11 on here, you can see right here.

So I definitely think that’s pretty cool. Cool, guys, but let me know what you guys think about the umidigi a 11. And I’m going to get right back with you. I’m going to show up in the comments section. And you guys for watching. But I’m going to get right backwards and I’m going to show up in the comment section I’m gonna answer your questions about the umidigi a 11. I’m gonna leave a link down below where you can purchase it. But you guys and I’ll check you guys later. I’m going to get right back with you later.


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