First Impression Of Tinwoo Smart Watch Review

First Impression Of Tinwoo Smart Watch Review
First Impression Of Tinwoo Smart Watch Review

Pease, what’s going on guys? get notified for more videos just like this. But if you’re already a part of the crew now Today we’ll be taking a look at the temboo smartwatch. Now, it just came to my, to my mind that there are many different models of the timu smartwatch with the eclipse. There’s the metal slim square one, there’s the circular one, there’s mobile wireless, charging this one without it. This one supports the wireless charging, it has a beautiful attracts your weather, your sleep, your steps, your heartbeat, eight different sports modes, 14 different watch faces.


You know, I’m saying so it’s, it’s, it’s a really good thing on that it has music controls on here. Just many options. And I really like it moves at 60 hertz, really smooth, it tells me how long I’ve slept. I could even get to all my sports modes on here. One of my favorite watches of all time, which is one of my favorite features about this guy, you don’t have to plug it into the proprietary cable. But let’s just show you right here it does wirelessly charge when you put it on the wireless charging stand right here, you can see that happening.


So I just really do enjoy in the older one came a cable just so if you did want to charge it you could I label all of these cables so that I don’t mix them up. But you do get your warranty, your user guide. So this is the for the 20 slash 20 model just to show you guys which one this is. That’s what which model this is but simple wanted me to read, review their newest model, that be a different model than what I’m looking at right now. So the difference between all the models right now, because you’re probably like, I went on Amazon and they all look the same.


That’s what I’ve got too. This is the newer one right here, you can see the boxes are different, different boxes, this one’s more rectangular, this one’s a perfect square. And they have different serial numbers and everything like that. So this one that I bought says green band. This one doesn’t say what color it is, but we’re gonna find out right now. But if you’re already part of the crew salute, you a mega sale on Amazon.


So this is the one I got right here the eclipse with the green. And it has wireless charging. They have the black, they have the gray, they have the brown, the pink, the blue, and they have a gray on gray. they are all under 450 dollars. 4999. So what I want to do guys is go ahead and show you guys which model they sent me, because I don’t know which one this is. This is my very first time taking a look at it. They asked me Hey, yo, see what do you want to check out our new smartwatch? I was like Why not? You know, I’m saying so I was really hyped that they reached out, they wanted me to check this out.


I definitely think that these smartwatches are some of the best on the market offer wireless charging. So we’re going to find out. This one is black, on black, so it looks really beautiful. Let’s compare these side by sides. And when we get these out, you can see that Tim woo woo on the on the strap. So they just a lot of attention to detail heart sensing . You can see that right here, it tells us that this is the power on this is the the sport the stopwatch.


And this is the sports mode. That’s how they differentiate the buttons, you get three different buttons, these look like to be the same size just about you get the 22 millimeter band on here. I just want to let you guys know that you do get that 22 millimeter band that you can replace out you can see right here. I think that’s something that’s really cool. You get your charging cable just in Case. Let’s just take a look at what this model is. This is the same model just in black. So you know I’m saying this is the same one but you know I’m saying just a different color.


Go ahead and take a look at this black one. I may be getting In a way that one of these away, so make sure you guys stay to the end, leave a funny comment, leave a cool comment. And one of the best ones that I see I’m going to try to respond to it, get your information and ship out one of these guys. Let’s go ahead take a look at this guy. I’m gonna remove the film on here. Okay, This is the new colorway. The power button is on the right, and you can see right here it says, Tim Woo. So this looks gorgeous. Holy cow.


It’s going to have your weather on this guy, it’s going to have messages, reminders, things of that nature. So you can get your messages on this one, by swiping down. Do Not Disturb music controls Do Not Disturb silence, battery saving mode on your steps, everything like that. So these, these things have really smooth interfaces. Let’s check the wireless charging on this guy. I’m going to put it on the wireless charger. And yeah, this one has wireless charging. You can see that guy charging right now. I’m right now on my wrist is the let’s fit smartwatch. They, a lot of the smartwatch companies have been contacted me to review their smartwatches. I really like this one.


If you’re looking for an amazing watch that’s going to attempt not only the weather, which the lightspeed does not offer, the oxygen blood, which this one doesn’t have. It does have steps, calories burned distance, your time. You can get to your time, you can get to your, your let’s go to settings right now. This is the of which you can see right here, you’re going to see that we have the ability to change the screen on time 235 always on, which is pretty cool that we have bright, brighter, brightest, we have this option for the clocks right here.


We could change the clocks to a number of different clocks. You see what I’m saying? So these clocks, keep going, it keeps giving you new ones. So you could just keep swiping until your heart’s content. I landed on this one, which looks really cool, because it gives you that layout, complete layout of everything. The day, the date, the time, the weather, the everything like that. So we pair this to the app, you’re going to notice that we have all of that, you know, I’m saying so right here. I think this does have blood and oxygen, because right up top right here, it has like that logo. This is the weather on the left, and everything like that.


Let’s go in this guy scan the QR code. We can get the app going on this guy. And it looks like this is the same model just updated presentation to this thing. So it says right here, charging this, this one is the pairing for the first time. So you’re going to go ahead and get the app that it asks you to get. And what I have to do is go ahead and go to the QR scanner on this guy. So let me open up that thing. And the QR scanner should be cool. Really easy to get



So let’s go ahead and Okay, that was quick. So this is the Tim Wu app right here that’s downloading. And let me just show you what that looks like. Alright, takes us straight to the Google Play Store. And the application that comes up is the Tim woo app. So they got their own app on here. We’re gonna go ahead and pair up the Tim will watch. But make sure you guys stay to the end leave of the funniest comment or the bidet, keep it keep respectable. I want to give away one of these guys, because I have to now so it doesn’t make sense for me to wear.


I can’t wear two watches at the same time, you know I’m talking about, but I definitely love the black color, you know, I’m saying so let’s go ahead open this up. And you can see right here, I could put this away now because now I have all that information. So you’re going to go ahead and agree to the terms and conditions for this watch. And then go ahead, accept the permissions everything of that nature. You could allow all of this because it’s going to give you the option to track everything. And I think you could even use it a like a button. For your, for your to take photos with from your watch.


That’s just to allow all the time. Alright, so now that we have that going, let’s go ahead, and I’m going to put this off to the side. Let me see, what is this say at? optimize, okay? autostar. Okay. Now we can allow notifications right here so that we can get notifications, you got to allow the app notifications, or else you won’t get . So then click this button right at the top. And it’s read in both of these things. So I’m not sure which is which. And I mean, but I’m going to turn this guy or just so that it doesn’t connect to this guy, because I want to connect the older one, you know, I’m saying so that you can go power off right here.


So let’s see which one this one is. There’s an e4 then a C, A. So let’s go back. Let’s hit this button again. And then the new one is the CA. The e4 is turned off now. So let’s go ahead and it says associated. So that was pretty seamless, easy. We have GPS tracking on here. We do have all your settings you can take a photo, you can do the device options right here where you can undo corpsman vacations information alert, raised awake. You know I’m saying call alerts message alert unit. So you could do metric system say you can do the 12 hour clock save. It’s already on Fahrenheit information filter.


So you could choose which apps you want to get notified with. So I’m going to turn off most of these and just stick to like you know I’m saying the phone calls and things of that nature. But you know I’m saying you got to find your device. button. You could see you have your steps, your heart rates your your distance walk your sleep tracking here, your GPS navigation, so it’s going to give you the weather. This is bananas because you can see the weather is already showing up one here and then it right here it says that 94 94% but what’s really bananas is when you click the weather, you’re getting all of this detailed information, even weekly reports and things of that nature.


So it goes far out the 20th and today’s the fifth so that’s kind of crazy right there. You could click this let’s see what else is clickable and only the weather really lets you get to it like that. But you could click here for your stopwatch and alarm clock and you can click here for your sports modes. So you have all your sports modes right there. So there’s like eight of them. And then there’s many there’s like 14 watch faces so like I said this is one of my favorite smartwatches guys, the grille on this thing, you could keep it on for three seconds. You could mess around with the brightness.


Like I said this is going to be let me turn this one on. I think this is like to flip to week. And then this is the one where you can um you know I’m saying see the different watch faces so they got a lot going on here. Beautiful, beautiful watch faces on here. I can’t even cat which you really beautiful watch faces on here. They’re vibrant, they’re colorful. They have a lot of information on this device. That’s one of the things I love about it and is wireless charging and it has ip 68 waterproof sand water resistancy so this is my unboxing of the Tim Wu the black model I returned to your inbox, the green model but I wanted to show you the black model I wasn’t sure if these were different or not. But this thing is firing you know I’m saying it has a nice amount of weight to it. Nothing too crazy.


It’s not going to be too bulky or anything of that nature but let’s go ahead try this bad guy on the strap is replaceable with that 22 millimeter watch band but let me just show you and you get that flip to wake. You know I mean so this thing is very responsive to the touch. It tracks your your your heartbeat, it says that my heart is at 78 beats per minute right now. Steps calories burned distance sleep. Waterproof wireless charging. And just a really and you get your weather here, which a lot of other you know I’m saying smartwatch Don’t fall for that weather feature.


So I definitely liked the look of this one but let me know what you guys think down below. And um, you know, I’m saying leave a comment That’s funny. I’m gonna read all the comments and the one that’s that that that catches my eye. I’m going to contact you asked you for your shipping information and I’m gonna send out the green one, And join the crew so you can stay up to date with the latest tech reviews and I’ll get right back with you later. Crew peace.


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