A Mid-Range Device Redmi note 8 pro Review

A Mid-Range Device Redmi note 8 pro Review
A Mid-Range Device Redmi note 8 pro Review

Hey, what’s going on guys, Hopefully y’all are having a good day. But today we’re going to be talking about the Redmi. Note eight pro after about a year of having this device. The first reason is the charging speeds on this device, you’re getting this 18 watt fast charger in of the box with the conversion brick, which will allow you to get super quick speeds with the included charging cable. But one thing I do like about this device is that when you do plug it up to a charger has a really cool animation. And not only that, you’re going to notice this thing will charge up in less than an hour with the 18 watts fast charging. Now there are over, you know, like there are over nine models of this one phone, there’s an Indian version, there’s a global version.

And then there’s a china version. But there’s four Chinese models, and, um, you know, ROM and the Indian version, there’s three of those and then two global versions, one with six gigabytes of RAM and one with 128. There is an eight gigabyte version of this phone. So I just want to let you guys know that. Now this model that I have has six gigabytes of RAM, and 100 now has 64 gigabytes of RAM. So you can get 128 or 256 depending on which Well yeah, there is a 256 model, but it’s the Chinese model. And the largest that goes up to one, the global version is the 128.

So it’s only the Chinese model that’s getting that larger amount of storage, but this one is good nice hardware. So that’s the second thing. You get Gorilla Glass five on the front for protection, that’s something that’s going to be able to make the phone last really long, it’s going to make it durable.

So it has to 199 grams of weight really good feeling the hand 85% of screen to body ratio, we do get an app tray on this device, it comes in three colors black, white, and this is the green color. Now on the front on the back is this P two I nanocoating overtop of the plastic that they put on here. It kind of feels like glass, but it’s a nano-coating that they did put on there to prevent scratches and things of that nature. So it does help out unless you drop the phone. I did drop it there is a little indentation but you can’t even see that unless it’s like dead in the middle of the of the sunlight.

So you know, I really do like the build quality on here on the left side, we don’t get a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, but we do get the power button right here we do get the facial recognition. Let me show you how quick that is. You just give it a swipe and it opens up Look at this. So the facial recognition is smooth. You got your nice volume rockers right here with your volume control toggles Look how sick that looks. We’re going to get into the software in more detail.

You have your sim remover tool right here. That taught you do have a noise cancellation mic on the bottom you do have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, type C charging and a single firing speaker. So I really like that on the front is your punch hole cut out. You can see that gives you a nice looking display when you’re viewing multimedia and things of that nature. It’s called a Witter. They call it a punch hole cut out on this device. But um, yeah, it’s not good. Well, it’s it’s like, um, it’s a waterdrop notch guys. Let me go to a screen where I could see that like maybe YouTube or something. Yeah, now I could see it. So um, let me see. What can I What can I watch on here?

real quick. So I could just show you guys you know what it looks like? Is like sports on here real quick. Oh, snap, Grandma, please. love the taste. I’m gonna turn this down. So the the the the volume sounds really good. Let me turn that down until the video start. Well, okay, let’s see, you get a really nice display. I’m going to widen the screen the commercial ending. I’m not sure what we’re getting so many commercials and ads. But that’s the nature of YouTube. So here we go. Let’s widen the panel. And you can see that looks nice. Let’s go ahead and give it some. So look at 10 at 5720.

You could do what you do get up to 10 at 60 on here, but this particular video gives you 50 frames per second. It does have a nice viewing experience when you’re looking at videos and things of that nature. But honestly, and , you know, a nice screen when you’re looking at it. So it’s an IPS display. cd 19.59 with 396 pixels per inch, so it’s going to be plentiful. When it comes to, you know, you know, everything that you need to do you know, getting to different tasks, it’s got a really smooth speed on here. So look, you could use this toggle to get from app to app, and it just makes it really clean, I get to the camera, we’ll get into that more detail.

Wow, it’s still opened up pub G, from where it was, that’s kind of crazy, I was just playing that game, or there’s a reload right there. But we’re gonna get into gaming. But look, the phone just feels really smooth. And the next thing I want to talk about on here is the software guys, that’s number three. So the first thing was the build quality has a really nice build quality, the charging speed is really sick on this device you’re getting, you know, basically this thing is going to charge up in an hour or less. With that 18 watts fast charging have had issues with it, guys. So I really liked the charging speed of this device. If you’re running low on battery the day, 18 watts of fast charging is, you know, a substantial amount of speed when it comes to charging this device, you do get voice over LTE. I’m using MIT mobile right now on this device.

you can you know, use the MIT mobile SIM card like I do. But I’m going to be given up this ting SIM card, it’s a free service, you can bring your own device, Port over your number, so leave a comment down below and comment down below ting SIM card, and hashtags. So I could send that out to you. But I really like the overall gist. Let’s get into the software now. So this is the user experience in the software, you do get updates, guys look at the panel on here, they kind of mimic iPhones, I’m not gonna lie. And then on the left side, you get your notifications.

Let’s see if we could turn it this way. But what’s cool is when you turn it this way and app, you get that whole thing. So you look at you get your whole control panel right here where you can see everything I kind of like looking at it like this, there’s you can see everything at , you can get to your Bluetooth with your flashlight, your brightness, I’m reading mode, right here,
you could change it to auto-brightness. And then I’m going to turn that off because I like to maneuver it myself. Now you will miss out on this option right here, which is going to be the reading the help your eyes. screenshot. So everything’s here, guys, there’s a really nice implementation of Android, that kind of meant I’m not gonna front this looks like an Apple. But look, on this home screen, you get everything here, the shortcut apps.

And then when you slide this down, it gives you social media where you can create posts and stories and get quick access to your camera and all this cool stuff here that I barely ever touched. Because it’s all it’s going to be in the main here. That’s where usually where I live, but the software is tailored sky, so you could swipe over here, I tailored it to have just games here. And then um, you could pretty much do that, like it lets you customize before app tray. So um, yeah, I’ll get into that later on.

But I just really like how you can mess around with this thing, guys. So like I said before the user experience on this device. You could go into settings right here, you could change the transition effects, you could set the fault. This default the screen, so you whichever screen you want to show, you can change that you can fill this, the cells of uninstall apps, the home screen layout. Right there.

So it gives you a little bit more options here to check out. But like I said, Guys, this is going to be a really nice user experience when it comes to just using this thing. I didn’t run into headaches, all my apps are right here, you can go to communication, entertainment photography, tools, you can edit that so that it only shows the ones that you want. So you can manage the apps and I can get rid of all those if I do so desire. But I’m gonna leave that there. I think it’s pretty cool that you could just kind of toggle through.

Now get back to this question like pretty much on every single phone that I’ve reviewed, they asked me Can it play fortnight I get that question like all the time. Now the really cool thing about this device is it can play fortnight and it’s pretty good at playing the fortnight you get 30 frames on here for graphics. So um, if you try to set the quality, you could change it to medium and things of that nature. But it’s that high right now which is which is pretty cool.
Let me see. So let me just get out of here. But you know, you can run fortnight on here, which is really cool. A lot of people always ask me or not phones can Run fortnight this one does a nice job of running this game.

So a lot of people ask me if if phones can run for game on fortnight now this is one of the phones that does run fortnight now it doesn’t even matter what video I do people ask me this on pretty much every video on they asked me if it’s a two gigabyte phone they’ll still ask me Can it run fortnight now this has six gigabytes of RAM, 128 gigabytes of internal storage, and it runs fortnight you won’t have lag on here. It’s at 30 frames per second high graphics right now. And um, you know, so far it’s been running smooth for me. So I didn’t really wasn’t really complaining about this thing when it came to fortnight.

We do get a gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, proximity sensor, you know, things of that nature. So I definitely liked that part. The graphics are really smooth, the frames are really nice. It’s on 30 frames per second right now. And it handles it nice. You know, like, I can’t really complain about this thing, even if I wanted to, because it’s just it’s even opening up this game is an advantage over like half the phones that I’ve seen in this. So I could definitely say when it comes to the Redmi Note nine pro You’ll be impressed with the gameplay and performance because it’s a gaming phone and gaming chipset.

It does have the GT Let me tell you which chipset it is this the g 90 t MediaTek Helio tech meeting processing chip. Where’s the food? Oh, man, I suck at this game. Oh, there he is.
See if I could zoom in and catch a body. Come on. Wrong, dude. But yeah, guys, like I said before, it’s going to give you a really good process of gaming. Like I said before, guys, this thing is going to get updates, you they update it quite often on major updates every six months or so. But the apps on here, the system apps, they update those like a lot I noticed. So it’s like the downloading app, the no app, the theme app, you know, there’s a January 7 2020 update for software here.

The screen recorder on the cloud, everything gets updated. Like every so often I kind of liked that about this thing. The last thing I want to talk about guys is the cameras we do get a 64 megapixel, Samsung bright five, I’m sorry, s5 kg w one, ISO SEL. which is an eight megapixel and then we get a two megapixel and another two megapixel depth sensor. So the there’s this right over here, it’s not this is the fingerprint right here, which is a weird it’s weird because it’s like part of the camera array which is kind of cool. But just make sure you’re touching that bottom one so you don’t make the camera lens get dirty. But um you know does have a 20 megapixel on the front.

Now let’s take a look at the front facing camera first you do have AI mode on here. You can turn that on HDR video Pro. Let me go back to the front mode for photos. But there’s just a variety of options on here like portrait, you can change the bokeh effects right here. you mess around with these toggles. You can change the aspect ratio of the device, so they give you some quick settings and then they give you some in depth settings so you could change the photo quality. You know what I’m saying?

So if you go into let me just go into portrait right here you can see the the 64 megapixel camera, I can’t even lie guys this. There’s a perfect shot right there. Let me just give you some zoom in on here. As you can see it’s rendering right now. takes about two three sec. Look at that. That looks stupid good. That looks really really good. I really love these cameras when it comes to the detail guys. So like I said before, you’re getting many features on here guys, when it comes to the photos that you take. Let me see. So you get macro up here tilt shift, what is that?

What is tilt shift? What is tilt shift? Hold on. I don’t know what that is. I don’t know that looks cool too. But you get tilt shift parallel. Wait, what is the there’s like new modes on here hold on, macro. So macro is when you get one to get really up close. And you can just Get all that detail and all the specs will show up or the dirt or all the particles that were floating in the air, you’ll be able to see that really nice quality on the cameras guys. So like I said before, this is going to be a really good camera system. But the main thing is that this has really good build quality. It’s gonna charge really fast. It’s got great performance, great updates, and a great cameras. So hopefully you guys found this article helpful, but these are my five reasons why I like the Redmi Pro, the Redmi Note 8 pro I’ll get right back with you later groupies


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