An Amazing Device Soundpeats True Air 2

An Amazing Device Soundpeats True Air 2
An Amazing Device Soundpeats True Air 2

Hey, These are the true air tubes from soundpeats. I did check, take a look at the H ones from soundpeats really good quality, these had the nose drivers in, same chip these ones, they do have the QC 3040 for you know, I mean the microphones and things of that nature. These will throw a completely different design and everything like that. So 2 different ones in here, the other is going to be the stem style.

If you don’t like stem start cool. I really am a fan of it the for the ergonomic design and just the way they fit. They’re really comfortable to wear. But these are the true air tools. they do have the cucc 3040 Qualcomm chip, they do have AP TX, from Qualcomm, mirroring technology. So we’re gonna see what these are all about guys now, on their website, they are pretty affordable. I’m going to show you right now, right now, where you can pick these up, they’re going to be a really good price.

That’s why. When it comes to their earphones. So let’s just go ahead, I’m going to go ahead and show you guys the link where these from them. I’m trying to get into this damn thing Hold on. So yeah, here it is, these are the sound speeds, they were only $27 with all the coupons, codes and things of that nature. So you know I’m talking about these look really good. They have 5 hours play time, four hours with the Case, I am sorry for more charges for the Case.

And the microphones are going to be the one of the key features on here. Also, the Qualcomm technology that 3040 is going to be really good. So let me stop talking and let me just cut open this box real quick. Okay, here we go. Okay, so this says the true errors on the front. They look like they fit really snug in the year. Let me go ahead and pop this off with this back here. Okay, so we got an A black box. On the top, you get your warranty information, you do get the official website, QR code 24 months warranty card on here. So that’s really cool. So let’s see what else comes in the package.
Here it is. You got your cord right here for type see. That’s that’s going to be nice. And then here are the bugs themselves. They are wrapped in this premium plastic material and it’s going to slow it down. And now they have a flat box, which is a different shape that I’m used to seeing. You can see it’s a little bit flatter, more compact, almost like a puck style keys. Kind of like that though. And then you could pop it up right here. pretty small and minimal. I really liked that. So soundpeats up top, right here on the top of the Case. And then on the bottom, it’s all black has like the kind of like a matte material to it’s a little bit glossy to it like a mixture between both. And we’re gonna go ahead and see what else comes in the bottom of here. So you got sure information. You got all your information right here.

I just want to see if they have the volume controls on here. Haha, it says don’t wear them like that. That’s pretty funny. Okay, so what you see right here, game mode is on here triple tap the left one you can get to the game mode. That’s sick. Volume control, single tap. Okay, so they got all the volume controls on here was in play last track. And yeah, this is this is looking good right now I really liked those features already. So let’s go ahead take these out. I’m gonna put my phone right next to here so I could get ready to pair these things. What is this thing? So you got to take out this little piece of tape, which is going to stop it from charging.

Now you can see that charging on here. Like I said, five hours of battery life when these types see on the side, there’s a hole here, a really good quality experience, guys, I can’t complain, these h ones had that nose driver, they were really, really good. And they’re still really good, but I just wanted to try another Paris soundpeats see how they work compared to those ones. Now these are the, these are the half ear fit. So it’s gonna fit halfway in your ear, every like everything like that. Let me see if I compare these without taking them out of the Case.

So let me just let me lift up the Case. Okay, you got to take them out. So I’m gonna take both of them out at the same time. Here you go. He says two errors right there. And it says paired. So what I’m going to do, I’m going to put these in my ear. They’re at 90% right now, volume wise. And this is the right one. It’s pretty good. It’s just like how an air pod would fit, you know, the half ear fit. The low of your ear a nice fit, you know, I can’t even lie. So let me see is that 80% now so I guess we have to charge these soon. But um, to jump from 90 to 80. So let me put on a song and see how the, the sound quality is.

So I’m talking right now what the music is playing. Let me see what the music is volume. So I did one tap. And wait one tap. to tap his paws on play. One tap should be volume. Yeah, that’s what it is. So it’s literally halfway right now. It’s really rich, but deep and warm. Let me turn these up a little bit more. Okay, it’s nice and full. Let me turn it all the way up.
Wow, that’s crazy. Let me go to a movie right now. And I’m going to go on YouTube. I’m gonna triple-tap the left ear.

And I’m gonna go into like a gaming mode you can go into gaming mode. Let me see if you can hear that. I’m gonna tap triple tap that 123 game mode. Yeah, I said game mode. So let me tap that one more time. 123 exit game mode 123 Okay, cool. So now I’m going to go into something where I could see the lips and the words, but these have game modes so you could game you could throw games on here play that. So game mode is good for watching zero latency on videos gaming because the wow this is loud. Hold on.

Oh, that’s crazy. I saw Yeah, these sound really good for videos. The lips was really on Point with the words let me do a quick microphone test guys. And let you know how the microphones do and then I’ll tell you my final thoughts on these. Then we’ll do a video where I’m spending a little bit more time with these but this is just the first thoughts and impressions unboxing guys Hey guys, what’s going on? So this is the microphones for the air. You know I’m saying this is the air the true air tos right now the microphones that you’re hearing so we got 3040s No, the microphones sound really good. I’m gonna play some outdoor ambient music right now. So you will not music but sound.

Alright, that’s all the way up. Let me know if you could still hear me with that background noise of one. But this is how I was sound, I was speaking to you directly out of a window or something like that. Maybe you just called me and I jumped out of a taxi cab. That’s how it was sound like no lie. So I mean a lot of microphones do. He’s a really nice fit for me and Nicole. Alright guys, so I’ve been listening to music with these for the last few minutes right now and I can say that you These sound really do sound really good, they got Bluetooth 5.2 on these things.

So when you’re listening to them, the there’s no latency or anything like that you got gaming modes on here. I really like how I can control the volume with the press of a finger right here on either earbud. So to increase the volume, I can press this button right here, which will just increase it really easy, really easy to do, if I want to switch the song, I could long hold it for one second, or like two seconds like that, and I’m the you can hit this button three times to change it to the gaming mode. You can’t you can only hear that when it happens, it doesn’t show on the screen. The the the thing has the Qualcomm, you know I’m saying 3040 the chip, so you’re going to get really, really, really good, connection and things of that nature.

Let me put this back in my ear. Sounds really clear right now, like the overall quality is just, it just feels it sounds really, really clear the bass. Now the bass isn’t really there. But the overall technology transmission, and, you know, the high quality basis sounds really good. You know, I mean, the connection is great, there’s no, I had no issues, but the connection on this thing. You know, I’m saying every single song that I’m listening to hear sounds great. I’ve listened to some rock and roll. And I’m saying that just sounds really, really good. I really like the sound quality on these things. So the sound pizza definitely sick, you’re gonna get a phone, That’s the one thing.

And that’s because they’re less than 1.4 ounces. And the Case only Points 9, 5ounces. So it’s less than one ounce. which is crazy. It basically restores realistic sound, and gives it really immersive sound, wonderful notes. When you’re listening to the music, four hours, five hours of play time for more charges on these you know I’m talking about. So with the CVC 8.0 microphones on these, it’s just going to be a really good experience. But let me know what you thought about the microphones. I really liked the design of these the fit in the ear the overall sound profile 14.2 on driver in with App x.

So just really, really good clear sensational sound, I can’t complain about it. So these are go for conference calls, voice chats, you know, things phone calls, you won’t really have issues whatsoever when you’re talking to people with these. And you can continue to listen to music with one in the ear or you could switch them out and I’m talking about and have have one in the in the Case and they simultaneously will will keep playing music and things of that nature.
So it pause for a second but it then reconnects right away so I really liked that.

Like I said again guys, the sound quality on these is is really good the overall feel in my hand it’s light, light on this CVC 8.0 Qualcomm 3040 when it comes to the sound quality, a PT x audio the price is crazy like I said before type C charging you don’t get wireless charging, Just keep that in mind. But you’re going to get dual mics on this with noise cancellation like I said before now these do support the AP TX and the SBC D code 33 feet 10 meters with working range, you want to walk around with them in the house. Like I said, Guys, I’m a big fan of sound Pete’s and these hold up. Really, really compact pair of earbuds. I’ll leave a link down below and I’ll get right back with you later. Crew peace.


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