An Informative Review Of Nokia 8.3_Nokia 8 V 5G UW

An Informative Review Of Nokia 8.3_Nokia 8 V 5G UW
An Informative Review Of Nokia 8.3_Nokia 8 V 5G UW

Morning, another day, another world test. Today we’re doing it on the Nokia wait for it 8 v. 5g u w, whenever similar looks excited about this device because I like I believe a lot of you kind of want to see Nokia do like flagship devices again. And while this isn’t quite in that level that I think we’re all hoping for it is the thing they have to a flagship.


So very curious to see how the camera and the battery do in today’s real world test before you have of that First things first, coffee, GMI jack, and today’s article takes place about two and a half hour drive north of New York City in a town called Hudson located in the Hudson Valley, on the Hudson River. But the reason that we’re here is because many friends of mine who you have seen in the series before Olivia and john came up here not too long ago, and they were telling me all about it and how much they think I personally would really like it.


Olivia herself even wrote an entire like blog post on our blog that I’ll link below, you guys can check out about all of the things to do here, because they just were that impressed. So the few last days of nice weather apparently that we’re going to have this year, we had check it out.




This is kind of the main drag. In Hudson, it’s called Warren Street. That’s kind of interesting. There was a group zantique dealers back in like the mid-80s, that when this town was kind of going through the same thing, and every town around here was going through with the industries were dying, and they’re having a bit of an economic crisis, those antique dealers all kind of set up shop here on Warren Street. And now it’s tons of antique stores.


There’s art dealers, there’s restaurants, bars, and it’s kind of become like a little artsy town because of that. Fortunately for me, though, a lot of those places aren’t, they’re not open. And that’s because I’m making a mistake of being like, oh, I’ll come up here. Hotels will be cheaper.


But I forgot that we are past season. And a lot of these towns up here in the Hudson Valley. They all the restaurants and bars and everything close basically for the weekdays and they’re only open like Thursday to Sunday.


Well before those antique dealers, Henry Hudson in the early 17th century, was one of the first explorers on behalf of the Dutch East India trading company to kind of come up this river, which then became known the Hudson River, and Hudson, this town is named for the river and so named for Henry Hudson.


And of course, because way back then there wasn’t a lot of exploration to the west of here. This was a major Port most of the cities that you’ve probably seen me visit here on the Hudson River, lost by one vote to become New York state’s capital to Albany, which is the current capital, which is just a little bit up the river. Now fast forward. Like a lot of the towns here on this river eventually had an economic downturn when a lot of those industries left her moved on to other places.


And then it wasn’t until around the 80s. Like I mentioned that we started to see a resurgence. That it is it’s a very, very cute town. And while we’re here, since we haven’t done it today, let’s check in on the battery. It is 4:17pm. And I shot a lot of video on here, but we are at 44%.




Okay, I got lucky, I found a place that’s open. Not only is it open, though, is that organic, which I’m excited about, and kind of like the vibe.Okay, while we’re here, let’s check in on the battery. It is 6:15pm and we are at 36%. Now, I just had a while having a beer here that the server recommended was like kind of funky, she said, it’s really good.


But I just had a like French onion soup because it’s early for dinner. But I was starving. I haven’t really eaten today. But I’m just going to have that because I want to push my luck and see if I can find another place for us to check out after this. Which means Okay, the lovely server and I was at the restaurant. Apparently there are a total of two places that are open tonight. So we’re gonna try check one of those out right now and then get dinner.


All right, top secret information. I found out that the artisinal Cheez Whiz is made from pieces or leftovers I guess, of the cheese like the fancy cheese that they have for their cheeseboard. They cut it before they serve it to take all of the extras and they mix it with like a rule of Sort kind of make that together and that makes the artisanal cheese was it was delicious. I’m not compassionate.


Okay, calling in tonight, partially because, everything is closed but then So it is 10pm and we are at 5%. So just made it and here’s my screen on time and my usage for anyone who’s curious about that, and I’ll see I think that’s pretty good.


I took it off the battery at 8am this morning it lasted me 10pm but I used a lot of 4k footage on this thing I mean you can see in the graph here I’ll put up on the screen again where I started filming a lot but there you go, let me know what you guys think in the comments below of the phone of the video format itself again, very vlog like but let me know what you guys think.


Now I have mentioned the device very much because if we’re honest, this is just a Verizon locked version of the Nokia 8.3 which has been out for a long time now at this Point. So you guys probably seen all the videos on that so the only difference here is we’ve got two gigs less of RAM and we have 64 gigs of storage instead of 128 and it has millimeter wave for Verizon and to just sub 6that’s it but let me know guys think about that is okay if I don’t mention a lot about the phone and we kind of just test the camera and the battery. I would love to know what do you guys think thumbs up though the video if you liked it. Thanks for watching.


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