A Very Mid-Range Device Beelink GTi 10 Mini PC

A Very Mid-Range Device Beelink GTi 10 Mini PC
A Very Mid-Range Device Beelink GTi 10 Mini PC

Now this is a compact powerful mini PC running full windows 10. It supports triple 4k display outputs. You have a built in fingerprint sensor built in microphones. First of all in the box, you will find a user manual with a mounting bracket so you can install, the back of your TV and the bracket is made for metal. You buy a bag of screws and some of these screws are going to be for the mounting bracket and the silver screws are going to be for your SATA hard drive. In this bag you have a SATA ribbon cable and hard drive connection. You’re getting a long HDMI cable and a short HDMI cable power the voltage is 19 volts, three amps.


Now check out the design this mini PC is made from a combination of metal and plastic. So the Base definitely feels like metal and so does the backplate. And the rest of the body feels like plastic with these metal grilles on each side. And on the top you’ve got the beelink logo and a very nice to time design. You’ve got the core a five sticker it’s the eighth Gen and you have got a fingerprint reader. This type C Port supports display output at 4k. Now on the front, you’ve got dual microphones, so one on the left and one on the right side for keep going you’ve got some ventilation. On the back you have a power socket, you’ve got two Gigabit Ethernet ports, you’ve got a 4k HDMI Port, and a display Port 1.2. So that’s triple 4k display outputs in total, you’ve got two USB three ports, two USB two ports.


So in total, you’re getting four USB three ports two at the front to the back, and you’ve got two regular USB two ports. And if we just flip it around, quick look at the bottom of the unit. So very nicely designed, but let’s quickly go through the specs. This unit is powered by the Intel Core i five and that is the eighth Gen Intel coffee lake and it’s a 14 nanometer chip. Now for graphics we have the Intel Ultra HD 620. we’ve got 16 gigs of DDR for RAM, Now for storage, we have a 512 gigabyte m dot two NVMe SSD and that is upgradeable to two terabytes. And that supports up to two terabytes.


Aand that supports up to 512 gigs. Now this supports Wi Fi six with two gigabit lands and dual cooling fans. Okay, so let’s get this box open. So we have four screws on the back, could you get them open pull the ribbon cable, and the lead should just lift off. Check this out people. So this is where you’re going to attach a hard drive. And you can attach a two and a half inch SATA drive. That includes SSD drives. And you do have some instructions here on how to install the hard drive. Now I’m going to remove this top section so we can check out the upgrades you’ve got 1234 more screws, let’s get them open.




After taking the four screws off, be careful when you lift it because you’ve got your SATA ribbon cable here stuck with a bit of tape. So you don’t want to so you don’t want to lug it out. So basically, let’s take the tape off carefully. And now you can just lift off this plate. Let’s check out the ram First of all, and you have two pieces of RAM already installed. And they are both eight gigabyte DDR four Ram. So you can swap these out in the future and stick to 32 gigs in giving you a maximum of 64 gigs. And here is your main 512 gig SSD is an M dot two NVMe and you can swap this drive out for a larger and it supports up to two terabytes. This is an M dot two SATA three and this supports a maximum SSD of 512 gigs. So really like what beelink do.


The product future-proof. Now there’s the ribbon cable for the SATA hard Drive, in place with the four screws. And then you’re going to plug the SATA connection directly into your hard drive. And then plug the ribbon cable directly in and away you go. It’s a slightly different way of upgrading than what beelink has offered in the past, but they’ve still made it very easy. So you and me can go ahead and do it ourselves. upgrade our mini PC when we need it. Let’s close this up the lid back on for more screws. But now I can’t wait to get this all hooked up and find out how good it performs. I’ll be right back.


So first of all, I ran a boot up speed test and this mini PC took only 21 seconds to fully boot up from a cold start. So here is the desktop it’s running full windows 10 professional comes with all the usual Windows apps you would expect to find including the Windows app store, so you can download all your favorite apps and games. The system is powerful enough to run all your regular Windows applications. And you can play quite a few games from the Windows Store including Modern Combat five and asphalt nine. Now let’s check out these System Properties.


You can see a Windows 10 professional with quite a 580 259 u with 16 gigs of RAM 64 bit o s and it is already activated and ready to use. we have 512 gigs of internal storage from that we have 475 gigs usable and from that we have 440 gigs free to use. Next up we’re going to play some 4k video samples from a USB drive and see how it performs. First up we have the 160 megabytes per second 4k jellyfish demo and you can see is playing nice and smooth. And the 400 megabytes per second jellyfish Gemma is playing nice and smooth. So it looks like this mini PC handles 4k high bitrate playback fine. So next up 4k 60 FPS with HDR.




Unless you can see all the 4k HDR 60 FPS samples play fine from USB. Okay, so time to check out some YouTube streaming and this device does support a maximum of 4k on YouTube. So next up, and I was able to stream a maximum of 10 ap, this fable frogs wax work in mystical waves. So moving on to some gaming and we are going to be playing asphalt nine and I’m using my keyboard to play this game. And to really put this mini PC to the test, we are going to have to play some GTA five, which I have installed through Steam. And you can see what the default resolution is. But I’m going to bump that up to 720 P and we’re going to see how it plays.




And you can see GTA five playing 720 DPI resolution achieving around 30 frames per second. And it’s enjoyable. Now entered a benchmark is no longer available on Windows. Instead we are looking at the CPU benchmark score by passmark. We have a score of 8180. So let’s see how this compares to the others. This is my top performing mini PC chart for 2021 allowing you to compare the specs and prices of all the new models. And on this chart you can see that the beelink GTI has taken position one on this chart with a pass Mark score of 8180. Now you can read the full versions of all my charts online at cigs tech.com and read them at your leisure.


So there you have it guys, that was the new beelink GTI mini windows 10 pc And with all the recent beelink Mini PCs, you can expect a premium build quality, the latest Wi Fi six dual gigabit lands, you have dual cooling fans nice performance from the core IE five, plenty of ports and contacts on both front and back of unit. You even get a built in fingerprint reader which allows you to log in without touching the keyboard. And it’s very fast. also nice to see that this mini PC played all my video formats without me needing to download codecs. Also great performance for 4k video playback. And I was quite surprised on how GTA five played on this unit. Now you’ve got plenty of upgrading options making this quite future-proof.


Office applications word processing emails, worked fine on this device. So if you need a small form factor, a space-saving design but without compromising on the everyday performance, But do bear in mind it comes with a rather high price tag. But at the same time I do feel it’s worth the money performance and connectivity. And with that being said, I will leave the links in the description so you guys can check this product out. That’s all for this video. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you all in the next one. Peace.


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