A Very Unique Device Dynalink 4K Official ATV Box

A Very Unique Device Dynalink 4K Official ATV Box
A Very Unique Device Dynalink 4K Official ATV Box

Look at the size of this TV box. It’s super tiny. This is an official Google certified TV box. Running the official Android TV OS. You’ve got wide wide level one certification which means you get 4k streaming across the board. And that includes 4k, Netflix, 4k, amazon prime video, and so on so forth. And guess what guys, the best part is the price. It’s priced only around 14 nine US dollars. So quickly run through the specs. You have two gigs of LP DDR, three RAM, eight gigs of emmc storage, you’ve got dual band Wi Fi AC Bluetooth 4.2 this is running official Google Android TV iOS version 10.

You’ve got built in Google Assistant built in Chromecast this does support HDMI 2.1 with a maximum resolution of 4k HDR at 60 FPS. This supports HDR 10 Plus, and you’ve got support for Dolby audio sound. And it does come with a Bluetooth voice remote. So we’ve got a quickstart guide, you’ve got a short length HDMI cable, a power cable, and it’s micro USB. and I quickly check out the voltage it says five volt one amp. So you could use micro USB cable to power this, including powerbanks, we’ve got two triple A batteries included for the remote control. So you’ve got a built in microphone.

And you’ve got shortcuts for Netflix, YouTube and Google Play. And the TV box itself is made from plastic it’s very tiny in size. On the front, we’ve got the power socket. On the side, we have a what looks like a button and it could be a power button standby button, and you’ve got an LED power indicator next to it on the back, you’ve got a single HDMI Port. So that is all your ports, you’ve got an HDMI, and a power socket. That is pretty much it. And here’s a quick look at the bottom of the box. So there’s no room for expansion there unless you use a hub or an adapter. And this is of course Google’s Android TV iOS version 10 with located on one page for a user friendly experience, and you can completely customize what is shown on this homepage with all your search and settings in the top corners.

Now this box is running official licensed ATV, which means you should have a fully working Chromecast and Google Assistant. So I’m going to go ahead and grab my smartphone and tray costing a video straight from YouTube. What’s up guys cheeks so now let’s go ahead and check out the complete system apps. I did select a few of these during the 1st setup stage, and it automatically downloaded them for me. So all the apps are designed to run on Android TV. Also unlike to add you are limited with APKs I could not find way to load my own APKs on this box. I did try sectors play and without luck, you could possibly use the download app, but I struggled to get APKs loaded on this box and I literally tried everything I could. Alright, so let’s test out that built in microphone and see how good is open YouTube
opening YouTube.

What’s the weather like tomorrow in London? Tomorrow in London, there’ll be thunderstorms with a high of 21 and a low of 14. Okay, so moving on to the YouTube test a maximum of 4k on YouTube. I can see some words of I don’t know. Is it yours? I don’t know. Now Dolby Atmos sound is not supported, but your regular 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound will work fine. And Disney plus will give you 4k streaming with HDR 10 and 5.1 surround sound.

And amazon prime video supports 4k HDR streaming with no issues at all. Now I did try and download asphalt aid and it did download correctly, I just could not get a controller to work on the system and I tried two different controller and my regular game surgey for us, and it just it would pay Bluetooth, but it just wouldn’t get recognized by the system so I couldn’t get the controller to work in order to play a game like asphalt eight. But here is some good news stadia game streaming now works on Android TV Oh s legit. So you can pair up a PlayStation or Xbox game controller or even a regular stadia controller and play stadia games on the system. However the same controllers cannot be used to play android games.

Anyway let’s go ahead and test out some stadia game streaming. And another plus Point is this supports 4k HDR gaming on stadia everyone in the football world has been longing for millions will be watching. Find work from valleys your manager when level back up looking boss, Emma John’s. Like Patty says the first one alleged Champions League Final gone on the nose is in trouble. Can they say that now the other team is playing catch you? Well we see it, that’s how to score goals get the ball into the box and wide.

And here is some system information for you guys to check out using ada 64. And finally, in the Wi Fi speed test, we got download speeds of 62 megabits per second and upload speeds of 19 megabits per second, and our current top speeds are between 65 to 67 megabits per second. Now talking about benchmarks, I could not get benchmark app to run on this system, I just found no way of sideloading APKs. But fortunately, I still have a pretty good idea to where this box ranks on my top Android TV box chart of 2021. So this donor link box has the same chipset the meeko kd one TV stick.

So it would be fair to find a similar performance the KD one, but has official 4k certification across the board, I will rank it one position above the KT one. So dynamics TV box has achieved position 14 on this chart, and achieved a rating of 4.5 out of five and just for your information. The ranking is done based on benchmark scores and you can view the full versions of all my charts online free of charge at cigs tech comm and read them at your leisure. So there you have it, guys, that was the diner link TV box, and here are my thoughts. So this year we have seen quite a few small Google certified ATV boxes. And this diner link box is Another option for you guys priced at only $49. This could be one of the cheapest official certified Google boxes you can buy.

And I really do like this small form factor for what I still do not understand is why these Google certified boxes do not come with more than two gigs of RAM and eight gigs of internal storage. Also, there is no expansion option, no USB ports at all. So basically, you cannot sideload anything, but on the streaming side, this is a little 4k streaming beast. It supports super smooth 4k 60 FPS streaming with HDR 10. But on the audio side, you do not have support for Dolby Atmos, instead, you will get 5.1 surround sound. The included Bluetooth control is very responsive. And all the Google features work great.

So Chromecast and Google voice assistant all work great. But Google stadia gaming works incredibly . And I could play stadia games at 4k with HDR support. Now although the RAM and storage is on the lower side, it does not affect the performance. I found no issues in performance. There was no lag or dropouts, the TV box felt super smooth and performance. So bought online for $49. This is an attractive little TV box. Although do keep in mind the drawbacks that I mentioned. Any questions Do let me know. Meanwhile, thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you all in the next one. Peace



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