An Interesting Device Umidigi A9 PRO

An Interesting Device Umidigi A9 PRO
An Interesting Device Umidigi A9 PRO

Hey, what’s going on? Welcome back to the channel, we should wait Serrano Now, if you’re new to the crew do me a quick favor hit both the like and subscribe button get subscribed and notified for more videos just like this. But if you’re already a part of the crew. So we’re going to be talking about the a nine Pro, I had been using this device for about five months now on the channel. So I’ve definitely been liking it, it was released with Android 10. But the other phones that came after it like the a nine, and the 811 do have Android 11 on them. This device, you know, it still didn’t have Android 11, they did come out with a model that and they started selling it with Android 11 on here. I expected that this phone didn’t wasn’t going to get it.

A lot of people thought that was weird that the more powerful device with the higher specs didn’t have it. But I checked today. And I’m which was cool, because when I went in the software update middle. you just click settings on your device, But it takes really, really quickly to go ahead and just go into your phone, you can go into the option right here, where it does tell you that you can go into about phone, and then all the way at the top, it’s going to tell you that it has Android 11 out of that that software update middle. So there are a lot of changes that are different from Android 10 to 11, that they did refine. And I’m going to talk about at least the top 11 Android features that are have been implemented on this device.

So we’re going to go ahead and download this software, it’s going to fix minor bugs, it’s going to introduce the Android 11 software, which is pretty cool. But your phone has to be at least 30%. So this is the umidigi a nine Pro, it does have that 1080 times 2340, 403 pixels per inch metal, steel, metal, aluminum sides, if you drop it, it will definitely will die. So make sure you keep your plastic gel Case on there. But I’m going to go ahead and talk about the very first feature that I like and it’s the chat bubbles. When you get a message in a text message sent in on your phone, the top information bar. But there’s an undo feature where you can hit a button and make it to turn into a bubble.

So now when you get a message, it’ll pop up a bubble and like in a little circle with the icon of that particular app that you’re using. And when you’re getting the message you could decide you could just it’ll float over the screen, you can float it around, or you could move it to the Delete, and it’ll delete the icon or something like that. You could check the message later. But another really cool thing is the capture and share, right. t’s a cool feature that you can it’s built right into the Android 11. It’s capturing share. Basically, you could do screen recording, let’s say you know, some may because Facebook, you know, a lot of times when you’re using Facebook, you only see something one time and then you never see it again.

What you want to do is just drag down, and you can do this the screen recording feature, and then you can just record a quick video. I definitely think that’s cool that they implemented that. You do get to pin apps in the shared menu, which is cool. You’ll see an option now to pin certain, you know, applications in of the shared menu and stuff like that. I think that’s pretty cool about the Android 11 software on this particular device. Now, there’s some features that only Google devices get, like, one of the features that Google devices get is like recommended acts. So they don’t give you that on, you know, I’m saying this one don’t have skin on here.

But you do get smart replies on here. Let’s say you have an a text message in of the messaging app, you can definitely just do that. It’ll recommend different things that you can reply to someone I I’m guilty of using that every single time I do use that just because like a lot of the times I don’t really have something off the top of my mind that I want to say but those smart replies are pretty accurate, like 100% of the time. I thought that was pretty cool that they do have that. They do have smart folders. And you know, , might be on pixel phones.

It be on pixel phones but the smart replies is pretty much universal and then they do have device With voice control. it will have a way for you to control your device that can then basically with your voice, and basically navigate. So I think that’s a new feature that’s pretty cool about Android 11 with the umidigi, a nine pro that you can take advantage of, but this device is 6.3 inches has really nice weight to it in the hand. But let’s talk about the media controls that you can get from here, you can switch between your devices headset, like your headphones, like, I have many headphones on my soundpeats each one’s right here.

And then I do have the big these right here, the ANC noise cancellation headphones. And I do have the nyanko Pro. So if I’m using all 3 of the if the all 3 of these devices. I could switch simultaneously between all 3 my phone speaker, or TV, you can connect it to a TV device to a TV. So they implemented all in one place now. So it’s more streamlined. Android car, I think they call it but like you can connect your device without a wire. Now with Android car, if your device has Android. Like the CES, the Android system set up in of the car, it’ll sync to your Android device simultaneously without wires, or anything like that.

So I think I think that’s pretty cool. But they did fix some of the privacy bugs in of it. on your device from the Google Play is what it’s called. So then they do have this, the permissions are more streamlined. So you you don’t have to, you don’t have to keep the permissions on us and on the app permanent forever, just just this time, and it’ll save it just this time. But this this Android update on the umidigi. A 11 is about 1.17 gigabytes, so it’s not going to take up too much storage SS after the device is completed please reset face ID.

It does want you to update your face ID and it says right here that the release date of this was the 25th. So it was released three days ago, but I just got it today, which was weird. Because I’ve been using this device for about three days, but let me know let me know what you guys think about the new update. I definitely like using this device far the body it’s got that aluminum design to it type T for charging 3.5 millimeter headphone jack for the poor. It’s It’s got a mic on the bottom and a speaker on the bottom. And just feels really good in the hand you got a 48 megapixel camera, a 16 megapixel wide angle camera, a five megapixel macro and a two megapixel for portraits a 24 megapixel.

So, I’m definitely happy that they put Android 11 on here because a lot of people were like, I thought it was weird that this device didn’t have it. But the other phones like the 89 and the 11 had it. So you know now there they all are on Android 11 which is kind of cool. But let me know what you guys think down below about the umidigi a nine probe getting Android 11 down in the comment section down below. I’m gonna check you guys there.

I’m going to show some love and support to you. But let me know what your favorite feature about Android 11 is so far. I definitely like the updated volume controls on the media middle where they moved it from the top, which was just the line to now like a bubble. It kind of adds like a little more the dexterity to width and sophistication to it. But let me know what you guys think. Let me know what your favorite feature is.

so far. There’s many them to mention the built the built in screen recording is pretty cool. And you can do the dark mode you can set it a to a certain time to come off and on. So maybe at like dawn you want it to come on but I’m going to I’m going to get right back with you. I’m going to show up in the comments that you section I’m going to show up there and I’m going to get right back which you can check you guys later. And later.
Peace. I’ll get right back with you later.



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