An Attractive Device The Samsung Tab A7 Review

An Attractive Device The Samsung Tab A7 Review
An Attractive Device The Samsung Tab A7 Review

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Now, we’re going to be talking about the Samsung Galaxy Tab a seven here, few things I want to talk about, get into it in a little bit more detail, five things, five reasons that you should pick up the Samsung Galaxy A seven. So a lot of people have, you know, range in the price of 500 some maybe even be ranging in the price of, I don’t know 1000 you know, with the new iPad and everything like that.

But there are other alternatives that you can grab right now that I would suggest getting, if you do, you know, like saving money and things of that nature. Sometimes people may have their eyes set on devices, where they don’t need to spend a whole lot of money, they can cut that in half. So we’re gonna be talking about the Samsung Galaxy A seven, it has a whole bunch of features that you can use. at your disposal, we have the Snapdragon 662 one here. It’s grouped with a lot of battery on here. So we have up to 7040 milliamp hour battery, which you can use at your disposal.

Coupled in the bundle is that 32 gigabytes of ROM 3 gigabytes of RAM. So, by the way, if you’re new to the crew, make sure you subscribe get notified. But do me a big favor, hit the like button right now, and show your support and appreciation right now. But the Samsung Galaxy Tab, a seven, I definitely want to get into it a little bit more detail. We do have a really beautiful display on this guy. It’s a 10.4 inch display. It’s got a 5-by-3 aspect ratio 22,000 by 1200 pixels on this guy for HD display. And it is tuned by AKG Dolby audio, so you’re getting that Dolby Atmos are when it comes to the sound quality.

But the first thing that I really do like about this device is I would say the build quality. So they do have a headphone jack, they didn’t admit that is 2021. A lot of companies are getting rid of the headphones, the physical headphones and using Bluetooth technology. The a seven has that built right in this device is still at a reasonable price, I was able to get this one for a surprisingly low price on they have this one on different websites for 166. But I was able to get the refurbished one for 139 139 refurbish, You know, I’m saying we’re not going to be using the cameras that much, I probably use them like 5 times out of the entire 2 months that I’ve had it ready now. It does have an Android 11 update one here.

We did get the ledger 11 update on here, I’m gonna leave a link up here so you can see what that looks like. But this device has been really nice. It’s got the five gigahertz Wi Fi really beautiful display on here, kind of sizable device but still fits nice in the hand. very responsive. I said, metal build quality on this guy, we even got quiet speaker. The sound quality that you’re getting from this thing is going to be amazing, nothing short of great when it comes to the speakers in this price, something that I was really impressed with when I was listening to the music one here and some of the samples for the music. I definitely like these speakers, they come out of the top and on the bottom.

And this thing has that like I said that Dolby Atmos out here, so we’re getting sound quality, and when it comes to this day, it just emits really good sound. You could put it on music voice or movie, depending on what you like the most. So I definitely can say that this device is really good when it comes to sound quality. That’s probably the first thing that I can definitely think about when using this device is the sound quality overall, it just sounds really punchy, very loud, you’re getting some really good speakers out of this thing so naturally because that’s the main thing that I really do like full volume, you’re getting some equally loud, they both have nice amount of fees, nothing too crazy or anything like that. That’s gonna blow your mind away.

Not the best one that I’ve ever heard in the entire world. But they do get plenty loud and they do get really punchy. So the second thing is the software we’re getting we do have Android 11 on this device. It’s snappier it has a whole new field whole interface flows really nicely minimalized and streamlined performance and user interface. So they definitely improve that. We got a whole bunch of options that are tailored such the chats where you can get exclusive chat bubbles, you have the definitely, the animations look a lot cleaner, when you’re scrolling through the performance, everything of that nature just looks a lot more zippier.

Even in the most recent app menu, they clean that up, you get this nice looking tab window right here, which looks really sick where you could use split screen, you can even use pop up you win here. So they just streamlined Angel 11 is on here is like a really smooth software for the a seven so I definitely like that about it. The third overall thing that I like about the tab a seven is that is priced reasonably supportable, you can get it for under $200 depending on where you look. But I’ll leave the cheapest link down below. So you guys can check that out. But I definitely like the build quality on here.

You know, I’m saying the speakers and the price that, that um, you know, it does feel really smooth on the back of that metal cold to the touch those those loudspeakers on here. But the next thing I want to talk about is the battery. So I tried this thing about I would say every four days or something like that every five days, you get that five 7000 40 million power battery, so it’s gonna last really long. When you’re using it, I didn’t really have much issues getting through a whole week with this thing, depending on the usage that I put it through per day, or every time that I was using it, mostly I would use it for like less than an hour at a time.

So it would last the whole week. Standby is pretty good on here, you can sit this down on the table, go about your day come back to it that planning battery left to end off light work, you know, reading some some some documents catching up person PDFs, things of that nature, some late things. This isn’t this isn’t a workhorse but you can definitely get some work done if you work you’re like a student, who likes to get in I’m saying take notes every so often without the S Pen just using your tablet. So definitely like the weight of this, it feels really, really good in the hands of 476 grams of weight on this guy.

So it’s got a really nice display of light here. Like I said before, performance good battery life. Good for gaming lately, you know, I did a gaming system here didn’t did not stream. So I just want to put this quick video out five reasons why I like the Samsung Galaxy A seven. But if you haven’t already, make sure you hit that like button to show support and appreciation, I definitely would appreciate it helps the channel tremendously. But I’m going to get right back which I’m going to catch up with you in the comment section. And I’m going to I’m going to go ahead and show some love to you but you know I’m saying read all your comments.

I’m gonna, I’m gonna definitely read them in the order they come in. I’m going to get right back with you and show some love to you guys out there. I’ll get right back with you. This is the tab a 7 I definitely like it 5 reasons to buy in 2021 it’s only a year old right now at this Point definitely say that I could recommend this tablet for a lot of people.

Whether you’re a student college, going to college or just a tech head, maybe you want to spend on a budget but definitely gotta say this is a really good tablet. Overall, I really do like the overall feel bill performance speakers. They got to use the cameras that much but those charged relatively quick and you get some really good performance out of here but I’m going to get right back which you guys and I’ll check you guys on the next article but make sure you stay locked in with me and I’ll get right back with you. Peace.



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