A Protective Device For Moto G power (2021) Review

A Protective Device For Moto G power (2021) Review
A Protective Device For Moto G power (2021) Review

What’s going on crew. So right now I have the Moto G power right here 2021. And we’re going to be taking a look at a Case for the Moto G power 2021. This Case is going to be around $12. So it right here from Amazon, it does say it’s the janay or the gin now, brand and you can see right here, real drop protection for your cell phone, easy access to your phone, you have corner protection, button cover, screen protection, and camera protection.

So let’s see what what else comes into the bundle. It does tell you that the same details right here. Match position for buttons and anti Deus plug effective scratch and damage for protection for your smartphone. So you can see this is a pretty good price compared to some of the other competition. However, I definitely will be taking a look at the poetic one. So that’s the one that I definitely like more, because I’m more familiar with it. But I never checked this one out. So we’re going to go ahead and see what this is all about.

So let’s go ahead see right here, this is the packaging. That’s a double g power, double g power 2021, black Janae Shockwave dual their Moto G power 2021 in the black color. Alright, so we get the Case right here. It’s a hard cover. Everything is hard pause. And you can see it says installation guide right here.

So you have to take out the outer shell and then put it in the inner shell. And there’s no screen protector on here. So let’s go ahead and try that out and put this off to the side now. So that’s where you have to do part one of the corners out. Let me see. I have to read that again. Hold on. It says make sure every so this is how you take it off. It says grab the anti dust plug. So that means that you got to grab this part right here at the bottom. And then it says pull out the sleeve. So I’m not sure if I see a sleeve here but we’re going to see.

No, I’m saying it’s all it’s like all hardshell. So I’m not even seeing no sleeve on here. That’d be completely 100% which or might be like a PowerPoint Case. And I’m saying that gave me the wrong instructions. So let me see what’s going on here. Yeah, that just pops right in. So let me show you what I was talking about. That lip protection is crazy. That’s that’s literally like almost two centimeters of lip. Yeah, that’s really good protection on the front end. You could barely get to the screen. Now. If you try to like get to it, it’s really hard. And then that fingerprint sensor. It’s like really hard. I can’t get to it. Let me see me lock it.

And then we try to unlock it. So you really got to go in there because you can see how deep it looks. You just got to press on it. Vine rocker works perfectly fine. so I didn’t have issues with that. So all the buttons you can get to you can even get to your your, your USB type C charging Port right here and you can cover it up right there and lock it in. So you got that little groove where you can pop that in. kind of protect it right there. And yeah, that looks really sweet. I really like the texture of this because it feels like a matte black material and it has a The surface is almost like a grippy sandpaper surface but not too rough.

It’s gentle enough to touch every single day without scratching your fingers. But it’s enough to give you grip. So it’s more like I want to say like, I’m trying to think of the material, not carbon fiber, but like, like a Teflon material. And then on the side, you get this grip material, which you could pose all the way around it, you can see the pattern is like symmetrical on both sides. And then that’s pretty much it, the power button. But this will definitely give you a lot of protection for your phone, especially on the front end. And then you can get all your notifications right here. Yeah, this is this is a sick Case, I like this Case a lot.

You have facial recognition on this device. That works every single time. And I got my glasses on right now. So yeah, I definitely think this Case is pretty cool. To see that the camera has it on the back end has some lip protection on there. So if you drop it, it’s got a really nice shock absorption to it. Not a lot of the phone Case adds a little bit of weight to the phone. But overall, it’s worth it because you know, you’re going to you’re going to be rest assured you’re not going to have to worry if you drop this thing. And you could always buy your own screen protector with this type of Case.

So let me try to take the Case off. That be adult now since that was that was the hard part. Oh, I see what they did. So you got to lift portion right here, up. And then that’s how you get the Case off. So that’s that is the soft part of the Case, you got to pull that out. And then you can get to this, this thing that snaps out. So this is the part that snaps out right here. You see what I’m talking about. So then, let me just show you the in layer says modal in of it has like this pattern to it. That goes sideways, horizontally. But this is a strong material. So let’s go ahead and put the Case back together now.

So I’m going to go ahead pop it on the front, right here, you should hear a click. And that’s how you know it’s 30 I didn’t hear it click so he’s got to pop it on this part to make it click on both sides. And then you hear clip, you know it’s pretty much locked in. So then you can see right here, the top has to click on all sides. Then you get that one, it’s ready to you’re ready to put the other side. So I just want to make sure I put the right side it could be upside down but see on top that let me turn this around.

Let me see if that matters if that’ll click that way guys, so I had it the right way. I definitely had it the right way. When you get back click sound ribbon at the top right there, make sure it’s clicked at the top and then this is the soft part this thing is soft. You can see this is a soft material with a lot of grip to it. Then you could just put the Case in of this thing. Squeeze all the edges it kind of mimicked like a hard material because the shell under it was so sturdy that I didn’t need I couldn’t tell the difference.

But then it just camouflage is to a hard shell. With that nice grippy material on the outside you can get your fingerprint to work on here with the left hand and let me try the right hand yeah both hands work so I like this Case so far. has this nice sandpaper look to it. Let me know what you guys think about it down below but I definitely think it’s a pretty cool Case and looks pretty cool the buttons and everything like that. But leave a comment let me know what you think down below and I’ll get right back with you later.


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