Some Secrets About iPad in (2021) Review

Some Secrets About iPad in (2021) Review
Some Secrets About iPad in (2021) Review

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So today we’re going to take a look at the almost 2-year-old iPad, the seven Gen, and I’m talking about this device 10 reasons to think picking this device up, we’re going to talk about a lot of features about this tablet, this isn’t just a normal tablet, it kind of changes the question from what can it do to what can it do, because this device still has a lot of power to it. A lot of different things I could do with this thing, it’s still got the 810 fusion chip, the latest software on Apple, which is pretty crazy.

It’s still really Zippy, no lag on this thing. But we’re gonna get into it right now we’re gonna talk about this thing, it has a temporary 2 inch display. it has a fingerprint sensor right here at the bottom, which is like a touch button on touch button. you can get to your features on your home screen right here. We do have long touch. And we do have access to getting more widgets and things of that nature. value that you’re going to be getting with this device. Now I do have to use this thing a lot.

And mainly when I’m in the house, I use it on this keyboard. This thing literally has a mouse and a keyboard option on it. So now that I’m in, I could literally use the mouse get to YouTube, right here. Okay, I’m in there, my son, but see, but the videos right here, or I could scroll right here. If I want to search, I could search directly go down right there to my recent help people customize and save liberty. So this is the other thing is that this thing has really good speakers. Really good speaker quality on here.

So not only that the touch responsiveness to this is really super high quality, when you’re watching videos, anything like that is going to be like a laptop experience. When you have the keyboard on here. I put the mo baozi Case on here, the vanguard Case, from promosi. But um, this one is like an armored Case super durable. And it’s got that polycarbonate shell on it. So this is a device, like I said before, has really bright colors really, really good color accuracy, the Leo phobic coating on the top of the front panel. Far the display, we’re getting a full HD display on this guy, you can see right here. It’s got an 8827 milliamp hour battery, which which will last weeks on standby.

And you get 32 gigabytes on this model, but 2160 times 1620 is the display ratio just in Case you wanted to know that. But um, there is multi-touch button has a variety of different options on here. Also, um, not only are the updates good on here and the performance, you can get pretty much all your apps through Apple market and everything like that. And if you want to gain one, this device, it’s gonna run really good on pub G. This thing has a metal design on it all around. The body of here is full, like a full metal design.

So a lot of people you know, I’m saying who we call us tablets are really going to appreciate , especially with the Bose speakers that you’re getting on the bottom of here are really loud. And they sound really good. You know what I mean? So I definitely liked them. But everywhere else it’s gonna be like at least three 370 or something like that. But you could put this thing on HDR with ultra Graff frame rates on here. So you can see that’s pretty crazy. dizzy, they get really clear and that they just have some really good quality to them. You can see right here the graphics look super quick So the fusion ship is really Zippy, everything like that,
you can get to everything that you want to do.

They have the desktop mode. It lets me get into this, the desktop mode when I’m browsing through different websites and things like that. You know, it does let you go on Facebook on here, and Instagram. I mean, it feels really, it’s like a good experience when you’re using those websites, Instagram, Facebook, and you could use them on you know what, you don’t have to download the app, you could just go on the browser, and it feels like a desktop experience. I definitely like using, you know, Facebook on here. Just like that. You can see, you don’t have to necessarily download the apps, you could just use the Safari, which is really cool.

So all your stories come up and everything like that, you could use it in this mode, or this mode, which is the vertical mode. It gets a little bit warm right about here when you’re gaming. But it still feels really nice in the hand, it does get cold to the touch, when I’m using it out when I’m when I’m first picking it up in the middle of the night just to use it. So I really liked that about it. But you could read your emails on this thing, you can get a lot of work done, you could do a lot of gaming on this device.

Like I said, Social Media Works really easy on this thing. If you want to get to your social media, you can see Instagram has the big cut out right there. It’s like a rectangle. So just keep that in mind. But everything just seems to look really nice on here. And like I said, the speakers on here really good. Let me just go to sound with some sound to it. Some hit some hits to the speakers. So you do get a 8 megapixel camera and a 60. I think it’s a 12 megapixel on the front, if I’m not mistaken.

It’s a I’m saying eight on the on the, for sure. And then 12 on the front. So that’s that. So you could do like FaceTime on here. You know, I’m saying if you have like a phone, you can connect to it, use the ecosystem that Apple has. But you know what I mean? I just tend to use this by itself without connection to it, I put air pods to it. But it’s just a piece of hardware right now.

But let me know what you guys think about this thing. Would you use the iPad 2019 right now I definitely like watching like Netflix on here. You know, YouTube, things of that nature. You know, anything that you want, you can watch on here, we got Black Lightning, one of my favorite shows. Take us he picks up right where you left off.

I stabilize the meta gene itself. We will acquire. And it has that Picture in Picture Mode for the Netflix. The YouTube doesn’t have it. Like if I’m in YouTube. You could do that. But only in the safari you have to be on the YouTube and on the safari for that to happen. So let me show you what I was talking about. Like if you’re on YouTube, you can on safari, you can definitely do it. So let’s just see if there is videos that like the top 10 highlights right here.

So I guess if you’re watching the video right now, and you press play these days, there is a lot to bounce. And you press back, it’ll go into the side of the screen. And you continue continue using it. So I think that’s pretty cool because Safari does give you that option, but not the main YouTube app. So just keep that in mind. But you have maps on here you have the app store. Which you have many apps that you could use on here but I use this thing literally every day and I charge it about, once a week, because I don’t really use it like that that long, I use it for like 15 minutes at a time.

And the battery is really good for standby time. So it’s really good for when you’re not using it, it’s really a battery efficient. So I really like that part about the Apple fusion shit in of here. But the speakers the screen quality, the display quality to premium, you know, it doesn’t depreciate. So you could definitely resell it and get get a lot of money, you won’t lose a lot of money on this device. It’s got a lot of accessories that you can use on it. But I definitely like the features on here, it has a lot to offer. You can even get a lot of different things done on here far work.

As far the pixels per inch. It’s 265 for the PPI, that home touch button is really nice. You don’t have to use like face ID or anything like that. But let me know what you guys think about the Apple, iPad 2019 LCD IPS display on this guy gold, silver gray are the color options. And it’s about almost 2 years in with this with this device being released. I’ve been I’ve had it for about a year now. I think it’s still a option right now.

Let me know what you guys think down below. But if you found this video helpful in way possible, hit the lake by entries were in appreciation. And I’m going to get right back with you. But I’m going to see you in the comment section down below. I’ll see you there right now I’m going to make sure you hit one of the videos on the left or the right hand side of the screen but I’m going to check you guys later. So I’ll get right back with you. Peace.



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