Some Incredible Gaming Earbuds Review

Some Incredible Gaming Earbuds Review
Some Incredible Gaming Earbuds Review

Hey, what’s going on crew How y’all doing? Welcome back to the channel. If you’re new, to the crew. But if you’re already part of the crew salute. Today, I want to talk about 7 of my favorite earbuds that you can use for gaming and watching movies with low latency and Bluetooth, 5.0. And up. Now, most of these will be all of them will be under $60 really affordable earbuds. by hitting the like button, would be a big help to the channel. But let’s just jump into it, make sure you guys stay to the end of the video because I have a special surprise for everyone.

But let’s just go ahead check out the first pair of bluetooth earbuds that I really do like now these are called bb yanka. These are right here, these come in white or black. They have a really nice boxing experience right here. The number one thing is these have Bluetooth 5.2 environmental noise cancellation on cucc 3040. As IP x 5 , you do have gaming modes.

So the ANC is on here. So you’ll be able to use the Bluetooth 5.2 to game we do that the game gaming mode 13 millimeter drivers. But these are just they just have really good sound quality. So we can visually see the lips and the words and everything like that we’ll put these in my ear like a voice. I like that. But no, you know it’s on. I just press play on the ear, but right there. Let’s just look at the words.

Yes, it’s really nice, it’s a good experience because the everything is matching up perfectly on these far the voices, you get a really deep bass on these. Like I said, you’re going to get on Bluetooth 5.2 built in mics with the EMC so when you’re talking, you’re not going to hear a lot of noise because it’s going to emit the sound from the earbuds. So it’s like a kind of like a pass through feature one second ones are the search text that I want to talk about now these have ANC environmental monitoring mode which is like a transparency mode.

They have a gaming mode to photo pairing like the the anchors you can use either one in either ear, which is cool. So these have really good features on these with the ANC seven hours of battery life, 9 hours with off with the ANC, have, you know, but I just can’t stress how good these ones are.

They come with everything you need for 3 year but tips and the charger that already use glossy black end, very reminiscent of like an ear pod or something like that, or pod Pro. But they have all the features on here except for the vibe controls. And you know, you know, I kind of wish they were matte black, but I think there are companies working on that. So when I pop these in my ear, they have a really good fit, you have single listening on these ANC modes, gaming modes. So these are going to be really good for gaming. See the soundpeats right here. Now these are really special.

They sit lightweight in your ear. They do a big q cc 3040s on here. So you know I’m a really big fan of the sound p here but it’s the exception. You get the 14.2 millimeter 14.2 millimeter drivers on these guys. And they do have SBC and FX codec. For radio it has a light compact like lipstick style Case pops up. It’s really small, really minimal.

These are one of my favorite earbuds right now these stay in my rotation because you have the gaming mode on here. So if you’re gaming on these, you could definitely fire up some music. Wow. At the turn the music like all the way down because it’s really the battery life on these is going to be five hours play time with four more charges in the Case. So I just really liked these guys. but let’s jump into the next pair. The next pair that I’m going to show you is the shoe the flextone shoe for life. These have a low latency game and mode. The soundpeats have Bluetooth 5.2 these are 5.0 but they have an very low latency to have in your fit with amazing bass.

So This has a matte Case on it. I really like that part. But the really cool thing is it has this, these these push buttons and really sick psychedelic design on it. So when I’m using these, I feel really, it feels like they’re stylish because there’s no other earbuds that looked like this. But that design,
you’re getting bovine controls, low latency gaming, sounds really great on phone calls really good for bass. So these are like one of my favorite ear posts right now you get this like box, which is showing you that they are the weight of the year.

But you could wear these in either gear at a single time. And I really like that about mostly to get the charging accessories. It bought for like these ear tips that you put on the earbuds to keep them in here. So I’ll probably be like this recycled look on the box, guys. One of my favorite earbuds. I’m saying the lips do match the words really nicely about these ones, which are probably one of my favorite ones of all time.

And the simple is that the price is really great. They do offer wireless charging, these are the only ones that feature for this price. So you can see that they do wirelessly charge, I think that’s something that’s sick on. They have very good bass and you can double tap, triple tap the right when it gets to the gaming mode. So they have auto-pairing, I just played the music and they connect it right away, which is great.

So the only other thing is that I like about these is that they do offer bass, like I was saying before, independent listening, wireless charging Bluetooth 5.0. The phone calls sound great, it’s like, it blocks out the noise and everything like that. You do have IP x four on these guys. So like I said, you’re going to get that gaming mode, very good bass and wireless charging, 5 controls. And you have that recycle box, which is crazy, a lot of these headphones are offering the recycled, I’m really, really big fan of that, because they’re gonna save the environment.

If this gets thrown away, it’s not really gonna disintegrate in nature, which is cool. So the next pair is the geeky g 750s. Now these have Bluetooth 5.0 base. These are very small. But you can see that they’re really small. And then when you look at them. Not only that, they’re going to give you some 6 net dynamic 6-millimeter drivers. You do get some really good bass out of these. And really compact with Type C charging, low latency and IP x seven.

So you could wear these in the rain, anything like that. They have auto-pairing, I could barely hear what I’m saying now endure fit blocks out the noise and things of that nature. Now the last pair right here guys is the pazo g 2 s wireless earbuds. You get the AC codec on these guys. And they are offering Bluetooth 5.0 low latency, you get about you know, two hours to charge these guys.

But they do have really good battery, you get about four hours, 12 hours with the Case included on these guys. So like I said, all of these earplugs are really good for gaming and bass. And these ones do not offer the volume controls, but they do have the master and slave you are gonna you’re gonna buy these mainly for gaming and bass. But the only thing is that they don’t get too loud. Just so you can hear your environment still when you’re gaming and talking to other people. But these two earbuds that I want to give away the human Digi buds and the air dots, so leave hashtags on air dotser umidigi air buds have both of them right here.

They are identical in size and quality. But they’re really good. Just have too many ear buds. I only have 2 ears. You can’t wear 20 year, your buds per day. So make sure you leave hashtag Yuba Digi buds and hashtag Redmi air dots and put your name beside it, put some emojis next to it. So I know it’s real.

And I’ll try to send these out soon I can soon possible to you. But thank you guys for staying locked in with me. Hopefully, this article was informative helpful for anything like that entertaining. Hopefully you guys sign out of it, but hit the like button on your way out. It’s a big help to the channel. But I’ll get right back with you later groupies.



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