My Friend’s Gift The Samsung A12

My Friend's Gift The Samsung A12
My Friend's Gift The Samsung A12

Hey, what’s going on. So today we’re going to be talking about the Samsung Galaxy A 12. Hope you guys are chilling right now. But if you’re already a part of the crew Today, we’re gonna be taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy 812. After getting the Android up the head of the Android one here are the 2 the 11 for about a week now.

So this device does have a lot of features in it that make it really good. For this price we have the P 35. One here is the processing chip that it does rock in of it. It’s got a 5000 milliamp hour battery 48 megapixel camera type C for charging on this guy, the 4 gigabytes of RAM coupled with 128 gigabytes of RAM. But he does have a side mounted fingerprint sensor, a lot of really nice things that I do like about it, it’s really Zippy when it comes to that side, my finger sensor, but we’re going to talk about five reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy A 12 after getting the Android 11 update.

So this device is available in some stores, you know, Metro by T Mobile, you find it on Walmart, and I’m saying best buy things of that nature. But there’s a lot of reasons why you want to pick this one up even with the software fresh updates, ie 11 with the one ui 3.1. So we do get corner panels. on here, we don’t get Samsung decks or anything like that crazy. None of advanced features that you will get the flagships. But this phone, this phone does have really good features that the battery life is pretty good on here. I’m on day two right now.

And when I’m looking at my device care, it does tell me that we do have one, one hour one day and 21 hours is about how long it’ll last. And I’ve been using it for 19 hours in 37 minutes, it says I’m going to get another day and two hours. By the way, if you hear sirens, I do apologize about that. But by the way, if you’re new to the crew, make sure you subscribe get notified but do me a big favor hit both the light the subscribe button. That would be a big tremendous boost help to the channel.

But the Samsung Galaxy, a 12 has been getting some really good performance from the after the update, I’ve definitely considered the battery seems to be a little bit more optimized, the software is definitely a little bit more optimized, it’s a little bit more cleaner, all the animations, the the tiles, everything, all the rows and everything of that nature seems to flow really smoothly. they have like this option where you can get chat bubbles, you have a smoother animation, when you click the volume, it’s on the side now it’s not at the top a lot cleaner when it comes to the overall look and skin of the one UI.

So I would definitely say that when you’re using this device for you know the, the regular performance, it’s going to be snappy, the camera department when I go to the camera, we get that extra-wide angle on the front, which is kind of cool. We turn it around and you get that wide angle on the back.

So it’s a really cool camera I think it’s like a telephoto or something like that telephoto lens 48 megapixel, on the 8 megapixel on the front telephoto lens on this guy so they got some really good stuff on this thing you know what I’m saying and then you get the two megapixels for portrait on here you get all four cameras that you can use you get a flash on here and they go up to 2030 frames per second so I can say in the cameras the parliament it’s going to be a pretty cool phone to use it does get a little bit you know close up in the face that the crafting when you’re when you’re looking at yourself and things of that nature.

But honestly, you could you can you can push that back a adjust it so that you don’t always have to be so close with that group selfie thing so I definitely like that option. But a little bit more on the cameras, the the stabilization is nice. It’s not let me see if there’s a mode for electronic image stabilization in here. But um, they don’t give you that so just keep that in mind that they won’t give you that but it does have some nice stabilization when I was using it and testing it. It’s better than some of the other phones that I’ve tested.

I won’t say names, but this thing does have HDR on here for the photos 10 times zoom for the photos. For the video, you can get up to I would say 10 times zoom. So it’s not really clear when you’re up close that 10 times zoom, it’s a little bit grainy, images can get a lot blurred out and everything like that. But on the other On another note, when it comes to the performance of this guy, we’re rocking the snap drag being on MediaTek Helio gp 35, which the sound the stylo six had that that processing chip.

But the only thing that was that I noticed about that chip is that the stylo six had a with three gigabytes where this one has it with four, and this one has 128 Versus the 60 40% internal storage that it had. So this one is a little bit more Zippy. It’s got the 14 centimeter processing chip for two clocked in at 2.3 gigahertz, we got the power VR, bundled in of there. So you’re gonna get some really good game of performance with this chip, I didn’t have issues with that, either. So battery life is really good.

You get about two days on there, they, you could play some medium, to average performance games, maybe maybe on light settings, you’ll get some pretty good performance out of it. Also, you know, the cameras, so the battery, the cameras, you know, performance on for gaming, things like that. But this built quality is really nice. You’ve got like this dual tone texture, I remember, one of the first Samsung devices I’ve ever laid hands on on this channel was the Samsung Galaxy, Halo two j seven Halo and it had this texture right here on the bottom of it. They kept it here, but at the top, they put a different texture.

So it’s like this dual texture, you don’t need a Case for this thing. So I really liked that about this bonus that you don’t need a Case it doesn’t scratch easy. There’s no scratches on here, after using it for so long. So I’ve definitely got to commend Samsung for making learning this is one of my favorite materials that they made. With that dual tone texture. You betcha. Noise Cancellation mic at the top headphone jack down at the bottom, which is pretty cool. So no NFC on this guy, no five gigahertz Wi Fi on this guy, no gyroscope.

But you do get accelerometer on here. So gaming is pretty sweet, customizable lockscreen, on this guy, a lot of features that did it Tips and Tricks video. So if you want to watch that right after this one, make sure you go ahead and check that out. But you know, we’re getting we got Android 11 on here, which is pretty crazy. It’s up to date with the latest software may 1 2021. So I definitely can say that Samsung a 12 is really good pick up right now and the budget price under $200. If you’re you know looking for a smartphone that you can do everything on, it has many storage on here.

128 gigabytes is the sweet spot for me, I feel like all phones should have that level of storage, you get your gallery app on here, everything they do give you the you know the the Game Launcher on here. So you can get to all of your you know, games and things like that, if you do so desire. So I definitely like how everything is organized on here, the one UI is structured you can get to all your games, everything like that. Your corner panel here for multitasking is on here. You can even customize that. I really like that corner panel being there, you know, all the time.

But the Game Launcher is pretty cool. It’s going to optimize your games and things like that. So you’re going to notice that they’re going you can you could you could mute phone calls while you’re doing it or just take screenshots or screen screen cast your your, your your your gaming and everything like that. So this device is pretty cool. I even got the flash to be the information light on the back of here. So it’s pretty cool. It’s got a variety of features I can definitely say that I can recommend this device to buy in 2021 if you’re looking for form, these are the top five reasons the battery that builds you know really good you know, build quality on here the cameras are really nice performance is really cool, to have a battery on here.

I didn’t have issues with the battery pictures come out really, really good in setting except for pitch black, you know, saying conditions and everything like that, but really good feeling the hand I must say. As far using this guy. It’s got 205 grams of weight TFT LCD display so the viewing angles are not the best in the world. On this one. If you tilted you’re gonna notice that it does dim it does demo a little bit but it doesn’t Creek.

So that’s the good thing about it but we are getting a 720 bias 16 I mean 1560 display on here to TFT display like I said before 264 PPI of this guy so you know pretty medium density display on here it’s not nothing that’s going to draw your eyes into crazy but you’ll be able to see everything on the screen it does look pretty clear everything looks really on Sam pixelized It doesn’t look like it’s faded out or anything the colors do look pretty punchy when you’re looking at it directly on and everything like that but this is my thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy 812 after the Android 11 update after 2-3months using this phone so let me know what you guys think down in the comment section. To get down there and read all your comments.

You guys on the next video so make sure you stay locked in with me but I’m gonna get right back with you but hopefully you guys are having a great week so far but and you’re chillin right now but I’m going to get right back with you. I’m going to read the comments right now but do me a favor hit the like button if you haven’t already but hit the subscribe button and get subscribed get notified for more article just like this, but I’m going to check you guys later but I’ll get right back with you later. Peace.



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