First Look Of OnePlus Nord N10 & N100 Review

First Look Of OnePlus Nord N10 & N100 Review
First Look Of OnePlus Nord N10 & N100 Review

Hey, what’s going on guys, So I just wanted to check out some cases here that we have, for the one plus Nord and 10. And the one plus Nord and 100. Now, the N 10 is a more matte material, or the I mean, the back of the phone, but the end 100 the antenna is a glossy material. So we definitely need a little bit of cover protection.

Now, you’ve probably heard of a company called poetic. And, you know, they did send out some of their cases, one Case for each phone that they were going to, to check out. So make sure you hit the like button and share your support and appreciation. That would mean a lot. If you don’t like videos like this, you could definitely hit the dislike button. But you hitting that like button, You being part of the crew and joining me right now. So we’re gonna take a look at the revolution series.

So both of these cases are from the revolution series. They do say poetic nonpersonally, 5g and blue. And then we do have the revolution series, one plus noyd and 100, black, both made in China design in the US, which is cool. They do have these recycled looking boxes. And it says poetic on the side. So really nice boxes that it comes in and says poetic on both sides. And the other side has the logo. So that’s the logo right there for poetics. So let’s just go ahead and open up the first one, this is for the N 10. 5g, and it says it’s in blue. So let’s go ahead, take this one out, or there’s two in here.

So there’s 2 in there. So that’s pretty cool. So wait, no, it’s just one. But there’s the two pieces to it. So thank you again for joining me, You 100%. Alright, so this one’s cool, because it doesn’t have that screen protector here, it’s going to be for the front. And then we have this second piece right here, which tells you the installation process. So this is going to be pretty cool. So this is what you need to learn about how to install it. But I’m going to walk you through every step of the way.

So you for watching this video clicking on this video channel with me for a few minutes right here. But we do have the poetic series right here. So we’re just gonna go ahead and take a look at it. This looks like it’s gonna be very protective, right off the gun. So right out of the gun, it looks like we have a kickstand, which looks really nice. I like how that folds solid materials, we have a hard TPU material, and then a rubberized material right here.

So it’s dual protection, you get to read their power buttons, I’m sorry, power button is going to be on the right side bottom, you get a flip out, pop up helping to protect the charging mechanism, which is type C speaker grille, we do have one of those for your headphone jack. So that protects it to just go ahead and take off the front of this Case right here. And that’s the plastic film will be on there. So this one they Okay, so I see what they did. They sent one with the screen protector, and then they sent one without the screen protector.

So you could decide which one you want to use the one without it or the one with it. I think that’s very, very good attention to detail. So I really liked how they did that. Because if you already have a screen protector on your phone, then you wouldn’t want this Case, but they did offer both options. So I really really, really do appreciate from poetic, it gave them like really they’re paying a lot of attention to detail. So this is what you need to put on the front. And you do have one without the screen protector.

So this this device does allow drop protection military grade 18 g eight mg, so they measured how this would do during drop protection. And this is probably Wow. So we have like this industrial look. Really styled stuff here. The rubber is , solid here. We just have to put this on the phone. Let me start talking right now. So the first thing you want to do is pop on the front seal right here. So let’s go ahead check check out the one with the screen protector on it. This is for the in.

Very easy to remove those are those those those those, those are plastic cards right, they’re gonna wipe up the front of the screen. So there’s no smudges. But before we put it on, let’s turn off the screen right now, let’s do the same thing for this side and remove dust anything of that nature, there’s going to be a lot of dust in the air. So all you have to do is pop that top part on. And, it’s very responsive. With the screen protector on there, it’s really responsive. So let’s go ahead and turn off this display. Now what you want to do to get this one here is put them in the quarter by quarter.

So I usually put the top portion in first, and then I go, Well, that’s easy to get in there. Very easy to get in there and give it a squeeze. it has that teal border, which is probably one of my favorite colors in the entire world. Facial recognition works perfectly fine, the buttons feel solid on this thing. This is very good protection, you can see that the fingerprint sensor is embedded in of the Case the camera module.

So those will be protected. as well. If it drops on a rock or something like that, I doubt it will break the camera lens unless it hits dead middle in of there. But we do have poetic branding on here. Like I said, you get the vine rockers on the left side, let’s click on this Case feels really good, it’s satisfying, they give a little control cutout for the screen protector, you get this one that doesn’t have a screen protector. So the buttons feel really nice on here. So that that that that kickstand is really easy to pop up, you could use it vertically, it locks, you just got to lock it down like that, and you’ll hear it click.

And that’s how you know it’s locked. And then you can set up the phone vertically or horizontally for when you’re watching on video. So this is really, really useful when you’re watching media for protection is just solid, it fits perfectly in the hand, it’s going to add a little bit of both to the device. So just keep that in mind. But that is not going to scratch the camera at all because it’s just really nice embedded in there. Everything just feels on this one.

I really like this guy right here, especially that they paid so much attention and added a second covering without the screen protector just in Case you already had that on there. So let’s go ahead and take a look at the second Case from poetic the revolution’s series, which is going to be very, things of that nature. This is solid stuff here, you can see this thing.

This thing looks really, really good. I really am a big fan of this series right here. So let’s check out the other poetic revolution series. For the N 100. This is going to be the black one. So this is a new Case it says on here made in China but but designed in the US. So now we have the second car keys right here, I’m going to put this off to the side. Let me just see right here. Thank you for being here. you guys. 100%, you for clicking this video. Like I said, show your support, hit the like button.

It really helps the channel and go ahead and cut that part. So they did the deal. They put that little the one without the screen protector, and then they put the one with it. So I just I just really, appreciate them for doing that. Let’s go ahead and get this off. But that sounded really nice and satisfying. Let’s go ahead pop this out. And it’s really easy to pop out right here you don’t, if you’re a girl and you have nails, it be a little bit harder, because you break a nail or something like that.

But for the guys who don’t have nails, you know, it’s gonna be really simple. And then take this part out. I really like how the full tabs are so easy to take off and become a big fan of that. Now let’s go ahead pop this one but for someone to wait down the screen, there’s a little bit of fingerprinting going on here. and lock the screen real quick. And yeah, this This is crazy. This is not. So let me like that on the front.

So make sure there’s no scratches on this side. Very, very cool stuff here. Shout out to poetic one more time. I definitely love these cases. They remind me of some cases that I review before but mainly the design is solid. It’s very built, it’s built very strongly. Please show your support and appreciation by hitting that like button. That will mean a lot to the channel. So we do get the style for this one. Who are going to be on the maybe you want something that’s not going to get dirt in your ports.

This will cover the ports very when you You’re on the beach. If you’re working construction and there’s a lot of dust in the air, this will be very good for that. You can see that it covers the Type C port, it covers the headphone jack board the speaker is in there. this is your way to go. And I know a lot of people work in warehouses and things of that nature where there’s a lot of sand dust in the air.

So this is going to be very good for that. I mean, I’m very, very good for that. All the buttons click very nicely it has a substantial amount of grip one here that dual tone grip. So you get this hard plastic rubberized material on the sides kickstand that pops out very nicely. I like how easy it is to do that. Because they stand it up vertically cameras are embedded in of that thing really good. Also, the fingerprint sensor looks really nice in that middle right there.

poetic branding down below power button on the right side biomarkers in the left side top you get your notice of cancellation cut out and all the cutouts are here there’s nothing that they missed, they did I give this a 10 out of 10 when it comes to protection because you won’t have you won’t have to worry about anything whatsoever when you’re using when you’re using either one of these cases.

I really do enjoy that they added the ones without the screen protector just shows that they really pay attention to detail because I remember that video and I was like you know, I hope I wish that they didn’t add that there but not this particular model but a different Case that was similar to this one so I guess they were listening. But I hope you guys found this video helpful in way possible. Shout out to Paul wetek give a big like down below for poetic and for the channel to show you support.

You’re gonna find this article helpful. That’s okay too. The dislike button. You know, you for watching and for you know,
Chilling with me the whole article but you 100% but I’ll get right back with you later. Peace.


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