Noice Cancellation Device New Soul Sync ANC

Noice Cancellation Device New Soul Sync ANC
Noice Cancellation Device New Soul Sync ANC

Hey, what’s going on guys, back to the channel voice around today we’re gonna be talking about the soul sync. But so just want to get show some love to soul real quick and show my support and appreciation to that because I remember when I did have their sl 100. It’s about nine years ago, do you think did send out for an honest review, they did pay me for my thoughts.


witThese are all my own thoughts, everything like that. But if you already uploaded a crew so today we’ll be talking about the soul sync ANC active noise cancellation here because these have about 7 hours with the ANC off nine h it on. They have 24 hours with the cases included 22 with the ANC with the Case. So they have really good battery life. And they offer 3 different moments with these guys.


But the first thing I’m going to talk about is that though quality is gorgeous, and what comes into the unboxing experience. So we’re greeted with amazing packaging. And the first thing that I noticed was the packaging they saw always provides like these really nice accessories where you could put these booties on your jeans. I remember even 10 years ago, when I had the SL 100. The bag had the clip on it, which is crazy. So they’ve been around 10 years. And I’m really glad that they’ve they’re still around for me to review these yearbooks, because I remember back then when I had listened to them, the sound signature was added.


So they were like, I think this company was like known for like, ludicrous or something. I think it was his company at the time. But these do specialize at 5.1, Bluetooth, ANC transparency mode. So we’re going to get into these, they have a lot of features that I want to cover. And what I want to talk about with these Airbus so they do they do have you know, I’m saying the the the option where you can listen to these one with either ear, you know, I’m saying so, what I do like is that they are versatile, they sound really good for bass, but it’s at the packaging, we’re getting your tips, which are you get the more large, large ones.


And you get the small ones, the medium ones come in the box. But do me a favor before we get started on the build quality and talk about some of the touch controls some of the performance, make sure you hit that like button, subscribe get notified, join the crew for more videos, I have to set far the overall build, you’re going to notice that it’s like this, I got that I got the frost on blue color or for frost frost. It’s the frost color.


So it kind of looks like a minty green, which is really nice. In my opinion, I really like this green color. it doesn’t have too much weight to it. But their branding across it, you get this little blinking LED light on the back indicating that they’re charging the earbuds while they’re on standby in the Case. Just keep in mind you’re going to get a full 24 hours with this thing anywhere you go. Just keep that in mind long you have to fully charge you’ll get seven hours for AMC on nine with it all. I really liked the battery life when these guys the tape supercharger, no wireless charging, so just keep that in mind.


Now these have volume controls, I really do like the volume controls on these, but they’re not on both sides. The left ear bud is designated for the volume control. You get that one tap, you will raise the volume, 2 taps, it will decrease the volume. And I’m moving over to the right side. One tap which is the song 2 tabs goes backwards. Give it a third tab you get your google assistant and then one tab on the right side is pause so they kept the volume buttons and the control for the music separately.


I kind of like how they did that. So you know they gave you everything all in one split the ANC mode, the normal mode and the transparency mode now, the ANC mode will block out wind around you noise around you. air conditioners, ACS fans, things of that nature. When you turn it on all that stuff reappears and you can hear it in the background, but you could still hear the music.


With the Bluetooth 5.1 ac support. The it’s going to knock all the songs are going to knock every single time you’re listening to music On these guys, they’re just gonna it’s gonna knock with the bass, it’s gonna thump it’s going to provide you a really good sound signatures, nice soundstage.

Really full really warm, deep sound coming out of the soul earbuds, short stem, so, I kinda like how they have a short stem. The drum is 12 men and nanometre drum in of here. Powerful mics.


Really good strong magnets on these guys. I really do like how they offer accessory we put it, put it on the side of your jeans, your purse, your bag, your, wherever you would put it wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon, because it’s attached to metal. But really nice, it’s not too big, not too small, perfect size in your hand, you get that matte material, which feels really nice. I really like that matte texture too, with the earbuds fit in of my ears, snug there, there was no movement when I was running, these are perfect for the gym, you even get IPS for on these. So definitely good for workout sweating. Things of that nature.


You don’t have to charge them for too long, it’s about one hour and a half to get a full charge on the earbuds when they put the charge in the Case, I mean, that’s what I’m talking about. But an hour two hours you get a full charge on a Case, the earbuds tend to charge quicker the Case does a smaller battery in but like I said the touch controls work really good you just have to remember to hit your finger dead middle in of the drum every single time.


So I do like that they have the volume controls I do like that they give you a really nice mic. Eddie what’s going on guys, so this is the microphone from the soul amcs right now so I mean I had the audio sample sounds when I’m outside and you’re hearing you know the wind the car noises passed by so let me know how that sounds right now this is the microphones coming directly out of the soil agencies.


So let me know how it does when it comes to outdoor microphones that matte material like I said before, but um you know they you can walk away 33 meters away from separation I said before, they’re going to let you use your left year or your right here so you do get you know both options to choose from not just the left or the right you can switch them up use one for you know, I’m saying that nine hours and then the other for the nine hours and extend it you can even get double the battery life like that way so I think that’s pretty cool. But um, these are so far really good bass quality.


There’s no app or anything like that that they would be paired along with but they’re really good design. Really good music quality. I’ve been this entities all day long and I can’t complain about the music whatsoever. It’s been all the instruments are really good even songs with bass hit, which I didn’t notice so I definitely got to say that so the sync agencies have a really nice sound for bass quality. I’m going to leave the link down below make sure you if you’re enjoying the video so far that you hit the like button and subscribe for more videos just like this But yeah, the sole agencies like I said before this day, they’re very clear.


And you know that they have active noise cancellation on these guys. As pretty cool. Yeah, these guys I’m really I really do enjoy listening to music with these 25 hours. Like I said 24 before so you get that more hour to keep you over just just in Case. Auto pairing is really quick on these charging is quick on these that’s pretty much all I have to say they’re very powerful, affordable, they’re around $99 You can find them on you know certain websites for $79 I’ll get the cheapest link down below but definitely want to give a big shout out to Seoul this company has been around for 10 years.


So salute just want to show some love to so I want to show some love to you guys. So make sure you hit the like button which user support, but I definitely want to show you guys some love for watching this video. Also, I’m going to see you in the comment section down below. Let me know if you have the souls. Have you ever used the souls I remember those so 100 of those over the ear headphones that the neck strap had broke. Do you remember I had them on my head?


I was on a train. Like a bump and they flew off of my head and it cracked tried to Gorilla Glue them. Definitely was a big fan of the SL 100 glad that soul was still making earbuds that they’ve been around for 10 years so salute to them. Definitely want to show some love this The soul but these are the active noise cancellation here was the sink, the soul, a sink and CNET earbuds and like I said, they pack a lot of power in a small package, you’re gonna get that answer, you’re gonna get that transparency you’re going to get that 25 hours of battery really, really nice.


I’m ending on here matte end, they have a really snug fit, Ace gets really glad. Like I said before, I can’t emphasize that enough. But like I said before on, I’m going to check you guys in the comment section. I’m going to get right back with you. So make sure you hit one of these videos on the left or the right hand side but show you show you a love to soul right now by hitting that like button and leave a comment hashtag so 100% but I’m going to get right back with you.


I’m gonna see you in the comments section right now, but I’m definitely gonna show some love to soul again, you know, let them know that , And I’m gonna listen to some more music right now but definitely like you could listen to these. You know, I’m saying left or right doesn’t matter. solid, versatile, really comfortable. Really great sound quality, but I’m gonna get right back with you. Like I said, I’ll check you guys later. I’m gonna get right back with you later. Peace.


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