Some Very Unique Features Zte Blade V20

Some Very Unique Features Zte Blade V20
Some Very Unique Features Zte Blade V20

Hey, what’s going on guys, But if you’re already a part of the crew salute. So if you’re new to the crew, you know, I like to do the top five reasons to buy videos, I have been using the ZTE play to be smart for over a month. And I really liked this device, it does come with a clear TPU Case which we have one of the phone, we’ll get into the five reasons to buy. But this is under $200 6.8 inch display.

When you first get the box, it’s going to come with your instructions, user manual, the Case, headphones, type, C charger, charging brick, everything is included in this thing. When it comes to like trying to figure out, you know, what’s coming in the box, I’m letting you know right now. I’ve been using this thing, it’s got the brick, the charging brick for fast charging, it’s got both your headphones and your type C cable in of here, packaged really nicely. You got the tape theme on the one side, and then you’ve got the headphones. On the other side. Now the phone is 6.82 inches, man.

It is got a really beautiful display. I keep the Case on there because it protects it really nicely. It’s all plastic phone. So I want that thing to be a little bit more protected with that on. Now we do get a light on this device. It’s kind of hidden, like I’d have to text myself for that to work. Let me see if I could show you what I’m talking about. So I’m going to just go ahead and text myself. So you can see that so let mesee. What’s my phone number? Let me just put that so you can see what it looks.

Okay, let me see my number and then I’m gonna just hit send.So we vibrate it. And then you can see that it’s like a red light. Let me see it’s a green light covered at the top very top of the phone right there you can see it of the hidden at the very top of the phone. And when you get information when you’re charging the phone, it turns red. Um, I like the that’s the first thing.

You know when you’re receiving a phone call text messages, you know, phone calls, emails, anything like that. So you won’t miss important information the day when you’re using the device. The second thing I like is the large 6.82 inch display the LCD display 2521 by nine aspect ratio on here. We have 263 pixels per inch.
It does get plenty bright when I put it up.

Is it the most colorful in the world? Is it the most saturated in the world? No, it was 720 by 1640. So it’s HD plus display. beautiful to look at beautiful to look at people who like older people would love this phone. I know a lot of old people like bigger phones because they have to see a lot on the screen. While I’m I can still see on the screen. But the bigger everything is, the better it is for your media experience.

So that’s the second reason I love the screen display on here. Right. So those are the first two reasons guys. Now I am getting like two days. Um,
usually I end the day with like 50% 43% most of the time, we got to 5000 milliamp hour battery on here. You know, I haven’t taken screenshots of that I should have been doing that. But I really got to say that the overall battery on this device is is it’s a powerhouse because you could pretty much do everything during the day, use it, throw everything you want at it.

And it’s gonna last the whole day with the 5000 milliamp hour battery. I like the display. I like the battery on here. You know what I mean? The software is Android 10. So we do get Android 10 software on this device. And it’s it’s, it’s pretty smooth to the processing speeds are nice because we have 128 gigabytes of internal storage. And we have four gigabytes of RAM on here. So that’s crazy. You know what I mean? has all the apps that you need Google Apps Play Store, nothing’s banned, this is still working in the US. Now. Here’s something to know, when you’re using this phone, it will connect to the 4g or MIT mobile, no LTE though.

So just keep that in mind. But do I notice a difference, I don’t notice a difference to be honest with you. You know, but you may have a preference, you want to get LTE, when you’re taking phone calls, it will take you to the 3g network. So I looked at the phone. And I had the it said 3g when I was on the phone call that did the phone call drop or anything like that, and I was fine. Didn’t have issues with it. So I really like the overall usage of this device. But I just wanted to know it does connect to the 4g 3g for phone calls, 4g all the time for internet. It’s really, it’s really fast blazing speeds.

For example, if I was to show get off Wi Fi, and just show you how this phone operates on the 4g network, just open up Facebook on the 4g. look good, just the page is already open. And I’m scrolling see. So you know, really, really blazing fast speeds for this device. really do like it really the size of this display the battery, like I said, the LED light we do get a wide angle camera dedicated.

When you’re in the camera, you could go to macro camera, it’s got a portrait lens, it’s got the wide angle, and you’re going to get some really good shots, I’ll put some footage up of the cameras and action. But the wide angle lens is at the top right here. And on video, just keep in mind you won’t have wide angle only on photos. So just keep that in mind. But um, I didn’t experience anything really crazy. I did drop the phone a few times. And when I when I went to take a video, the camera started wigging out a little bit.

But what I did was, um, I went to settings, and then I cleared the cache, and then that fixed inside a minute, so that was cool. But I really liked how they put the side mount a fingerprint sensor on the side of it. So when you hit that, it’s going to be easy to unlock right there. And it’s not on the back of it no more, they don’t they stopped doing that. But, um, the photo quality is pretty good. I like how they give you a number of different cameras to shoot with. And this device does have facial recognition. Let me see if I could do that right now. That so it does have the face recognition.

So let me just set that up with the glasses in the hat. But um, yeah, this is going to be really really really good for security, like I said before, so you can unlock the screen with your face.
You could swipe to unlock or you could just unlock directly I kept it at the unlock directly part. But um yeah, like I said the battery is really good the the screen display is really good performance, I’m going to get into right now and that’s the part where I was surprised the P 60 is really good for gaming on medium graphics using you know the quality of G, asphalt nine gear club, things of that nature.

But overall this device has been really good for those top five reasons the price, the display, the battery, the LED information, the performance and the cameras. So I didn’t really have issues with this thing when I was using it. It does connect to the 4g like I said before we do get night mode dark mode, power savings mode DTS audio so when you’re listening to music, the speakers you’re going to be able to tailor it with the music function and the movies and even a game sounding effects so when you’re listening to the speakers it’s going to change based on the settings that you put it on so not much bloat on here either guys there wasn’t anything crazy All I had was this WP s office and you know i mean it that’s pretty much all they had on here.

I think I got rid of the other thing that it was one on here but it wasn’t too wasn’t bloatware. I think this is the meeple for software that they’re using because the blade beast smart that I was using had the meat before. So I think is the same one but I could be wrong but yeah, these are my top five reasons I really enjoyed this device. Let me know what you guys think about the blade, v 20. Smart down below, and I’ll get right back with you later. Peace.


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