One Of My Favourite Device Umidigi Bison Review

One Of My Favourite Device Umidigi Bison Review
One Of My Favourite Device Umidigi Bison Review

So I just kind of want to put the disclosure out there, just in Case anyone gets pissed off, and I’m talking about if anyone thinks it’s a mid-range phone, it’s not. So it’s a budget device. So today, we’re gonna be talking about the umidigi bison, right? This is a nice smartphone.


Now what is the main thing that people mostly think about? When we’re talking about rugged phones, they usually think, you know, the device be a little bit clunky, bulky, heavy things of that nature, right? Stuff that would most people wouldn’t be attracted to unless they were in like construction or something like that. Well, this, I feel like this is a phone that most people who are just average users of technology with one again, and I’m going to talk about those, my 24 hour impressions of the umidigi bison because I feel like this device is at a really good price for the average consumer.


And I do feel like a lot of people go through a lot of different phones very often, because they break them a lot. But this phone has that feeling of a Case on it, it feels like it has a Case, protecting it, so you wouldn’t have to go out. And you wouldn’t have to go grab a Case from a, you know, third party or a second hand dealer or something like that. So I like that this device is ready to go right out of the gun when it comes to the overall protection over the that’s off the jump, it did come with a screen protector on the top of it, which was more just the lack of film, which was very thin, that only protects it from scratches, right.


But this device does have Gorilla Glass three, I believe, or five, um, they didn’t mention which one it was, but I believe it’s three on here. And then we don’t get that nice rubberized grippy matte texture, which has a nice feel to it, it definitely has a nice feel to it. And there are some ridges here. So when you touch the back, you can feel the surface raise up a little bit. And then you get those nice little invitations there. The design language of this device screams

overall, just it’s just really, I would say overall a satisfying, it just screams you know, user friendliness, right?


This device has your power button, which is located right where your thumb would be now I’m a lefty so when I go to pick up the phone, my thumb automatically lands there. So the fingerprint is smooth, it’s really smooth. And then you you What do you The other thing you would tend to do is pick up the phone, look at it. And what would happen your phone would unlock because this device does have that facial unlock. So testing that out. That is pretty good. We do have an underwater camera which you can open up with the designated button for that which is here. Sometimes I do hit that by accident.


But you can hit that and get to your quick camera option. They have a three button option here so you could double click it to do a screenshot. We could change it around to anything you want. But you could long hold to get to your flashlight right so let me just show you what I’m talking about. And then I can long click it to get to my camera so it has three different functions that I think are pretty cool that the buttons are made of metal so it feels really everything on this device feels hard.


The sides feel like a matte material like kind of like how the BlackBerry passport feels. It’s got a rubberized matte texture to it. So it’s got that it hits the pavement, it’s not going to end it’s probably going to scratch or something like that. It’s not going to dent whatsoever. It’s not going to You know, it’s not gonna shatter whatsoever. This thing is built like a tank, but it’s not. It’s not heavy. It’s not chunky and things of that nature.


And so I basically think that this isn’t a clunky device and it’s not too heavy, it won’t weigh your wrist down too much. You can hold it for long periods of time. without feeling like it’s a burden, you know what I’m saying. So it’s definitely a cool device to hold, you can see we do have that 48 megapixel camera, we do have a 16 megapixel wide angle camera, a 5 megapixel for macro, and a five megapixel for portrait. So I definitely think that the cameras are awesome.


You do have that macro angle, the wide angle the AI camera HDR is on here. And they do give you that watermark, you can change the shutter sound your location you can put the locations on I’m going to do that right now. Just because I like to know where I was when I took a photo. Even when I’m looking through the viewfinder right now, it does look pretty clear, I’m going to take a few shots in a bowl life and there is some lens glare.


So you know, even with the two times when things look good, what is going on guys, so this is the front facing camera on your device and and you drop which is located on the front . So this device is pretty much stock Android what came with it was close to no at and no more apps, it was only Google ads, things like YouTube things like you know YouTube and I think YouTube Music they put on here Yeah, they did put that on here they put Zelo on here. Other than that everything was stock Android, but I did load the device up with everything that I possibly could you know, to K call it doing pub g fortnight Roblox, you know, things of that nature.


And, you know, all my shopping apps, things like that, you know, Cash app Venmo, WhatsApp, and everything seems to work smooth on here, when I’m moving from app to app. Over the last 24 hours, there hasn’t been issues, everything has been running really smoothly, the camera operates really quickly, I’m able to get some my multitasking options really fast, the camera opens up really fast. I can get to option that I want to in here, night photography. If you put the night mode on, it should help out with the photos that you’re taking in the nighttime.


I could definitely say that when it comes to taking photos at nighttime, you will be assisted with that night mode. And that should help out, the images overall, it’s not going to increase it’s not going to get rid of the length, but it will help the overall visual, you know, visual decision of the photo and the increase the overall brightness to it to make it more visible to see what your subject is and kind of bring out more details.


So overall, after 24 hours, this device does perform. It has the Snapdragon no I live it does have the P 60. On here with eight gigabytes of RAM, and 128 gigabytes of internal storage in the bundle. So I definitely think that’s pretty cool because you’re going to be getting that IMG you know that that really nice, you know, processing chip, which is going to be you know, coupled with the eight gigabytes of RAM. And that’s going to basically allow you to push through high density, high density graphics affiliation influence quality mobile club g 2k 22k 21.


What version Are we on now 22. Now, I think they have but you’re going to be able to push through a lot of games on here. You’re going to be able to push through a lot of apps on here and multitask. You do have a lot of buttons on here that you can use. We do have a removable sim slot that you can remove with your fingernail. So that’s pretty cool. And we do have a headphone jack on here but let me know what you guys think down below about the umidigi bias and I think this thing is a beast that has a lot of things that I like about it.


The speakers are crazy impressive, but they do get loud enough to listen to your YouTube and listen to your music. there are some headphones o. But that 4816 five, five and then the 24 in the front facial recognition on here. because I’ve been to many attempts who says so let me just try that.





Too many attempts to a various method. Okay, so right away, it is very quick. That’s like, and then it gives you a little vibration on here. Also, when you do the most recent apps, you get a vibration that’s all new with the Android 11. Right. So you are going to get all the Android 11 features on this device. So I could definitely say this device has been pretty impressive so far, even the battery life with the 5000 milliamp hour battery, I was able to get a day, you know, and a half. I did charge it when it got to 50 46% I think but it has been lasting all day. Throughout the day, it says that I have far the battery life on this device, it says that I have 57% and I have been using two hours and 17 screen on time.


And the device has been running for it’s been off the Chargers in for five hours. So 57% that’s pretty good. Right? It all day listening to music all day. In the background all day, YouTube, Spotify, things of that nature, the camera I’ve been been using , a lot. I’ve been using it all day, but it’s definitely been holding up pretty cool. So I really liked this device from umidigi.


It’s got some weight to it, it’s got a really nice design language to it for broca devices, one of the better looking ones, it’s got some it’s pretty sleek for rugged device and just feels like a regular phone with the Case on it. And I really like the fabric, the overall fabric of this device, it’s got that matte end those those sides kind of have a pump that extends out so they’re kind of like bumpers on each side and then there is some lip on this thing. So if the phone hits the ground that is some lit on the cameras gonna stick out but and then there is like this little speed bump on the back. So if you put it on a flat surface, it kind of will be like at a weird angle or kind of look a little rock a little bit but I like this device so far. And I’m going to get right back with you and I’m going to show in the comment section. So I’ll meet you guys there.


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