A Mid-Range Device Samsung Galaxy A02s

A Mid-Range Device Samsung Galaxy A02s
A Mid-Range Device Samsung Galaxy A02s

If you’re new to the group, do me a quick favor, hit the like button, the bell icon, and subscribe and get notified for more videos just like this. the Samsung Galaxy 802 s and what I like about it is that it does come with a lot in of the box, right, so you get your 15 watt charger, you do get your type C cord a pair of headphones. So right, this phone will have a headphone jack in of it.


So I definitely think that’s pretty cool that they did provide that in the bundle. Now one of my favorite things about this Case, is that it has these three colors on it, which kind of reminds me of one of my favorite superheroes, Spider Man, it does have that blue color coming across there with the black. So it definitely reminds me of like a spider man Case or something like that. But taking a look at the phone and a little bit more detail, you can see that we do have that or red design, which looks really good.


And we do have that really good cameras set up which is flush in of the phone, which is really cool. So we do have a nice camera, the main camera that we’re going to be getting on this device is going to be a 13 megapixel camera, followed by a two megapixel macro and the two megapixel for that. But when it comes to the build quality, we are getting this polycarbonate end, which is a you get a mixture between it’s all one texture, but it has these different vibrations of color, which definitely give it a nice look to it and a premium added feel to when you’re looking at it.


Now on the on the side of the phone, you will get your power button, which doesn’t feel cheap, you do get facial recognition on this device is telling my face right now, for some reason or another. Maybe it’s the angle, maybe it’s the glasses on wearing. But it is telling me. So maybe you know, the only other way you can unlock the device is with your pattern, you know your password or your pin. So that’s the only thing that you will have to rely on is you will have to rely on that facial recognition. And right now you can see, it’s not working right now. Alright guys, so I just reregistered my face. And now I am getting a more accurate scan here.


So I definitely think that’s pretty cool that the face will be authenticated with a new updated scan. Now, far the Google Play system on this device, we do need to restart the device to get that new Google Play system. So I’m assuming that’s the June 1 one. And far the security update, you can see that this device will probably push out another security update, but it’s at the April 1 2020, what level but we are rocking on this device, we do have that Android 11 software on this device with the three new Android 3.1, which I definitely think is pretty cool.


And it did surprise me overall, when it came to the performance that I when I was using it. So just the natural flow of going from app to app, you know, opening up the cameras, things like that going into different things, it opens up the camera really quick, you can see, that was really fast, that this phone has no issues with launching things right away, and there’s no lag whatsoever. So I could really get to everything that I want to get to on this device. And I really do like how quick and responsive that it is. And you can see we do get that macro camera.


So we are able to take some really close up detail on some different images. And we do for the display, we do have that 720 is right, it’s for four h it’s HD plus display, right. So it’s going to give you that TFT 20 by nine, and far the resolution, it’s going to be 720 by 1600. Right, and then for the PPI you’re getting 270. As for the price of the phone that you’re paying, you know, it’s not going to be like the most biggest thing in the world when it comes to the performance but you do get that 2.4 Wi Fi connection so you don’t get the five gigahertz Wi Fi connection.


Now the speaker is a single firing speaker we do get a headphone jack type C microphone on the bottom microphone at the top. And what I really do like is that this device does have four gigabytes of RAM and 64 kilobytes on internal storage, so we’re going to test out moving the apps to the SD card later in the video. So make sure you stay to the end of the video. Now, far the graphics, we do have the Snapdragon 450, which can game on high performance. We can get up to balance, but we don’t get HD. I just kind of want to throw that out there.


I like to use it at the smoothest. And you can see we got the adrenal 5or 6. This device will be nice when it comes to the game play overall. You won’t really have issues with the overall performance of this device, I definitely think that it will with the 40 gigabytes coupled with the 64 of RAM. I definitely liked this device. For the praise, it definitely has a feel to it, because of the added ram that they did provide in of the bundle.


Definitely like this device, I could definitely say it’s worth it, when you’re it’s not like a necessarily a gaming phone. You won’t be able to play, you know, games really on this device. I definitely like that part about it. Now, you can see, we do have two nano card slots, one SD card slot. So I’m going to see if the 64 gigabyte SD card will allow me to use it internal storage. Alright, so guys, when you open the when you put the SIM card in, you can see right here that it gives you the option to access your files, but it doesn’t give you the option to move apps.


Let me just show you what I’m talking about. If you go to like Call of Duty, and then you go into storage or something like that, you won’t see the actual option to move apps to the SD card. So I just kind of want to throw that out there. But another cool thing is that you can use the SD card to store pictures, videos and files and things of that nature. But it’s not going to let you use the SD card slot. For this type of budget device, you’d have to pay a little to use that SIM card slot for storage.


But I mainly just mean for apps, you can see I have that double settings for my flashlight. So I really like the shortcut key on this device. I have best for my flashlight and the facial recognition seems to work. Overall, the performance is really ZigBee. And we do have settings with the Android 11. With the new pop chat bubbles, we do have quick replies. We do have an updated with the new control middle media controls control your devices that are attached, the media control.


So I definitely like that you can switch between all your different media controls and devices in your home really quickly. And it just gives you all of that information at your fingertips. So I definitely like that they do that. Also social media on here is really quick. There’s no issues whatsoever. When you’re browsing, you know, through social media, or anything like that the speakers Get plenty loud. And the performance is nice. So, you know, I didn’t complain whatsoever when it came to using this device.




Oh, wow, that’s crazy right there. So, this is going to be a really good phone for using social media right, you get that 6.5 inch display. You have a nice waterdrop notch at the top, you do get that macro camera to play around with right portraits. The The video is going to give you the you know the wide angle to play around with so you can get up to eight times zoom on here, which is going to be pretty cool for zooming in on photos and things of that nature. So it definitely gives you a lot of different options to choose from with that zoom feature right here.


The camera is super Zippy, I can’t complain whatsoever far the camera on here and the portraits do come out pretty good in some good lighting conditions. So you won’t have issues with this device. I honestly can recommend this device for the money. Everything just comes out really nice. It’s not going to give you this screen recording feature here at the top, but you do get share or Dolby Atmos for when you’re plugged into Bluetooth or 3.5. For headphones, you do get your other options right here like power savings mode, your eyesight and things of that nature.


But you do have the option to edit your quick panels and buttons right here. So they will give you more options to choose from at the top. So I just really, I really liked this device overall, it’s a really good for the price. The cameras are good, the performance is really good on this device. Honestly, it says it’s a really good performance. Everything just flows really nicely. So you can do that swipe down to get to your quick panel has a really nice feel in the hand go quality is nice. The cameras are receded in the phone.


And honestly, the facial recognition is really quick. So I really do like this one for the praise. But let me know what you guys think down below in the comment section. And I’m going to I’m going to get right back with you. And I’m going to answer all your questions. I’m going to show you some love down there. And I’ll get right back with you later groupies.


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