An Incredible Device HTC Desire 20 Pro

An Incredible Device HTC Desire 20 Pro
An Incredible Device HTC Desire 20 Pro

Hey, what’s going on guys, Now today we’re gonna be taking a look at the HTC Desire 20 Pro my top five reasons why I think. You do get all your user manual SIM card remover tool, pamphlets, all in another language. But we do get headphones, we do get your type C charger.

Now this doesn’t have branding on it. But let’s go ahead and take a look at the device and a little bit more detail. Alright guys. So the first thing I want to talk about is the display panel on this thing. This thing has a really beautiful gorgeous display panel. You can see at the top left hand corner, we do have a punch hole cut out right here at the top. Absolutely beautiful. The software is really stuck. You get your most recent apps when swipe up, and everything just looks good. Your app tray swipe down, Can get your app swipe down again and you get your toggles so you get hotspot on here.

I definitely like that this device does have NFC, that’s another thing that I really do like about it but something that some people want to have on their device these days. And 2021 is NFC. It’s a feature that you could do mobile payments with plus many other options. But the first thing I do like about this device guys is the display. So let’s get into that in a little bit more detail. And this device was released in 2020 in June. But look at the back of here, it doesn’t track fingerprints whatsoever.

That’s a really good thing I like about it 201 grams of solid, a 6.5 inch LCD IPS display a 19 by 5 9 at 10 at 2340 pixels at full HD plus display on here, you know what I’m talking about. So 396 pixels per inch high density display. This thing looks, guys. So when you’re going to be browsing through your social media and everything of that nature, let me see if I can log right back in Hold on one second. Now you can see this device does Tao 4g LTE voice over LTE the top with the mint mobile, I’m using mint right now.

And everything seems to be working perfectly fine, The browsing on this device is pretty nice no issues whatsoever. But the 2340 by 1084 HD display it’s 2.5 2.5 D curved glass on here, the Snapdragon 665 is on here. The first thing that I do want to mention guys is the display. And the second thing is on this device is the battery guys this is the second reason why it’s worth purchasing, you’re getting a sick amount of battery you’re going to get about two days on here. Um, you know, I have been using this device just most recently, but the battery cycle that you will get on this device is going to be really crazy.

Honestly, you’re gonna get about a day and a half if you if you’re a heavy person who likes to use, you know, a lot of games on a regular basis. Maybe you’d like to game a lot things of that nature. Um, I definitely can get a lot of usage out of this. I’m trying to see if I if I have screenshots I’m going to try to show you that right now. Alright guys, so just looking at some of the screens out here from my battery I was able to get a full day on here. It says I got an hour full day plus I had a one hour and 30 minutes left on there with 6% six hours screen on time.

And then six hours seven almost 7 hours screen on time with 6 with 12% left right here guys so you could see you know I’m talking about the battery on here did get me through a full day, 6 hours screen on time I was about average and maybe 7 altogether, that is the second reason guy is the battery life on this device. Now the third thing I like about this device guys is the build quality we do get acquired camera set up fingerprint sensor, we don’t get facial recognition but we get this aluminum or feels like aluminum that mimics it I don’t know, but it definitely feels.

This railing on the side feels and it’s flat. It’s completely flat on the cornerof the side which I really do like and then you can see how it kind of curves on the corner has around the nice corner to it. So when you hold it in your hand, it feels when you put it in your palm. The overall build quality is the third reason guys you do get your side volume rocker right here power button. And then it goes right up to the top, which we do see noise cancellation Mike sim remover tool right here.

When you do look at that same remover tool, guys, you can see right there, it just has a nice we’re gonna have access to our SD card for expansion and everything of that nature. I do really like that you do get dual sim on this device long along with the SD card. That’s something that’s really cool about this device guys, but the overall build is nice you do get a flash on the back quad camera on the front on the front, you get a 25 megapixel camera, but on the back, you’ll get quad-camera 2 megapixel, for depth 2 for micro for macro eight for you know, you know I’m talking about you know, I’m saying the wide angle and then on the main camera, you’re getting that 48 megapixel.

But the next thing I want to talk about is the overall performance of this device guys, we are getting six gigabytes of RAM, a Snapdragon 665 on this device. And honestly, we do get Bluetooth 5.0 a 5000 milliamp hour battery. So I honestly really think this device is capable when it comes to gaming the gyroscopes on here. You get the compass on here a seller accelerometer you do get everything that you need here on this device.

So I really like this device when it comes to overall performance guys but honestly, like I said, you do get the fingerprint for which will come in handy on this device. But like I said, Guys, I really do think this device does have a really nice speaker. As you can see, the speaker on this device does stand out. The next thing I want to touch on is the overall gameplay on this device we are getting balanced graphics, but you can perform on medium.

But honestly guys, this does look snappy on the Snapdragon processing chip, the Snapdragon 665 six gigabytes of RAM to back it. Honestly, I think you will be happy with some of the gameplay that you’re getting on here. It’s honestly pretty smooth. I didn’t really have issues with this thing. I didn’t really complain about it. I didn’t have headaches when I was using the interface of this device was pretty smooth for the most part and I couldn’t complain most of the time, I was getting the kill on pub G and things of that nature.

So just to say that at least it was a good processing speed and everything of that nature. Now the last thing that I want to touch on guys is the cameras. Now we are getting 4k recording on these this this camera with a 48 megapixel option wide angle macrol. So you can see we do have those options with the camera, you can go to your options right here for camera settings and you have touched the capture you get your volume options where you can change the cell volume to capture or zoom.

So you can just have a lot of options here to choose from. You switch it around to the front you do get a lot of features here . The 25 megapixel front facing camera beauty option where you can it eyes face brightness and things of that nature smoothness. So a lot of features you do get the timer on the front. So like I said, guys, just a lot of features, then when you switch it to video, you can see you do get up to I think there’s like eight times zoom one here, if I’m not mistaken four times zoom for video.

But there is for HD you can go up to 4k if you so desire. So let me just show you on the video option. There’s just many features on this camera guys. So I really like messing around with it. And one of the features that it does have to offer I said, Guys, this device does give you the ability to do 4k. Let’s go to the video right here and flip it around. where the settings option was because I remember it being here on the interface let me show you real quick.

So if you Up at the top right here, you can get full HD, HD and 4k. So it’s just a nice variety of features, but the cameras just have a really good camera lens every time it zooms in properly. There’s no issues with that, even that’s the video but with the photos the deal the sensor that they use is able to have really good autofocus. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the macro or the regular camera or even the wide angle. But you can see this is the main one.

And this is the macro so you can get really close up on the pigmentation of the paint that I was used that they use, you can see that they did a really good job. This for this camera just does a really good job of capturing everything on the macro camera. But that’s the fifth reason why I think this device is worth buying. But you do get 4g LTE voice over LTE. you do get hotspot, I’ve been using this with MIT mobile and I’ve really been enjoying my experience with it. So I definitely think. So make sure you guys stay locked in for more article just like this and I’ll check you guys later. I’ll get right back with you later group peace.


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