Some Important Information About Redmi note 9 pro

Some Important Information About Redmi note 9 pro
Some Important Information About Redmi note 9 pro

Hey what’s going on guys, today we’re going to be talking about the Redmi. Note nine Pro, the Redmi Note 9 pro just was released a few months ago the Redmi Note 10 Pro is out already for pre order. But let’s take a look at the Redmi Note nine pro now if you’re new to the crew, make sure you subscribe get notified but if you’re already part of the crew solo the first thing that I do like about the Redmi Note nine Pro is the build quality, we get Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on this device.


So just really premium quality. When it comes to the bill quality, we do get a facial recognition sidemount a fingerprint sensor . Really premium weight on this device, I can’t emphasize that enough it feels really premium in the hands 109 grams of weight, it’s it’s kind of a big phone in the hand for people, a lot of people. So you definitely need to use two hands. But this device, but this device feels really premium, it feels like you’re using a phone, that’s maybe you know, epithet like $1,000, the way it looks.


But when you put the phone down, it’s not going to have too much give, you could still use it. And it because of the weight of the phone, it doesn’t give like when you’re using it like it doesn’t flop around. So I kind of like that, it doesn’t, it still has a good aesthetic when it’s flat on a surface. That facial recognition is super fast, we get some teams on here that I’m going to get into another little bit more detail in the overall software. But I really like the build quality of this thing now 2920 by nine aspect ratio on this device. And we’re going to get into display in a little bit more detail.


But on the bottom, we do have type C. Single firing speaker. 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, your sim remover tool right here. So if you look at that, you will be able to expand the storage on this device with an SD card. So I think that’s cool, it does take a nano. We’re gonna get into the cameras too, because I really do like that. And I liked how they put the Google Assistant on this one. Opposed to the Redmi Note eight pro where they had that, that Xiaomi one on there, I didn’t really like that. The Google one on here is really nice.


That’s something software related. That Corning Gorilla Glass is going to be really good for protection. And the overall weight on this device is nice, you do get an IR blaster up top, which can control electronics, and you do get a microphone. Another thing that I like about this device is it’s pretty much a gaming phone, we’ll get into this display in a little bit more detail, which is 6.67 inches LCD IPS.


But we have a Snapdragon 720 g which is very powerful. I’m using my gaming stick on here. And you can see, you know, it does perform really when it comes to just overall performance and things of that nature. But like I said, you’re gonna be able to game on this thing. So like I said, I just really enjoy the game and performance on this device.

But um, you’re getting six gigabytes of RAM on this guy.


And depending on what model you choose, you can get the 128 or the four gigabytes of internal memory. But I believe this one does have six gigabytes of memory and 64 gigabytes of internal storage on here, but we can expand the storage move apps to the SD card. But the overall performance on this device is great for gaming and things of that nature. So you know, you won’t bellyache you won’t complain, you won’t have headaches when it comes to like gaming and stuff like that. So I really, you know, I mean, like I said, I just really enjoy the overall performance on this guy in here.


Now the third thing is that we have a really nice software on here that’s customizable. As you can see I have this theme where I can change. You know, the lock screen has this really nice effect to it. Just really, really clean up your go to themes right here and I’m going to get free themes from the Xiaomi store. We do have Google Play services on this device super fast charging on this one. But you can get all the premium themes on here. And they’re free of charge, all you have to do is like watch a quick video, or something like that.


But they do have ones that you could just download right away like this Android q one. You won’t have to watch the ad on that one, but they’re all pretty much free. But the free ones, they give you the option to get the theme without watching the ads. So that’s just something to keep in mind. But you can see right here, I could just easily get this one. And you know, it’s going to be pretty simple. It’s not going to be too colorful like the one I have on my phone right now. But I really do like that you can customize it switch the theme switch the fonts on here, through that plug this theme store, let me just apply this one.


And it can change all these different things on your phone with the click of a button. So now when I go into my phone now you can see that I have a brand new look to it, which is really nice. I just can’t emphasize how good that looks and how clean it is when you can just mess around with the different style. You get dark themes on in apps. so you can get your notifications by swiping from down from the left and swipe down from the right and you can get your control middle did just a really nice. Another thing is that the display just looks beautiful. You can get up to you know 4k videos on here. But the screen goes up to 10 8060.


You know it looks really beautiful you got HDR 10 you do have a hole punch notch which looks really beautiful on this device. Corning Gorilla Glass five Like I said before, the screen at the top when you get a you will see that turn white which is kind of cool. So you know I do like the display it. you do get far the pixels per inch it’s 395 so we are getting a high density display, I really can’t stress that enough.


Now the next thing would be the cameras guys we are getting 4k recording on these cameras we are getting a quad camera 64 megapixel Samsung isocell galaxy core CMO s camera then we’re getting a two megapixel for the for the depth which is going to give you you know I’m saying the galaxy lens the 5 megapixel Samsung camera so they’re just going to give you a variety of different options here you have the Pro mode for video, which I think is really sick.


So when you when you hit the video, and things of that nature. Just think that’s pretty sweet that they give you that option to mess around with. You know, like I said, you’re gonna get many different features time lapse 64 megapixel, you could take really close up shots with a lot of detail. night mode is on here. Like I said, slow-motion camera. more options here.


Like I said you can get time lapse, you can get all your portraits bokeh. If you go into settings, you’re going to notice that we do have more options here go into settings and you have you do have the option for 4k to let you know that but you know just some really sweet moments on here for video photo you can go into 4k. Like I said before, I’m really impressed with this camera guys.


Another thing you’re going to notice is that we will be getting updates on this device pretty often we’re on Android 10. Like I said before, you can see the specs on the device we have the six gigabytes of RAM, that’s clocked in at 2.3 it’s really good for gaming, I can’t emphasize that enough. And we do have an update right here. It says that we can install the you I the you the MR UI version 1212. It says we can go ahead and download that. This is the latest version guys. That’s going to be really sweet.


You it’s the 12.2 Versus the 12.1. So let’s go ahead and hit that but you’re gonna get really up to date downloads on here. This is including the January 21 security patch. So just keep that in mind you will be getting all of that. coming on to this devices. Well. This thing does have NFC on it which is a really good thing. A lot of people like to use that mobile payments, things of that nature, we do have it on here. So I just think that’s something that’s really sweet.


If you did want to have that you do have that on here you get hotspot on here tap to pay, you know everything’s pretty much on here that you would need except for like wireless charging, you know some things of that nature but really quick charging on here really great performance, beautiful display, large battery.


This does have great performance when you’re gaming set. So the the themes that this thing has are really awesome, but there are some bugs in the EMI UI, but they did hopefully fix that in the 12 that too, which is downloading on this device you can see right here. But um, you know, I’m really just impressed with this thing overall. this amount of money that it’s just kind of nuts that you get this call it quality. No micro scratches on the back of there. but let me know what you guys think down below. And I’ll get right back with you later groupies.


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