Some Unique Features Of LG G8X ThinQ in 2021

Some Unique Features Of LG G8X ThinQ in 2021
Some Unique Features Of LG G8X ThinQ in 2021

Hey what’s going on guys? So but today I have my top 5, 5 reasons why I like the LG G 8 g x then q now this is a dual screen display phone, you have a detachable dual disc display. But the first thing I like about this device in 2021 right now is the actual wireless charging feature on this device so you can hook it up to a wireless charger.

You know this device does come in at a nice price. Right now, right under $400. A little bit under that if you want to get the dual screen attachment. So you can see it does have wireless charging. Now the phone does come with a dual screen separately and have a phone Case, this will be see right here we get your charger, your olbrich for fast charging everything like that.

So the tape seeing here, they even put a pair of headphones in here, guys, which is kind of weird, but I thought that was pretty cool. So you know you can get some nice charges these with the wireless charging, just laid down on a wireless charger really quickly or overnight.You know it does have a really quick speed and everything so I wasn’t complaining whatsoever. The phone does seem to charge really quickly when it comes to the wireless charging feature you do get an in display fingerprint sensor.

As you can see, I was using just now. We’re here, the phone is already locked. But you can see right here it is LG skin on top of here, the phone does is supposed to get Android 10. It does have Android 10 on a lot of devices already, maybe Android 11 on some of the newer model. Other models. This one is still on Android nine for some reason, But I want to talk show you some of the other things that I do like, and that’s going to be the display on this device. The display on this device is really beautiful. It has some really sweet scrolling speeds, really nice viewing angles.

But the display is really beautiful. This device was released in September 2018. So just about a year ago, but you have six gigabytes of RAM 60 160 128 gigabytes of internal storage on this device, So you know if you weren’t lying goals won’t be the craziest. But you get some really dark marks on here 19 by five nine aspect ratio for HD plus display so 403 pixels per inch when this guy is getting some really good display right here with HDR 10 for you know, like if you’re watching, you know content on here, you won’t really miss a beat.

When it comes to the looking at the display, it looks really beautiful. So overall, the colors, the saturation of the display looks really good when you’re you know, you’re going through everything you wallpapers, everything seems to look really nice on this device. So you know, I didn’t really complain with it. You know, they do have some of these cool wallpapers. wallpaper, this one doesn’t have it. But you can do that. This, this device is just packed with a lot of features on it.

I’m going to get into that in a little bit more detail. But the second thing I do like is the display guys. Another thing that’s really cool about this device guys is that it just gives you the display for gaming. So if you wanted to use one side a gamepad, you can do so guys, you could you’d have to hit the right button though, and you’d have to map the buttons out to each button the top of your head. So you can see, you get the hang of it, you will be able to play a really good gameplay on here. This thing has a Snapdragon 855 chip. So it’s really powerful, still very powerful chip for gaming.

Definitely could say that this is a very really powerful gaming processing chip guys, even right now. I’m really has a dream of 6 640 640 which is paired along with four gigabytes of RAM, or 60 gigabytes of RAM, and 128 gigabytes of internal storage. Honestly, guys, it’s gonna be really powerful when it comes to gaming, things of that nature, you’re going to do. I just want to let you guys know that. You could pretty much map the buttons on the controller With a gamepad on the bottom, Your personal preference, and I like that I could see everything on the screen all the time, like you could just look at it.

There’s no interruptions of like what you’re doing on the screen or anything. Everything just looks really clean. You can see, it’s really clean really, really nice to play around with. It’s just been really smooth overall haven’t issues with this thing. But you can see, it just games. You can turn off the display really easily just with the press of a button and use it with one display and then use this a Case if you want it to.

As you can see everything on here is looking really nice, the display just looks gorgeous. I mean, of course you can fold it close just like that and get the time date and day on the front with your app notifications and battery percentage. But overall, I just think. It’s got this glass build to it guys, which feels really premium, you get your gyroscope barometer, compass, fingerprint on the front and the glass. So you get that in glass fingerprint sensor.

Like I said, it’s just a really nice phone for you know, like the overall design, overall display, or the dual display. Also, in display fingerprint sensor looks really nice. performance on here, I just can’t get a stress over enough is just really good. And like I said, but the the other thing, a 10 G, which means you can pretty much of this thing underwater for 30 minutes at a time. If it was submerged under water at a time it would be fine.

I just think that’s another thing that’s really crazy about this thing. The overall you know, the wireless charging, the performance, the you know what I’m talking about is just really good. I’m saying I can definitely recommend this device with with the 855 one here, the processing speeds. It does have NFC, everything that you want the dual display. But the next thing I’m going to talk about guys is the audio you get DTS surround sound when you’re listening to music, front side, and has all these different options.

You could when you’re listening to music with the headphones, you can put the hi phone, the hi fi quad back on here really nice features on this device. Another battery on here is nice, we do get a 4000 milliamp hour battery, which does last pretty good Google Assistant button on the left hand side. As you can see, I just press that. Let me see if I can get out of here. So let me see what’s the weather right now.

Currently in the Bronx, it’s 26 degrees and cloudy. Tonight the forecast is around 28 snow, it feels like it’s 16. Okay, so it’s really cold right now I was gonna go out but I have to hold off just because of the snow. But you can definitely see that this thing is packed with a lot of features NFC or radio onboard 4000 milliamp hour battery, so it’s gonna last a day no matter what. And with the dual Case it lessen the battery life. So just keep that in mind.

But honestly, this thing is really good advice to have in 2021. The last thing I want to talk about guys is the camera module on the back of it guys. We do have a 12 Point 12 megapixel and a 32 megapixel on the front. Let me just show. That just looks amazing. You get your wide angle right here. You can do the scene optimizer right there. It’s going to give you the AI that you know it’s a person that you’re looking at. Or if you turn it here, it is a plant, things of that nature.

So we see that’s just a cool feature. You get your wide angle on here, like I said, portrait studio, which is kind of cool. This one will let you get some really close up objects, you can mess around with the different studio lights on here. softbox contour stage, a lot of different things here to mess around with when you’re in those feature. So studio is cool. You get photos, you get getting down enemy notifications right now. You get a manual camera on this device, which means that it’ll allow you to manually shoot with the video mode, and 4k you get on here.

This is something that I really do like because I like to mess around with the autofocus and you can kind of mess around with that while you’re doing the video. So The audio one here is crazy the screen is great, nice battery, great build, and let me know what you guys think down below but I’ll get right back with you later. Peace.


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