The Performance Review Between AirPods 3 Clones VS Galaxy Buds Plus Clones

The Performance Review Between AirPods 3 Clones VS Galaxy Buds Plus Clones
The Performance Review Between AirPods 3 Clones VS Galaxy Buds Plus Clones

Hey, what’s going on guys, hopefully, y’all are doing good. you know, but we’re gonna dive into the AirPods pro clone Versus the Samsung Galaxy buds. Plus, like these earbuds I’ve been using them both for, you know, about quite some time. The weight is a little bit more on the AirPods Pro is a little bit more, you can you can put them on the wireless charger right here.

And you’re going to be able to see when I put give this thing some juice and I put them dead middle on this thing. Okay, can you see that? And it’s appearing on those earbuds. So they definitely have wireless charging, I think that’s pretty cool. You do get that feature, with the galaxy buds, live plus. So I think that’s pretty cool. These are both the clones, they’re not the official manufacturer, these are third party sellers.

So I’ll leave a link down below for both of them. But they’re going to be really affordable. And you know, I promise you that. But let’s just take a look at the unboxing experience for both. These are the boxes that you’re getting for both pairs of earbuds. So right here on my left, we do have the the AirPods pro three clone clones. Let’s go ahead open these up. It looks just like the real one. Okay, cool. This is what it looks like when you open that box, you do get instructions.

So they both did a really good job with the packaging, you know, you can’t really complain whatsoever. When you open this up, you’re going to get the replacement ear tips and everything is going to be in there. When you lift up this part, there’s gonna be a charging a lightning cord. So there they are, I just saw them come up, you just hit the connect button. And let’s wait for them to connect. For the same someone’s you just long hold right there. Pair a new device. And we should see the bus plus right here on the Android device. Alright, cool.

There are 60% battery, close that up. So you can see right here, both buds look really nice, they these are going to be a little bit more heavier, you do get a pairing button on these cases a little bit heavier, these are much lighter, So when you’re using them, you put them in your ear, they go all the way in with the ear fit. And snug in your ear. Now the AirPods pro don’t have anything that really keeps them in your ear.

There’s going to be in your wax on these no matter what. So, you know, that’s just the nature of wearing earbuds. And the nature of being a human is that you know, when you have ears, you get your wax, you know, that’s what you do can you can clean the the these these these do clean. All you have to do is get a cue to put them in there and it cleans it out. But you can see right here just a build quality when it comes to the top of the Case.

itself. It’s not flimsy, you can see right here, you could flip it closed. It does have a nice lead, you could see you could, you could clap it closed. But it does have an option where it does sit open like that a 75-degree angle right here. It sits open. Not at every angle, but just that that that one angle, right here and right there. And then that’s it and they close. The top these guys. So I’m going to show you that right here.

We’re going to test out the AirPods pro First, let me just go ahead lift these up. When you lift these up, you can see right here that you’re gonna get that thing where it tells you the charging Case and everything like that. But let me just go ahead and take these out. Now you can see right there you could use both of these in either ear and the fit is going to be really good passive noise cancellation because of the ear fit. And the bass on these is going to be really good guys.

Half the time, I can’t hear what’s going on around me here, which I’m going to show you. So it’s got a transparency mode and a noise cancellation mode. This is the transparency mode right here. This is the mode where you turn it off. And you can control it with with a click of a button right here long press this. And you can see it moves over. This is a classic right here if you’re if you’re from the 90s 80s growing up. Wow, that sounds really good. Yeah, so let me test out the playback on YouTube and see if there’s latency or anything like that. And then we’ll jump right into like a we see that just playing right here, shout out to his channel, make sure you guys subscribe there.

Wow. These are pretty good. There’s no lag on here when I was watching you, too. Let’s jump into the buds pro right now and see if there is kind of if there’s difference, I can hear myself much better. Now that I’ve taken those out of my ear, those ear fit, do that. So let’s go ahead and we have the buds plus, let’s go ahead put these in my ear.
Really good fit with the hooks. also really good passive noise cancellation let me go ahead and play a quick track.

And we’ll play this same track not affirmative action with this biomat Hold on. So the intro music again, this sounds really good. Alright, so that those have really good bait, but you get transparency modes on these and noise cancellation modes. But it’s really close, I mean, these pair just gonna fit really nice. And they just have that hook for working out. They have act x audio, so they’re really compatible with your with a lot of Android devices when it comes to the codecs. So it gives an advantage when it comes to the sound.

But besides that noise cancellation, but let’s jump into the microphone quality and jump into the final thoughts on this. These earbuds. Hey, what’s going on, guys. So right now, what you hear is the microphones coming out of the Samsung? Well, the clones. So these have a really nice fit, let me know how the microphones down, I’m gonna play some a little bit of ambient noise. So let me know how I sound right now we’ve heard this noise
that you’re hearing. Let me know if that interferes with the microphones in way. Plus your buttons. So I’m gonna switch the microphones to the air pods. Hey, what’s going on guys. So these are the air pods, three clones. AirPods pro clones.

So let me know that microphone sound right now. Some background noise right now. Excuse me, I was just eating some cookies. So I’m a little cool. But let me know how the microphones sound right now. This is like the outdoor noise how it would sound right now because I wasn’t allowed. Let me turn that up just a little bit more. So let me know how that sounds with the microphones in the AirPods pro clothes compared to the galaxy buds plus.
So when it comes to the AirPods Pro, they’re going to probably be a little bit better.

You’re getting the logos four to five hours Versus three to four on these the battery did cut out while I was exercising on these. It doesn’t seem to cut out much on these because you get a longer battery life for the four to five hours. Wireless charging on both of these earbuds. Phone calls people were able to hear me crystal clear on either one that I used. But let me know which one sounds better in your opinion, wireless charging on both of these devices. The waterproofing isn’t really exists in its IP x five one here, I think but when the water taps the air buttram it’s going to pause it so it’s really useless.

And I don’t use these in water either. So that’s not something that I would do but if you’re in the rain, you wouldn’t really have an problem with either of these earbuds. So you take about an hour to charge on both pairs and these are about $40 and these are going to be about About $20 but let me know what you think about both of these your sets and headsets.

And overall what you think about the overall quality of the mics, charging times listening quality, these product I think these have a nice with the app x technology, the set have a nice hit there they have an overall clear, more full rich sound these are more bacey and more for people who like a lot of tracks that just kind of have a lot of bang to them.

So the bass will be a little bit better for these but for overall battery I would give it to bees and the fit I would probably give it to these. But for overall quality. I think it’s going to go to the AirPods pro but let me know what you guys think about these two earbuds. I’ll leave a link down below but let me know when I’ll get right back with you later. Peace.


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