The Full Feature Review Of Anker Soundcore Life Q20

The Full Feature Review Of Anker Soundcore Life Q20
The Full Feature Review Of Anker Soundcore Life Q20

Hey what’s going on guys? So you’re probably thinking, why do you Why are you going to review the Q 20s. Today we’re going to be taking the taking a look at the life q 20s. From soundcore though I had bought these before the soundcore q 30s came out and I had bought them long before I bought that. Well what are we missing out on we these we don’t have the transparency modes.

When it comes down to it with both earbuds, I mean, you’re you’re set. So you’re going to be able to wear these for a really long time, I’ve heard from a lot of people they touted them up highly and recommended them. So I’m going to take a look at them for myself and see if they were worth the 40 hours of wireless playback time bass up technology that sounds interesting. active noise cancellation that high res sound quality on these guys will pretty much be a sound test, I’ll be taking a look at the sound quality of these for the very first time giving you my first impressions. For the first time I haven’t took a look at it. So you know, that’s what we’re gonna do in this video.

And, you know, we’re going to unbox it , for the first time, and a lot of people may be taking a look at their first count core product just like me, I’ve never owned the sound core product before, but I’ve heard a lot about them. A lot of people when I when I watch their videos on YouTube, they upsell them quite a lot. You get the headphone bag, it does say sound core on the front of it, which is kind of cool. Let’s put that right off to the side, you do get the user manual inof here, the sound core life q 20s. User Manual, we’ll just put that off to the side.

And then they do give you the micro USB cable they did pronounce in the packaging. And you do get the auxilary cord. We have an on and off switch on this on this cup right here, which is the left hand side and an NFC button.
There’s a sticker which I’m going to take off in just a second. Let me look at the other cup. Okay, on the other cup, you do get the micro USB, the 3.5 millimeter, it looks like you do get your paws and your bond controls and stop.

kind of interested to see where the Base button is located. Now this is where my my skull candies cracked right here. But this is a aluminum. I remember I had some skull candies that were over eroge style. So this one will probably go over top of the ear. I’m going to test that out in just a second just to see how that fits. It should fit over my ear. There’s a little bit more tape on this side. Let me just peel that off.

And then I’m going to go ahead and connect them to my device and let you guys hear the microphones. See if there is latency far the Bluetooth 5.01 he says I’m gonna see how these fit. Well those are very comfortable. I can barely hear myself. It’s really hot right now. AMC is off right now. I can’t hear the bass in the back. The volume is about this high right now. turn that up. Just turned it all the way up. Alright guys, so after using the Q 20 live for about the last hour or 2.

when you’re listening to them. They almost tickle your ear, you get that vibration and you kind of want to put your ear because it’s like tickling it but you get that really nice baby
That you people like, especially for the price, these are, you know, these drums are $40 with the discount code, I’ll drop a link down below, they’re going to be less than that they’re going to be like 30 something or even less than that.

But for this price guys, I honestly would see, honestly got to say that this is a steal for this price $50 for the Q 20 lives, it’s or $30 or they’re going for it, which is going to cancel out noise around you. They got this increase the bass feature where you double click the multifunction button, and you can really hear that bass loudly. We’re we’re going to go ahead and test the microphones out and let you hear that right now.

Hey, what’s going on guys, so this is the microphones coming from the Q 20 lights. Let me know how with sound right now, if I put a little bit of background noise in and let me know how the microphones are doing when I turn that all the way up. I can barely hear myself talking. Because these things like noise cancellation is really good on these passive noise cancellation. So I could barely hear what I’m what I’m saying right now but let me know how that sounds.

Hey, what’s going on guys when it comes to the cube 20 live so I’m gonna give you my final conclusion on these and my overall thoughts on no matter listen to them for about you know the last two hours but very comfortable, you get very long battery life with the ANC on it’s 40 hours without it at 60 hours. These cushions these clubs feel very comfortable for long durations of time, your personal preference depending on how you position the top the Portion right here. but it’s aluminum.

Let me know how the microphones did earlier in the article. But when I was watching my eyes to the words, even gaming and looking at movies, there weren’t delays with the Bluetooth transmission from what I was seeing and what I was hearing so I thought that was really cool, but the bass got very loud. Honestly, you know in the high rez audio when you double click that but that multifunction button you’re going to get a higher level of bass with which will tickle your eardrum and you’ll get that almost kind of what it kind of felt like how the skull crushers felt but more authentic more of a real natural for them.

And, you know, overall, a lot of cool features in you get the ox cable. You get the active noise cancellation guys like I said before, but these are honestly I’m really glad I held on to these long I did to take a look at them. And I think they’re worth in 2021 so if you’re looking at a pair of earbuds, earphones or headphones for under $50 these are definitely going to be gonna be suiting the bill. So hopefully you did find this video helpful. Check you guys later. I’ll get right back with you later. Could be


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