An Interesting Device Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus

An Interesting Device Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus
An Interesting Device Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus

What’s going on guys? But if you’re already part of the crew salute. But today I’m going to give you my top five reasons why I like using this tablet. And a lot of people have been asking me questions about this tablet and things of that nature. So I would make a video on some of the things that I do like about this tablet in 2021. Now, the first thing that I do like about this tablet is the overall build quality.

Now Lenovo claims that this is all aluminum, where the antennas are, and at the top and bottom. With these little strips are you can see those are plastic. But the entire body of this thing is basically made of metal. And it’s 100, it’s 460 grams of weight. But it does have a squared off corner to it so that when you hold it, and it rests in your palm, it kind of gives it some, some, some some character when when it’s in your hand, because you can see it has that squared off field with the rounded corners. So they did a really good job overall with the build quality on here. So I really liked that and then you get this textured powered button.

When when you hit that you get a nice little it’s not like a click, but it definitely has a nice feel to it, there’s no give on the button at all, it feels solid for the device. And then this button feels solid, which just built really nicely, then you got this dark option. If you do have that, you can use the accessory. The docket does have type C charging and dual speakers, which we’ll get into in a little bit more detail. But they do have a headphone jack on here, with speakers on both sides is really cool.

So I’m really feeling really liking this overall build quality, I really think that they did a good job when it came to this device, they even put a camera on here on the back, And the front one is pretty good. It has facial recognition at all. So you can see the screen is the second reason guys, it looks amazing. You got this really large display, it’s 10.3 inches right here. And when you’re using it for content, and you know things like that, you’re going to notice that the display is gorgeous. It gets pretty bright too.

So let’s turn this up a little bit more. So this is probably the most it’s going to go up. And that’s one of the things that you will notice that does have a low density display. It’s medium density, 220 pixels per inch. It looks good. It’s 1920 bucks, both 100 pixels. And that looks really good. Everything looks really sharp in media on this device. So let me just see. So you can see right here, the speakers do sound pretty good. It does get pretty loud.

Definitely has a really good soundstage. It’s not going to be like the best one you’ve ever heard. But it does sound a little bit like hollowed out. Now some people who are looking at this tablet want to know if it has expandable storage Can you move apps and things of that nature says how to use SD card. Basically what you want to do is use it storage for the tablet for apps, files and media only. What you would do is hit this option and then hit format SD card and you it formats the SD card, then you’ll be able to use it so let me pause the video. It’s at 40% now so that’s pretty cool.

4145 50 Okay, so it was moving kind of quick right now is moving some of my apps. Let me just show you what comes in the box just in Case you’re interested to see the portion. What comes in it comes wrapped in this little sleeve, which is nicely packaged, comes in this first compartment you get your SIM tray remover tool and your got your guide for the Lenovo two. And this one is your charger and wall brick, which I haven’t really used because I have many these. But while this is moving guys, I kind of want to show you what the storage looks like before it is ending.

And let’s go to storage real quick. Let’s see. Here it is storage. So we have a showing me the storage here for the SD and the internal storage. So you can see that a lot of spaces being moved to the SD card, I definitely think that’s a really cool option. Now, I think this is a big advantage for this tablet to be able to move your apps to the SD card because some of the newer tablets that are coming out, don’t give you that option right now. And I think that’s really strange. But this device did release with Android nine.

Now it has Android 10. And it’s a pretty cool device. I just want to show you how it would look more gaming. But it does have a MediaTek Helio p 22 with a two gigabytes of you know, it’s clocked in at two gigabytes frequency with a power VR g 8320 GPO p 22. Basically, if you get the four gigabyte model, you’re going to be able to game a little bit better, honestly. It’s gonna be a lot more smoother on the four gigabyte model, but it’s honestly pretty playable on here with a two gigabyte model. So you will experience stutters from time to time just to be honest with you. But it’s still playable on here. And you know, I can’t lie It’s nice when it comes to the overall performance.

But you will experience some some lag like you can see right there, there was some lag. And you know, that happens a lot on this device, I noticed. Just keep, keep that in mind that that will happen. But you what you want to do, you want to get the version that is 4 gigabytes of RAM, good. And it’s been getting updated. it’s just been a tablet for the price. And it’s got Android 10, you could do some a lot of different tasks, you be able to type documents on here, like Microsoft Word documents, I do use a keyboard attachment right here that I do use, it and type every so often.

But um, it’s not going to be like the best performance in the entire world when it comes to like graphics and things of that nature, just so keep that in mind. things of that nature, you get the expandable storage on this device. So the battery life is really good, you get a 5100 milliamp hour battery, which is going to last you pretty much two days. what you’re doing.

Sometimes I get a week off through this device because I don’t always use it. I may use other devices and just leave it on standby mode, and it just lasts really long on standby mode. But um, I think that’s cool that you can you could hook it up to the hotspot and bring it on the go. If you want to use it on the go. You do have that option.

This one is on September 5, let me see. But there there are going to be it says the Google Play system update is January 1. And then this the security is the September 5 2020. But I did recently get the Android 10 on here with that that update. And so far, the performance on the Android 10 has been a lot solid it has been on the night. Yeah, this thing is sick for browsing your news on the internet and things like that. And, you know, it’s got expandable storage, really large storage, nice performance when it comes to large games, but small games is going to perform.

So just keep that in mind that performance on with the 2 gigabyte model won’t be the best in the entire world. I would recommend getting the four gigabyte ram model because you will experience some stutters and some slowdowns on here with the two gigabytes of RAM.Um, but overall it’s a device for the price. So let me know what you guys think overall, but I’ll check you guys later. I’ll get right back with you later groupie.


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